September 21, 2020 – Feast of St Matthew

“Being inspired and seeking the intercession of St Mathew, and imitating his example in surrendering ourselves totally to the Sovereignty of our Blessed Lord – and thus becoming people who tell ‘Turn this Way’ – to many people in our lives!”

(Based on the Feast of St Mathew – Apostle and Evangelist)

An interesting story is said of a Christian Missionary woman who had been doing the work of evangelization among a native group of tribals.

After she had been with them for a while, and after the natives had experienced the Power of the Lord…
… they gave her a new name: “Aim-day-co”

The Chief of the Tribe, in explaining the name, said: “In our tribe, when we see anyone taking a wrong route/road, we call out “Aim-day-co”

It means, “Turn this way!”

Our sister came from a far-away land and found us all on the wrong road.

She sensed that we were in great danger of losing our souls.

So she stood and said “Turn this Way”…
… and pointed to Jesus!

May God bless “Aim-day-co”!

Are we ready to be an “Aim-day-co” in the lives of people?

The Gospel of the Day (Mt 9:9-13) presents Jesus Who became an “AIM DAY CO” in the life of St Mathew…
… and today, on the Feast day of St Mathew, we celebrate, how, in turn, this Great Saint has become an “Aim-day-co” to all of us, by his Gospel!

One of the important and essential dimensions of an encounter with our Blessed Lord is the “transformation effect” on the person.

If one has had a genuine encounter with Him…
… one cannot be passive
… one cannot just remain the same

Either one shakes off the dust of sin and slackness and follows Him in sincerity
… or one tries to cast Him off from life and adamantly remains in one’s own desires!

Either one takes radical decisions in life and orients one’s conduct in accordance with His Will
… or one seeks to do away with all Divine inspirations and obstinately sticks firm to one’s personal interests!

In any case, an “encounter with the Lord” causes an effect in life – either for the good or towards rejecting the impulses of Divine Goodness.

Do I respond positively and emphatically to the call of the Lord…
… or do I sink into an attitude of grumbling, complaining and disinterestedness?

On this feast day of St Matthew, the Apostle, the Gospel of the day presents these two “contrasting reactions” in the encounter with Jesus…

Matthew…. who hears the call of the Lord – “Follow Me” (Mt 9: 9)
The Pharisees… who observe the lavishness of God’s mercy and react with grumbling and complaining (Mt 9: 11)

Jesus very emphatically declares, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick” (Mt 9:12)

This verse is the key to understand and gauge the style of reaction, when we encounter the Lord…
The one who needs Him – will relish Him!

The one who feels no need of Him- will reject Him!

The one who acknowledges that one is sick, weak and in need of God’s grace and mercy – will find in Him a Saviour!

The one who vehemently says that one is all fine, self-motivated and strong willed – will fail to find any consolation in Him!

Here then is a wonderful check-meter to test my passion, my longing and my intensity of love for the Lord…

Have I discovered that by myself I cannot achieve everything that life demands of me….?
… and in the Lord alone, I have the answer to my problem and a solution to the puzzles of my life!
Do I realise that as a human person, I often fall into the snares of sin and can get easily caught up in evil traps… ?
… and in the Lord alone, I have the antidote to sin and a remedy to overcome the pitfalls of wickedness!

St Mathew presents a beautiful picture, of embracing the Lord fully into life because He realised and discovered the intimate need of the Lord in his life.

He experienced Jesus as an “Aim-day-co” – the One Who told him “Turn this Way”…
… away from the ways of sin and Turn towards the Way of Salvation!
… away from the ways of corruption and Turn towards the Way of Christ!

May we be inspired by him and seek his intercession and imitate his example in surrendering ourselves totally to the Sovereignty of our Blessed Lord…

And thus be an “Aim-day-co” – the one who tells “Turn this Way”…
… to many people in our lives!

Happy Feast of St Matthew!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Genuine devotion is consistent with every state
of life. Like liquid poured into a container…

… it adapts itself to any shape!”

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