Apr 10 (Jn 8:31-42)

There is a simple fable, perhaps known to many of us… of a swan….

The swan – white, beautiful and spotless – was pitying a poor pig, who was in its muddy environment.

>> It began to describe to the pig, that further up the river, there was a beautiful country – with green banks and rising slopes.

The swan invited the pig to join the happy company of the white swans that lived in that “pleasant country”.

The pig was pretty fascinated and was willing to go.

>> But it asked a question: “Is there any marshy swamp in that pleasant country?”

“Oh no!” replied the swan, “the land is free from all mud and mire”

“Ah Hmm…” said the pig with face cast-down, “In that case, I am sorry, I cannot accompany you!

I must stay here in the swamp!”

An invitation to move from the dirty swamp to a pleasant country was extended…

… but the offer was refused and rejected!

So true is this fable, with respect to our own experience in spiritual life.

>> We are constantly exhorted, to advance to live in holiness and purity…

… but we stubbornly choose to inhabit in sin, shame and ignorance!

>> We are often invited, to move into a life of spotlessness and sanctity…

… but we remain satisfied to dwell with the unclean and dirty things of life!

The Gospel of the Day is a continuation of the Jews getting into arguments with Jesus on the question of His Divinity.

>> The Lord invites them open their eyes to see and experience the Truth…

… but they close their minds, and choose to remain stubborn, in their own understanding

>> The Lord exposes before them the futility of being ignorant and the advantage of knowing the Truth…

… but they wilfully choose to remain stuck in their past knowledge and be unwilling to open their hearts to possibilities of change.

Jesus, the Truth-Incarnate, declares:

“You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free” (Jn 8: 31)

But the people retorted and answered: “… we have never been enslaved…” (Jn 8: 33)

They considered slavery from only a physical perspective!

>> They were extremely offended when Jesus considered them to be slaves!

But Jesus brings the focus into right perspective (as he does always!), and speaks of a deadlier form of slavery and a higher form of freedom…

>> A slavery to Sin…

… that causes one to be away from God and His people

>> A slavery to ignorance and error…

… that causes one to be closed to God’s Word and prevent His transformation to take place within

He invites to receive Freedom in Him…

… that enjoins with knowing and doing the Father’s Will

… that liberates one from the bondages of death, and leads into peace and joy!

The danger to remain stagnant in sinful or ignorant ways constantly lurks in our life:

>> The Truth of the Bible is often presented to us in appealing and interesting formats…

… but we often seek to remain ignorant or don’t show any interest to read and understand God’s Word

>> The beauty of the Sacramental Life and the Teachings of the Church is laid before our eyes…

… but we time and again, tend to be lethargic, casual and sometimes even, hostile to them

>> Our eyes often come into contact with the suffering lot of people, in and around us…

… but many times, we turn a blind eye to them and remain indifferent in our cosy lifestyle

Each of us needs a purification…

>> Each of us needs a movement…

A purification from our stubborn ways to a life of obedience and docility to God’s Word

>> A movement from a sluggish life of faith to being a fervent and committed Christian

Yes, Jesus is constantly extending His Nail-Scarred Hands to lead us to the “pleasant country” of holiness and sanctity.

>> Let us not deny his invitation and say:

“Ah Hmm…! I am sorry, I cannot accompany You!

I must stay here in the swamp!”

Instead, let us make a self-examination of our state of life…

… realize the need to have a purification and a movement…

… and embrace and live with Jesus, the Truth, “Who sets us free”!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “ God will unfailingly be pleased with our patience and take note of our diligence and perseverance!”


Dec 4th (Lk 10: 1-16 and Feast of St Francis Xavier)

A story is told of a blind boy who was flying a kite.


He enjoyed this pastime along with others of his own age.


A passer-by, knowing him and wanting to mildly tease the blind-fellow, said:

‘Hey, boy! Do you know where is your kite?

You don’t know whether it is on the ground or up in the sky, do you?’


‘Oh yes,’ said the blind lad, ‘I do know! It is now quite a fair height up in the air.’


How do you know that?’ asked the passer-by, ‘you surely can’t see it.’


The boy replied, ‘I can’t see it, it is true, but I can feel the tug of the string!’



The ‘tug’ of the string help the boy to realise the presence of the kite and to sense its height in the air!



The awareness of the presence of the Divine power in our lives, is such…

>> One may not be able to always see the presence of the Divine, but the believer can surely experience its power and strength!



This experience of “the Divine tug of the string” keeps the life of the believer moving forward and helps to depend on the Divine Presence for strength in life.



The Gospel of the Day is an invitation by Jesus to grow deeper in this “awareness and dependence” on Jesus in our life as a missionary of the Kingdom of God.




After having summoned and authorized  the disciples, Jesus sends them ahead of Him, to the places of mission.



In the Gospel of Matthew, the same passage beings with the statement, “Preach, as you go…” (Mt 10:7)


Some other translations would read as “As you go, make a proclamation…”



This is such wonderfully practical, and yet at the same time, a phrase that is often overlooked: “Preach, as you go….” / “As you go… make a proclamation”




Preaching or Proclamation in our times, is often picturised with a limited understanding.


Preaching or proclamation is often understood as that which takes place…

… only from the pulpit or during a service in Church

… only in the form of speaking and explaining the Word of God



But the words of the Lord are worth noting:

“Preach, as you go….” / “As you go… make a proclamation”


Preach, as you go about doing your daily duties and activities

>> As you go about your responsibilities and works, make a proclamation


Preach as you go around meeting different people by sharing His love and joy to all

>>  As you go about engaging in numerous actions, make a proclamation by sharing His presence



The act of preaching and proclamation of the Kingdom of God is to be reflected in our every action and movement…

… Whatever we do, may it become an act of proclaiming God’s abundant blessings!

… Whatever work we take up, may it become a moment of preaching God’s amazing providence!



Such an act of Preaching and Proclamation makes it mandatory that one grows deeper in the “awareness and dependence” on Jesus in the life as a missionary of the Kingdom of God.



>>The act of proclamation needs the “awareness” that I am continuing the Great Mission work that has Jesus as the “Initiator”, the “Sustainer” and the “Finale”!


>> The act of preaching needs the “dependency” on the Lord to realise that the Lord alone can provide all the graces, strength and courage for the mission!




This is what was epitomized by St Francis, Xavier, whose feast we celebrate today.


>> This Patron of the Missions, was filled with a tremendous zeal for salvation of souls and contained in him a contagious enthusiasm of giving Christ to all.



One of his testimonial statement, while undertaking missionary activity in Japan, goes thus: “Sometimes I have lost my voice and strength altogether with repeating again and again the Credo and the other forms.”




May we give heed to the words of the Dynamic Missionary Saint…


>> “It is not the actual physical exertion that counts towards a one’s progress, nor the nature of the task, but by the spirit of faith with which it is undertaken”

>> “It is impossible to find a saint who did not take the two P’s seriously: prayer and penance”


… and seek to grow deeper in our missionary commitment!



Yes, one needs to feel the “tug and the pull of the Divine Lord”…when one goes through

… hardships and difficulties in being a missionary of the Kingdom,  in hostile situations

… problems and challenges as we seek to live a true Christian life in the modern world

… meaninglessness or emptiness as we go through the ‘deserts’ and ‘darkness’ in life



And it is this experience of “the Divine tug of the string” that keeps the life of the believer moving forward and to depend on the Divine Presence for strength in life!



Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier!



God Bless! Live Jesus!

Nov 1 (Based on Solemnity of All Saints)

Who is your favourite hero/heroine?



This is a question invariably most of us have either asked others and we ourselves have been asked.


Heroism is a much overblown idea in our society .

>> We live in a world surrounded by super heroes!



Hollywood and Bollywood and “other woods” give us movies about superheroes…

… who can leap tall buildings at a single bounce

… vanquish their enemies with a solitary gaze

… and reign supreme with their out-of-the-world capabilities!



Heroism, in our world, has been quite associated with power, fame, popularity etc…



They are super-exciting.

>> They are breathtaking.

>> They give an “ooh…wow” feeling!



Today, the Holy Mother the Church is geared up to celebrate Her Heroes!

>> Of course, Heroes with a difference….


Heroes, who really, made a difference!

>> Heroes who have achieved great heights of perfection, in God’s sight!



It’s a day of immense celebration of these superheroes of God… The Solemnity of All Saints!



One catchword that dominates today’s celebration is JOY.

>> There is much JOY in belonging to God.

>> There is much JOY is being saved in Christ.

>> There is much JOY in suffering for the Lord.


Being joyful does not mean, that all is perfect and without any faults.

>> Being joyful means, one has learned to look beyond those imperfections.


And this is Christian Holiness.



Christian Holiness is wholeness…

… a wholeness that’s experienced in one’s being, as a result of living life in perfect union with the Will of God.



Today the Church invites us to lift our gaze to heaven, and thank and praise God for the innumerable people who not only persevered in their faith while they lived on earth…

… but actually lived their lives in such a way that they built up Christ’s Kingdom in the world.



The saints are not superheroes in the worldly sense…


What sets them apart…

… is not their miraculous power….

… is not their popularity and fame.

>> Rather, what makes them saints, is their faith and their discipleship and their service to others.



The word “SAINT”…sometimes strikes an odd chord in our minds…


Saints are often considered to be people…

… beyond our reach and too holy for our lives

… for whom the path to sanctity was made easy and cosy.

… who are given a special boon from God to live a holy life.



But the truth perhaps, is quite contrary…


Saints are people who are truly very close to us and lived in simple and ordinary life situations like us.

Saints are people who had to struggle through many hardships and trials in the path to holiness.

Saints are people who co-operated with the grace of God and remained faithful to their commitment and call



Every Christian is called to a life of Holiness and to be a Saint…


How is this possible in our lives…?

>> The Beatitudes proclaimed by Jesus, in today’s Gospel shows us the path… (Mt 5: 1-10)


Being a saint…

…by depending on God in all dimensions of our life and seeking His Kingdom above all

…by mourning over our sins and seeking to live a life in repentance.

…by living a life of firm gentleness and trusting patience in the midst of injustice and pain

…by becoming agents of justice and seekers of establishing truth

…by giving mercy and compassion to the needy and even to those who we feel, don’t deserve

…by preserving purity in our thoughts, words and deeds

…by striving for establishing peace and harmony even in conflicting situations

…by accepting suffering and becoming stronger in our struggle to establish God’s Kingdom



This Feast day is a chance for us to sneak into the personal diary of the saints…and to “steal” some tips for us to admire and imitate them…


>> The Saints’ Favourite Food: The Holy Eucharist


>> The Saints’ Favourite Dress: The Armour of Faith


>> The Saints’ Favourite Pastime: Doing anything with immense love of God


>> The Saints’ Favourite Symbol: The Holy Cross


>> The Saints’ Favourite Moments: Every time they discovered more the depth of God’s Love



The Church has a marvellous number of saints who are canonized.


On this special day, we also take our time, to raise our hearts in gratitude, for the many other holy men and women, who sparkle with sanctity, but have not been officially declared so.


A few may be known to us, in our family or friends circle…

>> But most of them, will remain unknown and unfamiliar and unheard.

>> But in the Lord’s presence, they dazzle and shine, in holiness and purity.



This galaxy of Saints beckon and encourage each one of us today to tread this path of holiness.


As St Augustine says, “Do you aspire to do great things? Begin with the little ones”

…Doing our simple works with much love of God.

…Living our Christian life with much faithfulness

….Seeing the deep presence of God in all areas of our life.


Let us live a life of self-sacrifice, renunciation and trust in God….

Let us live a life seeking to do God’s will at all times

Let us live a life laced with the tender Love of God in all our activities.



All the saints, the Superheroes of God, are looking deep into our eyes…and inviting us…”Come, dear Child…Be a Saint…”


What is our response?



Happy Feast to all the Saints in Heaven…the Church Triumphant!

Happy Feast to all of us, striving to be saints…the Church Militant!



God Bless! Live Jesus!

May 1 (Jn 6: 22-29 & Feast of St Joseph, the Worker)

There is an old legend of a swan and a crane.


A beautiful swan alighted by the banks of the water, in which a crane was wading about, seeking snails.


For a few moments the crane viewed the swan in incredulous wonder and then inquired: “Where do you come from?”

“I come from heaven!” replied the swan.


“And where is heaven?” asked the curious crane.


“Heaven!” said the swan, “Heaven! Have you never heard of heaven?”


And the beautiful bird went on to describe the grandeur of the Eternal City…

>> She told of streets of gold, and the gates and walls made of precious stones; of the river of life, pure as crystal, upon whose banks is the tree whose leaves shall be for the healing of the nations.


With eloquence, the swan described the beauty of the other world…

… but none of it, strangely, seemed to arouse the slightest interest of the crane.


Finally the crane asked: “Are there any snails there?”

“Snails??” repeated the swan; “No! Of course there are not!”


“Then,” said the crane, as it continued its search along the slimy banks of the pool, “you can have your heaven. I only want snails!”


The crane was satisfied with the lowly earthly “snails” and failed to have any interest for the divine “heavens”


How often are we also like this crane….

… interested only in earthly affairs, and least attracted to the heavenly realms

… busy only with gathering earthly pleasures but rejecting offers for heavenly happiness


The Gospel of the Day presents Jesus chiding the people for following Him, just for the sake of earthly desires, and instead, invites and exhorts them to seek for higher and heavenly longings in life…

“Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you” (Jn 6: 27)


The people had witnessed Jesus’ great miracle of the multiplication of loaves.

>> Their hunger had been satisfied and appetites been gratified.


>> In Jesus, they found a person who was able to answer the bodily needs.

>> In Jesus, they found a person who was able to satisfy their material desires.


The people desired to crown Him as their King!


Is this not a trend in our society as well?


How often are the bread-givers and money-makers held in high esteem, even in our days…

… at the expense of people who are unable contribute much or do much work.


Think of the aged, the sick, the invalids in our own houses, communities and societies, who are unable to work or contribute anything materially…

>> How often do we neglect them!

>> How often do we put them down!

>> How often do we call them as useless!


We sometimes glorify people based only their work, their position and their activities…

>> The “being” of a person is often neglected… only the “doing” of a person is exalted!

>> The “essence” of a person is often not given value… only the “work” of a person is given credit!


But Jesus refrains from being a victim to this mentality of the society.

>>  He refuses to be their “Bread-King”!

>> He rejects to being their “Materialistic-Messiah”!


And so when people, come to Him, Jesus recognizes their motive in seeking Him…

… and He chides them saying:

“Amen, Amen, I say to you, you are looking for me, not because you saw signs but you ate the loaves and were filled.

Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you” (Jn 6: 26-27)


The Lord seeks to lead the people to desire and long for the higher realities of life.


And this is the wish of the Lord for each one of us too, that we…

… be interested not only in worldly affairs; rather, we be more attracted to the heavenly realms

… be busy not only with gathering earthly satisfactions;  but, we accept and embrace more of heavenly happiness


It is true that “to the hungry one, food and other material wants demand higher urgency”

>> But having said this… one must also be willing to accept, that beyond these material aspects, the human person has greater needs – on a spiritual sense, that of the soul, towards the transcendental realities!


What is needed therefore, is a proper prioritizing…

… Does God and the Heavenly realities mean more to me, than earthly desires?

… Does Jesus and His Virtues occupy primal position in my life, than the worldly values?


A true prioritizing and firm conviction alone can help us to be the true witnesses of Jesus, the Messiah.

>> Jesus is our model and example, Who, in His life, accorded the first and primal place to God and His Will.


The lives of the saints and the martyrs are also proof for this fact.


>> In the Acts of the Apostles, 6:8-15, we read of how St Stephen, the first Martyr of the Church, “was filled with grace and power, and could withstand any persecution”, because he had a made a choice for Jesus and His Kingdom, above all!


He rejected all worldly promises and desires that blocked his view of the Kingdom!


Are we going to be a people, merely fixed in searching, through the slimy banks, for ‘snails’ of earthly pleasures?

>> Or we going to be a people, who can transcend and rise up higher, to live our lives in the grandeur of Jesus and His Everlasting Kingdom?



Today is the First of May.

>> The Church commemorates St Joseph, the Worker.


As St. Alphonsus Liguori says, “We should, indeed, honour St. Joseph, since the Son of God Himself was graciously pleased to honour him by calling him father.

>> If the King of kings was pleased to raise Joseph to so high a dignity, it is right and obligatory on our part to endeavour to honour him as much as we can!”


Let us seek the intercession of St Joseph, who was able to fulfill the duties entrusted to him, with a sense of immense trust and faith in the Lord…

… in order to seek for the higher and heavenly longings of life!



Happy Feast of St Joseph, the Just Worker in God’s Plan of Redemption.

>> Glorious Blessings of Jesus, his Precious Child – the Way, the Truth and the Life

>> Heavenly Intercessions of Mary – his loving Spouse and our affectionately protecting Mother


God Bless! Live Jesus!

Oct 18 (Feast of Evangelist St Luke)

A poor woman had lost her husband and was going through a great deal of agony and distress.


One day, her neighbour brought her a small, worn-out pamphlet.


She gave it to the sorrowful woman and told her:

“I found this lying on the street. Somebody must have dropped it.

I read it.


There is a wonderful story of a Man Who helps those who are unhappy.

I thought of you. It might do you help!”


The sorrowful woman took it.

>> She not only read it, but also had her life transformed by it!


The pamphlet was a copy of the Gospel of St Luke!


This Gospel with its powerful themes of consolation and comfort had brought peace and relief to the woman in sorrow.



Today, on this Feast day of the Evangelist St Luke, let us meditate on this beautiful gift which he has penned – the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St Luke.



St Jerome was of the opinion that, “among all the evangelists, St Luke was the most skilled writer of Greek.”


It is to St Luke that we owe some of the finest Gospel portraits…

>> The nostalgic infancy narratives of Jesus

… The Annunciation of Jesus (1: 26-38)

… The Birth of John the Baptist (1: 57-66)

… The visit of the shepherds at the Birth of Jesus (2: 15-20)

… The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (2: 22-38)

… The Loss of Jesus in the Temple (2: 41-52)


>> The distinguished and daring ministries of Jesus

… The Programmatic Speech in Nazareth, His hometown (4: 16-30)

… The raising of widow’s son at Nain (7: 11-17)

… The story of Martha and Mary of Bethany (10: 38-42)

… The Samaritan Leper (17: 11-19)

… The transformation of Zacchaeus (19: 1-10)

… The conversion of the good thief (23: 39-43)

… The encounter with the two disciples on the way to Emmaus (24: 13-35)


>> The illustrious and much-loved parables

… The Good Samaritan (10: 29-37)

… The Prodigal Son (15: 11-32)

… Rich Man and Lazarus (16: 19-31)

… The Persevering Widow (18: 1-8)

… The Publican and the Tax Collector (18: 9-14)



The marvellous brush of the Physician St Luke has some unique thrusts as well…

… which are also great reminders to us, in our spiritual lifestyle.


  1. A Gospel of Inclusive


St Luke’s Gospel has distinctive stories and incidents on how Jesus accepted and recognized the dignity of  those, who were otherwise, left out in the society…

… the Samaritans

… the tax-collectors

… the public sinners

… the women


>> Am I a person who is willing to accept those who are rejected, abandoned and pushed-out of the society?

>> Do I exhibit “exclusivist” mentality by sticking on to only “my” culture, language, race, class etc and fail to celebrate differences?



  1. A Gospel of Prayer


St Luke’s Gospel presents greatly the aspect of the prayer, by presenting many instances…

… of Jesus praying

… of Jesus exhorting on prayer

… of many Temple scenes


>> Am I a person who enjoys the taste of prayer?

>> Do I fail to have a regular and consistent time to spend with the Lord and discover and implement the Father’s Will in my life?



  1. A Gospel of the Poor

St Luke displays his special love for the poor…

… through his many parables on the poor

… and the denouncement of riches…

>> And thus exalts them as the “favoured ones of God” and restoring their dignity and honour



>> Do I make radical choices to grow in my “poverty” i.e. my total dependence on the Providence of God?

>> Do I share my gifts, my talents and my riches, with those in need and find joy in this sharing?


  1. A Gospel of the meal

St Luke’s Gospel has an interesting presentation of Jesus as most of the time being “at meal or on the way to a meal”

>> There are nearly 19 references to food, with 13 of them being exclusive to this Gospel.


The meal is a reference to the communitarian dimension in spirituality!


>> Am I a person who cherishes the presence of the other and be willing to celebrate life?

>> Do I also become aware that the Lord constantly calls us to share in His Meal – the Holy Eucharist and make my life, in turn, a Eucharist to the other?



The Gospel of St Luke, along with many more themes is a wonderful reminder of the Love and Mercy of God…

… calling us to live in joy and service.


May this Feast Day of this Great Evangelist…

… help us to grow in our love for the Word, by reading and reflecting daily

… and challenge us to live the Word, in all our daily activities of life!



Happy Feast of St Luke, the Evangelist!


God Bless! Live Jesus!

Aug 22 (Feast of the Queenship of Mary)

Saare jahaan mein acha!” (“Better than all in the entire world!”)

This was the chorus we sang in unison and love….The Holy Trinity, the Holy Angels and all people of faith on the earth…..just seven days back…

… on the 15th of August – the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother Mary!

Today we are back to chanting the same chorus and the same refrain with a deeper enthusiasm and stronger gusto…

… as we celebrate with heaven, the Coronation of our Blessed Mamma as the Queen of Heaven and Earth!

This Feast of the Queenship of Mary was instituted by Pope Pius XII at the conclusion of the Marian Year in 1954.

It was not…

… a new doctrine.

… or a new teaching

… or a new policy

.. or even a new understanding!

This declaration was merely an affirmation of the age old faith that has been celebrated down through the ages!

St. Ephrem referred to Mother Mary as the “Majestic and Heavenly Maid, Lady, Queen.”

>> St. Gregory Nazianzen called her, “the Mother of the King of the Universe.”

On this Feast Day of the Queenship of Mary…

… we are presented with the Reading on the Annunciation.

Let us travel with Mary, our Mamma and Queen….through this Life Transforming Event of Her life….

This incident will highlight the journey of Grace and Mercy that God worked, to raise Her to a Glorious State!

  1. The Simple Mary

Mary was a simple and unnoticed girl of the unpopular town of Nazareth.

>> She was an ordinary person betrothed to a man named Joseph.

She had…

… her dreams

… her wishes for a family life

… her desires for a peaceful life!

>> But God had bigger dreams for Her…

… a dream which would make Her the Blessed among all…

>> God had higher wishes for Her…

… a wish which would make the Nazareth Family a model for all…

>> God had bigger desires for Her…

… a desire which would fill her with Peace amidst every pain…


  1. The Troubled Mary

Mary was deeply troubled when she encountered Angel Gabriel.

>> The greeting of the Divine Being made Her simple heart to be filled with feelings of concern and disturbance.

She had…

… her concerns

… her share of uneasy feelings

… her moments of worry!

>> But God had greater cares for Her…

… a care which would make her a Mother to all those who have concerns…

>> God had finer feelings for Her…

… a feeling which would help her to Feel for those who go through life’s pains…

>> God had greater comforts for Her…

… a comfort which will lead Her to be a Comforter to the Uncomforted…

  1. The confused Mary

It was a moment of great confusion and perhaps even total puzzlement as to how could the words of Angel Gabriel be believed.

>> There was great uncertainty as to how could a conception of this sort take place and what made Heaven to grant Her this choice of being the Mother of the Son of God!

She had…

… Her confusions

… Her perplexity

… Her moments of Inner Turmoil.

>> But God had a deeper solution to Her confusions…

… He assured Her of the Presence of His Mighty Spirit…

>> God had an enhanced way out of Her perplexity…

… He calmed Her by opening Her eyes to His great works…

>> God had a deeper answer to Her turmoil…

… He relieved Her by reminding Her that all things are possible for Him…

  1. The willing Mary

The Fiat Moment – the time when Mary said the Big Yes to God’s Plan of Salvation!

>> It was a sacred time when Mary consented and became willing to allow God’s Script to work in Her unadorned Life!

She had…

… Her mysterious moments

… Her ‘what-next’ moments

… Her moments of indefiniteness!

>> But God had His superior light beyond all mysteries…

… She was to be the Woman of the Mystery of God’s Salvation …

>> God had His clear plan beyond all doubts…

… She was to be the Perfect Executor of Heaven’s Plans for humanity…

>> God had his superior design across all indefiniteness…

… She was to be the Refuge of all in Uncertainty…

Today, Is My Life…

… just too simple and ordinary?

… just too troubled?

… just too confused?

Then Mother Mary is a model to us…

… a perfect example

… a shining witness

… a great challenge to us!

In all our ordinariness, troubles and confusions. let us trust and have faith in God…

… just like Mother Mary

>> And seek to always say to God, ” Fiat – Yes, Be it done to me according to Your Will!”

Let us raise an Anthem of Thanksgiving, Love and Affection…

… to our Beloved Mamma, the Queen of the Heavens and the Earthand of our hearts

>> And in harmony & accord, with deep joy, acclaim Her to be –

“Saare jahaan mein acha!” (“Better than all in the entire world!”)

Happy Feast of the Beloved Queen Mamma united with Her son, King Jesus, to all of us, Her little princes! 

God Bless! Live Jesus!

July 10 (Feast of St Lawrence – Jn 12: 24-26)

The forests of northern Europe and Asia are home to  a little animal called the Ermine.

>> It is characterized by its snow-white fur


Some countries have the state robes of the judges lined with this fur…

… the white fur being a symbol of honour and purity.


The Ermine would do anything to protect and safeguard its fur.


Fur hunters however, take undue advantage of this weakness of the Ermine.


They don’t keep a snare to catch the ermine

>> Instead the smear filth on the entrance and the interior of its house – usually in a cleft of a rock, or the hollow of a tree.


The dogs are then left behind the ermine…

… Frightened, the ermine runs towards its home, the only place of refuge.


However, it finds the entrance dirty and unclean.


It is unwilling to spoil the pure white fur coat.

And so, the ermine makes a choice…

>> To give in to the hungry and fierce dogs…

… than to spoil the purity of the white fur!


A choice is made – to preserve purity, even at the cost of one’s life!


Every Christian is expected to do the same…

… preserve the purity of one’s holiness, even at the cost of one’s life.



Today we celebrate the Feast of one such Daring Christian – St Lawrence…

… who yielded his life than to lose his pledge to Christ

… who let go of his earthly desires, to win the prize of heavenly salvation


St Lawrence lived the words of Christ who exhorted:

“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world, will keep it for eternal life!” (Jn 12: 25)



The Gospel Passage of the day is preceded by a very vital and crucial verse in the Gospel of St John…

>> Jesus says, ” The Hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified” (Jn 12: 25)

The life of Jesus, as seen in the Johannine Gospel is a journey towards this climax aspect – The Hour!


What is “The Hour”?


>> The Hour is the hour of glorification

… the hour of His task as a Messiah, which is to be completed by His “lifting up” on the Cross!


It was the Hour when the Lord will conquer death, by submitting Himself totally to the Will of the Father!


Jesus never shied away from this Hour

>> He came into this world for this Hour

… Death was the goal of His Life, the gold that He was seeking.


He invites His followers to also make this choice…

… to lose one’s life, in order to gain life in Him!

… to die to oneself, in order to bear much fruit!


What are the implication of losing our life, in order to gain life in Him?


>> Letting go a life of sinful habits and tendencies…

… and making holiness and sanctity as our lifestyle


>> Seeking to put an end to our tendencies to self-boast or feed our pride…

… and instead, engaging in acts of humility and giving space for God’s Mercy


>> Letting go of our stubborn nature in reconciling with others…

… and trying to foster relationships based on self-giving and self-sacrifice


>> Seeking to avoid occasions of sin…

… and instead, creating opportunities for being consciously in the presence of God



By our Baptism, we have been blessed with the white robe of holiness and purity

>>  Our Sacramental life keeps it unstained.


The world, on the other hand, constantly seeks to malign this pure robe…

… by its lures of impurity and filth


Like the ermine, we are faced to make a choice…

>> To die to the hungry and fierce world…

… than to spoil the purity of holiness!



Yes, we need to make a choice – constantly, at every moment…

>> A choice to preserve purity, even at the cost of one’s life!


Let us be inspired by the life and example of St Lawrence.


May his courage and valour help us also…

… to yield our life than to lose our pledge to Christ

… to let go of our earthly desires, to win the prize of heavenly salvation



Happy Feast of St Lawrence!

God Bless! Live Jesus!