May 8 (Jn 16:5-11)

One of the wonderful SMS’s that has been read and circulated by many of us, perhaps….

“Life is like having a cup of coffee…

You sit by the window, lift the cup, take a careless sip…

… and find no sugar!

Too lazy to go for the sugar, you somehow manage with that sugarless cup.

On finishing, you find undissolved sugar crystals, settled at the bottom!

That is life!

>> We don’t make any effort to value what is around or within us.

So look around…

… Maybe, the sweetness you are looking is much closer than you think!”

How often is our spiritual life also lived similarly…

·   We go through the rigours of spiritual practices…

… but they sometimes become mere routines

·   We perform many chores of religious exercises…

… but they sometimes turn out to be ritualistic.

Spiritual life becomes tasteless…

>> Spiritual life loses its fascination…

But Jesus, in the Gospel of the Day invites us to never lose the dimension of hope…

… and instead calls us to Live a Life in the Holy Spirit!

The context of the Gospel is the Last Supper Discourse.

Jesus recognizes that His Disciples are very much upset and sad, that He would be leaving their presence.

But the Lord…

… Who will never abandon us

… Who always keeps the best for us

… Who always keeps us safe in His care

>> Assures to His Disciples and to each one of us:

“It is to your advantage, that I go away.

For if I do not go away, the Counselor will not come to you.

But if I go away, I will send Him to you” (Jn 16:7)

The Lord strongly exhorts His Disciples to not fill their hearts with sorrow…

… rather to fill their hearts and minds with hope and courage!

Jesus, Himself lived a Life of Hope and Courage!

What was the recipe of His Hope and Courage?

1. A life, that was lived in perfect communion with His Heavenly Father…

… seeking union with the Father through moments of solitude in prayer

… raising His Heart to the Father in gratitude and thanksgiving at every situation of life.

2. A life, that was lived in absolute obedience to the Will of His Father…

… willing to shed any personal comforts or desires to be faithful to the mission entrusted

… readiness to undergo any amount of pain and suffering, even death, to be totally committed

3. A life, that was lived in total conviction of the Power of the Holy Spirit

… causing Him to give an absolute assurance to His Disciples that they would always be strengthened

… making Him to instill hope and courage to “the lost, the least and the last!”

Jesus hands over this same recipe to us, to Live in Hope and Courage…

… and thus discover true joy and happiness in life.

a. When we seek to live in Communion with the Heavenly Father…

… in intense moments of prayer

… with a heart of thanksgiving

b. When we seek to being obedient to God’s Will…

… even at the cost of some personal comforts

… ready to bear sufferings to be faithful to Him

c. And when we live in a conviction of the Power of the Holy Spirit

… being assured that He will always strengthened

… being instilled with hope and courage

… It is then…

>> that we will experience real joy and happiness

>> that we will treasure heavenly experiences in our hearts

Life grinds us through many tasteless moments and situations…

>> We get upset easily…

>> We tend to get defensive…

>> We get into a mode of being lethargic…

But the Lord says… “Stir up your lives!”

“Stir up your lives” to savour the sweetness of joy, peace and serenity…

… to taste the joy that is guaranteed by obeying God’s commandments

… to taste the peace that is assured by letting our lives be symphony of service to others

… to taste the serenity that is promised by always abiding in the loving presence of the Lord.

The “sugar crystals” of Hope and Courage often lie undissolved at the bottom of our lives..

… Shall we “stir up our lives” and enjoy the sweetness of God’s Love?

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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