May 9 (Jn 16:12-15)

A law-school professor was telling his class what to expect of the final examination.

“The question paper will be nearly 14 pages long” he explained, “ and it will take at least four hours to answer all the questions!”

Hearing that, the entire class groaned with murmuring.

As the class grumbled, the Professor added, with a tone of consolation:

“Don’t be worried.

>> In this tough exercise of the examination, all of you will be in the same boat!”

At this, one student, with a naughty grin spoke up:

“Yeah, Sir… We all will be in the same boat.

>> Just that, the name of the boat would be Titanic!!”

(Titanic was the name of the boat that had a tragic end – sinking into the ocean after a crash with an iceberg and leading to the death of nearly 1500 people in the year 1912)

This little humorous incident (without being too critical or analytical), when looked from a global spiritual perspective, points out a grand and complex reality:

There are many examinations in life, which tends to drown our life!

To some questions of life, answers will be found.

>> But to many, there will be a mysterious silence.

Humanity does not have an answer to all questions in life.

Yet, life encourages us to walk ahead, with trust and hope.

As Christians, this trust and hope finds a greater meaning and strength, because we have the assurance and promise of the Lord that He is with us, and the Answers to the Examinations of Life will be revealed to us…

… in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel of the Day is this assurance of Jesus that even though many things are not understood in life, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us, in time and as needed, the mysteries of life and of our faith.

The Lord had been with the disciples for quite some time and had instructed them on many teachings.

>> Even at the final discourse, in the context of the Last Supper, Jesus teaches His chosen ones many things.

Yet, He still has many more things to tell and teach.

But like a loving parent, who knows the grasping power of the child….

>> Like an understanding teacher, who realises the comprehending capability of the student…

Jesus knows, that the disciples would not be able to understand still further His teachings.

And so He says, “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now” (Jn 16:12)

But He does not leave the Disciples in this state of hanging in mid-air…

• He assures them of the Might Power that will follow His going away from the disciples.

• He promises them that the Holy Spirit will descend on them and they would realise, gradually, the power and depth of His teachings!

“But when He comes, the Spirit of Truth, He will guide you to all truth” (Jn 16: 13)

Our lives too remains a blank question-paper, with questions hurled at us, and answers found wanting!

Situations and circumstances put forward many uneasy, awkward and even unanswerable questions to us.

>> We look for answers.

>> We seek for solutions.

Sometimes we get.

>> But many times, we fail to obtain.

It may lead us to desperation.

It may even lead us to anxiety.

But the Lord assures us…

… that He has the answer to every question in the world

… that He has the solution to every problem of our life.

But not all will be told to us, or revealed to us, at once.

They will be conveyed to us, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate situation.

From our part, what is simply needed is…

… an openness to His Spirit

… a trust in His Divine Providence

… a constant seeking to know His Will

The underlying principle for this simple, yet, seemingly hard to practise philosophy of life, is the fact that “God Loves Us” immeasurably, and that every moment of our life, is taken care by Him.

• His glory fills the heavens and the earth.

• His knowledge permeates in every event of life.

Life will constantly place before us “tough exams”

>> We may sometimes complain and grumble

In frustration, we may sometimes even feel that “lives may turn out to be like the Titanic!”

But let’s not lose hope…

>> May we rather, seek to grow in this faith and trust in the Lord.

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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