May 7 (Jn 15:26-16:4)

Every Christian is expected to be a witness to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, in one’s everyday life.

In a random survey conducted, as to why many Christians don’t speak about Christ to others, some of the common answers given by Christians were as follows:

1. “I am not sure what I have to say!”

2. “My lifestyle doesn’t match what Christ expects of me!”

3. “I may not be able to give convincing answers, when questions are asked!”

4. “I am not sure if will be called as a hypocrite – or living by double standards!”

5. “I don’t really care about speaking about Christ etc…”

6. “I think it is not my duty. It is the duty of the leaders of the Church. First let them do…”

And prominently…

7. “I am afraid what others will feel…!”

8. “I feel anxious if I will be rejected and be sidelined by all!”

What about us?

>> Do we witness to Christ, daily?

>> Do we speak about and witness the Love of God to people?

What answer do we have?

The Gospel of the Day is an assurance and an invitation by Jesus to live by the Power of the Holy Spirit…

… and thus be a “Witness of Jesus and His Kingdom!”

One of the primary tasks of Jesus, as he left this world, was to “Strengthen His Disciples”

He knew very well, how each one of them would go through periods of crisis, after His Departure.

When things go on well, life seems to be easy…

… But when hardships and loneliness creeps in, life seems to be too difficult!

>> As long as Jesus was with them, the disciples would have an easy life…

… But with the departure of Jesus, they would have to face a difficult life!

And so Jesus prepares them by assuring them of how the Holy Spirit would strengthen them:

“When the Counsellor comes, Whom I shall send you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth… He will bear witness to Me, and you also are witnesses..

>> I have said all this to you, to keep you from falling away!” (Jn 15:26-27, 16:1)

Jesus knew that all his disciples had weaknesses …

>> Some would be unsure of what answer to be given when questions were asked

(Like Peter who would deny Jesus, when questions were asked – Lk 22: 54-61)

>> Some would only worry about their own positions and comforts

(Like the disciples at the Last Supper, who would discuss the one who is great among them – Lk 22: 24)

>> Some would be afraid of the people and the society around

(Like the disciples who would run away and abandon Jesus – Mk 14: 50 )

>> Some would prefer to choose riches and money, than Jesus

(Like Judas who would betray the Lord for the sake of money – Mk 14: 10-11)

And despite these weakness and fragilities, the Lord did not give up on them

>> He invited them to “Be open to Receive the Holy Spirit and thus to Live a Powerful Life of Witnessing!”

We too have our own weaknesses in witnessing to the Lord, in this modern society…

>> Some of us…

… are not sure of what answers to be given to questions that are asked about faith

>> Some of us…

… like to remain in our own comfort zones

>> Some of us…

… are afraid of “what other people will think” and if I will “lose my name and esteem in the society”

>> Some of us…

… give more importance to the false promises of the world, and don’t make a clear-cut choice for God and His Kingdom (Mt 6:33)

To each of us too, the Lord invites to “Be open to receive the Holy Spirit and thus to Live a powerful Life of Witnessing!”

>> Yes, He doesn’t give up on us.

Let us renew our commitment to the Lord, everyday..

… and by His Spirit, with boldness and courage, “Stand Firm for the Gospel Values”

Let us “Speak about Jesus Christ” – by thought, by word, by deed!

May the words of St Rose Venerini, whose feast we celebrate today, be an inspiration for us:

(St Rose Venerini was a pioneer in the education of women and girls in 17th-century Italy and the Foundress of the Congregation who are called as the Venerini Sisters. She was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 15, 2006)

“I find myself so bound to the Divine Will that neither death nor life is important:

>> I want to live as He wishes and I want to serve Him as He likes, and nothing more!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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