Aug 11 (Lk 12:32-48)

One of the modern trends that we find in an increasingly urbanizing culture is the importance placed on Fitness.

A lot of emphasis is placed on being health-conscious and maintaining oneself to be fit and fine.

>> This aspect of being healthy is to be extended beyond the physical body to also the spiritual dimension of our lives.

> One needs to be not just physically fit, but also be spiritually strong.

> One needs to be not just bodily healthy, but also be spiritually tough.

It is this spiritual strength & toughness that will help us to be always ready to be prepared for the coming of the Lord.

The Gospel of the Day gives an exhortation to be prepared and arm ourselves for the coming of the Lord:

“You must be ready, for the Son of Man will come at an hour, you do not expect” (Lk 12:40)

The Greek word used for the term “ready” is “hetoimos”.. from a noun “heteos” which means to be fit….

>> It has a connotation of being prepared and seeking for fitness!

There are several factors which affect the Fitness of our Physical Bodies…

… and perhaps the similar factors could also be applied to the fitness for our spiritual lives.

1. Faulty Food affects the Fitness of our Physical Bodies

Proper food plays a vital role in having a healthy body.

>> It is very important to regulate the intake of our food and to have a check on the type of food.

We need to apply this same principle to our spiritual lives as well…

What is the type of food that I am feeding for my spiritual life?

>> Do I lavish myself on unhealthy thoughts of lust and desires, harmful words of indecency and lewdness and dangerous actions of immorality and wickedness?

>> Do I feed myself with the precious Word of God and nourish myself with His inspirations and wisdom?

>> Do I nourish myself with His Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist?

2. Faulty lifestyle affects the Fitness of our Physical bodies.

It is important to have a disciplined and self-controlled lifestyle in order to maintain our fitness.

>> A regular habit of exercises and workouts coupled with moments for relaxation and leisure from tension-filled works is important.

>> One must also avoid various bad addictions which can hinder having a good physical shape.

We need to apply this same principle to our spiritual lives as well…

What is the type of lifestyle I am leading, with respect to my spiritual life?

>> Do I exercise myself with the daily and regular habits of prayer, Bible Reading, pious practises and devotions?

>> Do I spare time and energy to make some sacrifices and reparations for various causes, especially as a remorse for our sins?

>> Do I make constant efforts to give up on some of our bad cravings, obsessions or habits?

3. Faulty environment affects the Fitness of our Physical bodies.

It is also essential that one maintains a clean and good environment in order to prevent being affected by diseases or sicknesses.

>> One must also seek to avoid any harmful situations or surroundings which can adversely affect the health.

We need to apply this same principle to our spiritual lives as well…

What is the type of environment that I am providing and surrounding my spiritual life?

>> Do I keep myself away from occasions of sin and shield myself away from harmful possibilities like bad books, friends, movies or songs, jokes and other cheap entertainments?

>> Do I strengthen my spiritual life with the powerful grace that is bestowed in the Sacrament of the Confession by a regular acknowledgment of my sins?

>> Do I seek the company of good people, nurture spiritual friendships and also foster a childlike companionship with the holy saints and angels?

Christian Life is a battle and a warfare…against the forces of the Evil.

We need to arm our spiritual lives mightily with the power and strength from God.

>> It is easy to give up on fitness.

>> It is easy to live a relaxed life and take life too casually.

But such a careless life, will lead us to a tragic end as that of the Unfaithful Servant in the parable that the Lord tells in today’s Gospel (Lk 12: 45-46)

It has been recorded that a Greek commander, just before a coming battle is reported to have said: “The secret of victory is in ‘getting ready well!’”

Let us seek for faithfulness in our Christian Life and as ‘ready soldiers’, let us be constantly “on the watch”

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Even as birds on the wing meet the air continually, we, let us go where we will, meet with that Presence…

… always and everywhere!”


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