✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULE – Nov 03, 2022: Thursday

“Experiencing the Loving Heart of the Good Shepherd, which is deep rooted in Mercy and Compassion!”

(Based on Phil 3:3-8a and Lk 15:1-10 – Thursday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time, Year 2)

A youngster who was very desperate in life – contemplating even of terminating his life – exasperated and lost, was passing along the streets, when he heard the Church bells ringing for the Angelus at noontime.

Something in him, made him go inside the Church.

As he went in, he saw a large statue of Jesus…
… with the Sacred Heart of Jesus prominently displayed

And underneath the statue were written words…
… beautiful words that would bring him much consolation, hope and joy

So much so, that he would take a resolution to amend his life
and to live with greater hope and joy!

The words were as follows:
“As you look into My Heart… remember always, these words…

There is an Eye that never sleeps, even beneath the wing of night
… just for you!
There is a Ear that never shuts, even when sink the beams of light
… just for you!
There is an Arm that never tires, even when human strength gives way
… just for you!
There is a Love that never fails, even when earthly loves decay
… just for you!

And… there is a Heart that never stops beating, even when trials of life lash you hard
… just for you!

This Heart of Mine… is just for you!
Can you also give me your life…?
… and tell me, “LORD, JUST FOR YOU!”

Love, by its nature, gives away…

And the Sacred Heart of our Lord – the Good Shepherd – which is deep rooted in Mercy and Compassion – tells us, “This Heart of Mine… is just for you!”

The Gospel of the Day displays the beautiful Heart of the Good Shepherd, Who goes in search of the lost one!

Chapter 15 of St Luke is an amazing revelation of God’s tremendous love, mercy and longing for each one of us.

We have the Parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Lost Son.

In all the three parables, lost ones are found
In all the three parables, there is great celebration at the end.
In all the three parables, an emphasis is laid on hope for the lost.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd teaches the immense Love that the Lord possesses for each one of us, personally.

The shepherd had a hundred sheep.

During the count as he gathers the sheep at day’s end, the shepherd notices that one is missing.
The sheep needs to be found; otherwise, it may be permanently lost or attacked by hungry predators.

The Shepherd, therefore, takes the risk of leaving the rest behind, and goes out in search of the lost one.

This is the personal Love of the Lord for every sheep!
All are important!

Even the lost one is given great importance!

Have I personally experienced the tremendous Love of the Lord?

I may feel low. I may consider myself to be not very good.
I may think that my life is just not worth living or that my past has ruined my life very badly.

Even with all these things, am I convinced that “Jesus, my Good Shepherd still loves me”, and that He will take me through, by the Power of His Love?

Am I similar to a Lost Sheep?

Lost in the thickets of materialistic living…?
Lost in the valleys of doubts and rejections and failures…?
Lost in the bushes of excessive pride, prestige and power….?
Lost in the wilderness of hopelessness and meaninglessness in life…?

There is still hope!
The Heart of the Good Shepherd is longing for us!

Let us go back to the Lord!

Let us experience His caring love and affection!

… the Sacred Heart of our Lord – the Good Shepherd – which is deep rooted in Mercy and Compassion – tells us: “This Heart of Mine… is just for you!”

Today, on the Feast Day of St Martin de Porres, let us be inspired by his words:
“Compassion is preferable to cleanliness: with a little bit of soap I can clean my bed…
… but think of the flood of tears I would require to clean from my soul the stain that harshness against this unfortunate would leave!”
“Everything – even sweeping, scraping vegetables, weeding a garden and waiting on the sick, could be a prayer – if it were offered to God!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

Through the sacraments of Christian initiation, man receives the new life of Christ.
Now we carry this life “in earthen vessels,” and it remains “hidden with Christ in God.”
We are still in our “earthly tent,” subject to suffering, illness, and death.

This new life as a child of God can be weakened and even lost by sin. (CCC # 1420)

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