Reflection Capsules won’t be sent this Holy Week.

Let this week, be a time…
… to grow in greater personal intimacy in His Word
… with Him in the Holy Eucharist
…. and dwelling with Him near His Holy Cross.

Let us also try to perform THREE TASKS FOR THIS WEEK
a. READ: Read the last 3 chapters of all the four Gospels – in order to meditate deeper on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ
b. REPAIR: Repair our relationships, especially by praying for those with whom we are not very okay, and extending the forgiveness and goodwill of the Lord to them
c. RESOLVE: Resolve to overcome a particular bad habit/sin that has been nagging us for sometime, and/or cultivating a virtue in order to grow in our Christian life

May we hold the hands of our Blessed Mamma and imitate Her, in seeking the Will of the Lord, always!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

(For the Holy Week)

We have entered into the Most Blessed Week in the Liturgical Calendar

The Holy Week commemorating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord.

The Lord came to this world to die.

The shadow of His cross was cast on every event of His life.
And now, we are ready to mingle ourselves with those Sacred Moments of commemorating His Cross.

  1. Tomorrow, MONDAY, we have the Gospel wherein Mary anoints the feet of the Lord (Jn 12: 1-11)

We could ponder on some of the aspects…
a. The deep love of Mary
… Least bothered of what others felt.
… Least mindful of her own shame or dignity
All that mattered to her was Jesus and love for Him

Can I grow in my spiritual life, to possess such a unique and undivided love?

b. Danger of piety being covered up under the cloak of materialism, duplicity – Judas.
His focus was moved from “Following the Lord” to “Plotting against the Master”

Is my love for the Lord, losing its sheen and getting corrupted with worldliness?

  1. On TUESDAY, we ponder with the Lord in His final discourse to His disciples (Jn 13: 21-33, 36-38)

We could dwell on some of the aspects…
a. The various attitudes towards the Lord, highlighted through the Disciples
… John, the beloved disciple, who could remain close to His heart.
… Simon Peter, the wavering disciple, genuinely wishing to follow the Lord, but failing often due to human limitations.
… Judas, the betraying disciple, in whom darkness had slowly encompassed and the night of sin was being encountered.

Am I growing in my love for the Lord, to be His beloved, or am I still floating on the waters of uncertainty or am I going downhill into spiritual darkness, failing to hold the hand of the Lord?

b. The prime importance needed in preparation to receive the Lord in the Holy Mass.
The Apostles had the privilege to participate in the First Holy Eucharist.
… however one of them, received the Lord with a deliberate and purposeful sin in the heart, which led to bringing death upon himself, at the reception of the Life-giving Bread.

Do I make the necessary preparations to receive the Lord worthily in the Holy Eucharist, growing in awareness of His presence in our hearts throughout the day, and in turn becoming a Eucharist to the needy in the world?

  1. On WEDNESDAY, we reflect on the downfall of Judas (Mt 26: 14-25)
    We could contemplate over some aspects…

a. Judas falls into the sin of avarice
One of the greatest dangers in life is that of misuse and attraction to money.
The Lord said, “Where thy treasure is, there thy heart too” (Mt 6:21)

Is my life too much attached to worldly pleasures, riches, powers, my own talents and capabilities that I fail to depend on the Lord and make Him the only and ultimate treasure of my life?

b. An insider is the one capable of being the greatest traitor and betrayer.
Among all the people who knew Jesus, The Twelve were chosen to be the closest.
… they shared the inner-most life and secrets of the Lord.

And therefore, the greatest danger was from one among them; and Judas Iscariot proved this right, by agreeing to betray his Master.

As an insider in the Church, am I betraying the Lord, by leading a lukewarm life, a scandalous life or a disinterested life?

  1. On THURSDAY, we celebrate the Maundy Thursday.
    The word Maundy comes the Latin word “Maundatum” which means Command.

Three commands were expressed by the Lord …

  1. The Command of Love
  2. The Command of Commemorating the God of Love in the Holy Eucharist
  3. The Command of continuity of sharing in the Priesthood of Jesus, the Priest and Victim

Can I grow in this consciousness and conviction to carry out the commands of the Lord?

  1. On FRIDAY, we live through the Passion, Agony and Death of the Lord.
    He who was sinless made Himself sin, for you and me!
    … He who was blameless took upon the whole blame, for you and me!

Shall we make and mould our lives for holiness, abandoning our sinful ways, to be in greater communion with the One who died so that we may have life, and life in its abundance?

  1. On SATURDAY, we pray at the tomb of the Lord, contemplating…
    …. His deep, immense and unconditional for each of us, personally
    … His Divine Wisdom to redeem the world back to Himself, scripting the greatest story ever

Yes the days are here…
… with another chance to review our lives, and renew our love-life with the Lord.

St Francis de Sales says, “Calvary is the Mount of lovers”
… and, “The love which is not the fruit of the Passion, is feeble”.

Our Greatest Lover is crucified there…
… as an expression of His love for us!

Come, let us also tread to path towards Him on Calvary, with our Blessed Mamma
… purging our sins, growing in His love
… and thus seek to rise with Him, and sing our eternal song – “Alleluia! He is Risen”

Wish you a Blessed Holy Week!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

One thought on “Reflection Capsules won’t be sent this Holy Week.

  1. Thank you very much Fr. Jijo .
    Anyway I will dig the previous to know the reflections .
    A blessed holy week to you and all your near and dear ones .
    Blessed Easter and bless us all .


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