“LIFE ‘n LOVE LYRICS” Reflection in preparation for the Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body and Blood of Jesus! – DAY FIVE


Having been nourished with the Bread of Life and the Chalice of Salvation, we spend a few quiet moments, enjoying and relishing the sweetness of the Lord.

We are busy in the world with too many things… umpteen engagements, different activities, varied tensions and concerns, difficult dealings, crazy disturbances, bothering problems, strained relationships, acute financial difficulties, turbulent job affairs, disorderly lifestyles, instable existence etc…. the list can go on and on….

In this midst of all this jumble and mishmash… in the post-communion moments during the Holy Mass, we are allowed to experience a calmness and a stillness…a joy which is beyond limits and a peace, which is unparalleled.

Sometimes, in life, to escape the grinds and hardships, we get involved into many “escapist” techniques….some resort to being workaholic; some become alcoholic; some involve in character assassination and image-disfiguring; some get a kick in life with drugs or other addictions…etc

But the Lord, the lover of our souls and the caregiver of our hearts, in the Most Holy Eucharist, blesses us with His peace and His grace…. We need to dwell in Him, in these precious moments, after having received Him.

As a lover in the loving embrace of the Beloved…as a child in the consoling care of the mother…as a tender lamb in the gentle arms of the Shepherd…so we are… in the Presence and Love of the Eucharistic Lord.

In the final prayer, and the blessing, we once again affirm our thanks and gratitude, to the Lord, for His magnanimous love.

The apostles were called to “be with the Lord” and to “be sent out”. In the Gospels, Jesus invites His followers, to first “follow Him”… and once they have been schooled with Him, He says, “to go out..”

The Holy Eucharist follows the same formula… after having been with the Lord and been nourished, we are invited to go out, to become sharers of the Word and give food and life to a starved and broken world. We bless ourselves with the Blessing of the Trinity and give a Yes to the call of the Lord, to go and glorify the Lord, by our lives!


Do I continue to be aware of the Eucharistic Lord in the post-communion moments, and offer Him my bouquet of thanks and praise?

Am I able to pronounce with joy and conviction, the Call of the Lord, to go and live the Holy Eucharist? I need to realise, that what I have worshipped, what I have heard in the Word of God and what I have experienced in the Holy Eucharist, now needs to be lived, in my daily life.

Do I continue to be aware of the Eucharistic Lord, in me, during other times of the day?

Blessed Jesus, you nurture us with Your living presence in the Most Holy Eucharist. Help us to continually live in your presence, that our works may have the Divine touch. Help us that we become a Sacrament, a Sign of Your Love and Joy to all in our lives, Amen.


In life, there are many experiences, which leaves a great impression on our minds and in our hearts. Some of these, as time passes, are forgotten… but some….some remain deeply impressed, and have an intense bearing on our life thereafter. The most sublime and the highest of such experiences, ought to be the Celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist.

It may sound theoretical….it may be written off as impractical…it may even be condemned as not being credible and unbelievable and unreliable and unrealizable… but the fact is that……..The Holy Eucharist can make us saints… the Holy Eucharist can make our lives a litany of true joy and peace!

After having been nourished by the Word of the Lord in the Liturgy of the Word, and strengthened by the Body and Blood of the Lord, in the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we are now invited and challenged, to give this nourishment and this strength to other people in our life.

The Eucharist that we have celebrated, now needs to be lived….
The Eucharist that we have relished now needs to be actualized in our daily lives…

ery often, I fail to see the treasure hidden in my home, and run after other “transient” sources of joy, alternative modes of spirituality, variant methods of lifestyle, unconventional techniques of philosophy and healing… but little do I see the treasure in our own Catholic Church – especially the treasure of the Most Holy Eucharist!

• There can be no better gift than the Holy Eucharist…

• There can be no lasting healing than the Holy Eucharist…

• There can be no higher challenge than the Holy Eucharist…

• There can be no supreme consolation than the Holy Eucharist…

Has the Eucharist, really become, the Centre of my Christian Life?


The Holy Mass challenges & invites us to offer our lives completely to the Will of God. Am I willing to surrender myself to His Will, though sometimes, it can be painful & agonizing?

The Holy Mass requires me to be in good harmony and peaceful relation with other people. Am I becoming worthy of the forgiveness and mercy that I have received from the Lord? Or do I continue to keep grudge, anger or unforgiveness towards people?

The Holy Mass invites to break my body in service of others, to shed my blood in love, to suppress my evil inclinations & egoistic mentality. Am I willing to take up this hard task?

Perhaps, many times in the past, we have celebrated and participated in the Holy Mass.. But has it really become a Reality and a Mighty Force in my Life?

Most Holy God, who fill our lives with Your Life in the Holy Mass, give us the grace and the courage, to live out the Holy Mass in our daily lives. We realize that participation in the Eucharist is not a mere, unrealistic spiritual act; rather it is real and a life-transforming experience. Help us to live in You always, and may all our actions and deeds, be a participation, in the sacrifice which you have offered at Calvary, and which we have commemorated at the Holy Mass, Amen!

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