Reflection Capsules will not be sent this week from Oct 03-Oct 07, 2022 as I am making my personal Retreat.

Request your prayers for me and my co-priests, in Retreat.

I assure my prayers.

Let us continually grow in the Love of the Lord and share His Love to one another!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

9 thoughts on “REFLECTION CAPSULES – Kindly Note

  1. We will remember you in our prayers as you go through your retreat ,May you fine this time of retreat with The Lord a satisfying and enriching experience ,May Mary our Mother be very close to you
    M Constantine .a.c .


  2. God be with you and anointed you with his wisdom and more knowledge to spread his word and able to help those who are in need of your help. specially with regards the daily reflection of the gospel of the Lord. I am indeed greatful and in dept of your reflection in my daily Mass. It has really benefited me alot. May God continue to shower the happiness and blessings upon you, as you seek the Lord with all your heart and soul may you find Him and see Him. Thank you… Your Brethren in Christ.


  3. Thank you Father for the noble service of increasing our knowledge of Bible . God bless you with more wisdom and knowledge, fullness of the Holy Spirit.

    Regards Godwin


  4. Dear Rev. Fr. Greetings from Fr. Lourduraj.O.Praem.
    Thank you for sending everyday reflections. I appreciate.
    Now as you are going to be in your personal retreat, be sure of my prayers. May the Holy Spirit guide and give His Wisdom to know God and experience His Love Joy and Peace. “Be still and know God”.
    Take care. Be well.
    God’s blessings and prayerful wishes


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