POWER PULSE – Preparation for the Great Feast of the Pentecost DAY FOUR: HOLY SPIRIT – INTERCEDES AND PRAYS FOR US

Prayer is an act of intimacy with God.

It is being with the Lord – a relationship

St Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans, “the Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness, for we do not know we how to pray as we ought to ” (Rom 8:26)

There are many moments when we find it difficult to pray…
… there is often dryness or a sense of emptiness
… there is often an urge to not pray or just “not feel” like praying
… there is sometimes a lot of distraction, dissatisfaction or disillusionment in prayer

But the Holy Spirit comes to our aid…
… praying for us
… interceding for us

It is the Holy Spirit who “helps us to pray and intercedes for us”…
… He strengthens our prayer-moments when we find it hard to pray ( Lk 22:43)
… He helps us to pray according to the Will of God (Rom 8:29)

Can I allow The Holy Spirit to “help me to pray” …?
… Allow Him to intercede and pray for me, even if I am going through dryness in prayer
… Allow Him to teach me the different ways of praying and being in His presence

Holy Spirit, the One Who helps me to pray and intercedes for me, strengthen me to grow in my love for the Lord

Help me …

to know that prayer is “being in the Presence of the Lord” and goes beyond words and feelings
to let go of my pride, prejudices and sinful tendencies, to grow deeper in my prayer life

Mould me in Your presence… inspire me to grow in love for the Lord… purify me in love, Amen!

Come Holy Spirit…Come into our hearts… and renew us, in your mighty love and fire!

May God Bless us!

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