POWER PULSE – Preparation for the Great Feast of the Pentecost – Introduction and Day 1

We are seven days away from the Great Feast of the Pentecost – the Feast of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, can be termed as the “Shy-Person of the Trinity”. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once stated that “The Holy Spirit has been in some ways the neglected Person of the Blessed Trinity!”

When we consider the works of the Holy Spirit, it absolutely amazing…
… He is the One who sanctifies,
… the One who searches the depths of our hearts
… the One who intercedes
… the One who reveals
… the One who leads and directs
… the One who convicts us of sin
… the One who disciplines
… the One who creates and recreates
… the One who unites
… the One who empowers and counsels
… the One who inspires etc…

The Holy Spirit is mighty; yet, very often, in our spiritual activities, the Holy Spirit is given a backseat!
… He remains the Silent Worker behind every Divine Act
… He remains the unknown figure of the Great Drama of Salvation,
… He remains the Gentle Presence behind every Holy Touch of God

We usually, even have more prayers to God the Father, and to Jesus, the Son…
… but very less to the Holy Spirit.

This Great Feast of the Pentecost, is a reminder to invite the Holy Spirit deeper into our lives and to experience HIS LOVING and LOVING PRESENCE in our lives!

The Lord has promised the gift of the Spirit to all those who ask Him.

After the Ascension of the Lord, the Disciples were gathered together with our Blessed Mother and were praying, when the Spirit was poured out on them!

We begin today POWER PULSE – a Seven-Day Preparation for this Wonderful Feast of the Holy Spirit.

We reflect, in short, some of the functions and roles of the Holy Spirit
We seek to grow in love of the Holy Spirit and learn to have Him as our walking-companion!

As we prepare our hearts for this Feast, let us pray with our Blessed Mother, for the Gift of this Gentle and Dynamic Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit…Come into our hearts… and renew us, in your mighty love and fire!

May God Bless us!

One of the important functions of the Holy Spirit is “To Sanctify”

Sanctify means, “to make Holy”

It is the Will of God that “all should be holy”

You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, Am Holy (Lev 20:26)

It is the Holy Spirit who “sanctifies us”….
… He convicts of our sin, of the times when we stray away from God’s Will and ways
… He reminds us of the need to remain faithful to the commands of God
… He helps us to fight against our natural desires and instead seek Divine virtues

Can I seek to embrace deeper, The Holy Spirit as the Sanctifier…?
… Seek to grow in holiness?
… Seek to let go my sinful tendencies or bad habits?

Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, I pray that you help me to have a deeper desire to grow in sanctity. Help me realise that God’s Will for me, is to be Holy, and to walk in accordance to His Will.

Strengthen me, Dear Holy Spirit…

to take decisions to move away from occasions of sin
to let go habits that cause me to be impure
to choose to live Your Divine virtues in my life!

Sanctify me, cleanse me, purify me, AMEN!

Come Holy Spirit…Come into my heart… and renew me, by Your mighty Love and Fire!

May God Bless us!

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