Oct 12 (Lk 11:15-26)

A Christian preacher was once invited to preach in the court of a notorious and malicious King.

As he stood up to preach, he heard a voice – his mind telling him:

“Be careful, of what you speak. The King of the Land is here!”

In a few seconds, he heard another voice – of his conscience:

?Be careful of what you do not speak. Your conscience demands of you!”

In a confused state, he heard yet another voice – in the depth of his heart:

?Be not afraid of what you speak!

The King of kings is with you!”

Preaching the Gospel is a bold and a courageous task… and unless one is really passionate and fervent about it, one cannot do justice to the message and the person of the Gospel!

The Gospel of the Day gives a subtle yet strong message on the need to stand firm in being a Messenger of the Gospel…even if one faces criticism or mockery or rejection or indifference.

Our Master, Jesus Himself had to undergo this negative reaction.

The Gospel presents how some people, on seeing Jesus cast out demons, accused him falsely and sought to test him by asking for a sign from heaven.

In the Gospel of Luke 4: 18, in the Nazareth manifesto, Jesus declared that “He has come to bring glad tidings to the poor, to proclaim liberty to the captives…”

In fulfilment of this program, Jesus went about bringing the message of joy and hope to the ones lost and the wretched.

>> He also went about casting many evil spirits and freeing many possessed people from the shackles of the evil.

> When goodness spreads, the power of evil also raises its ugly head more…

> When righteousness is proclaimed, the claims of the evil also keep increasing…

> When the Kingdom of God is announced, the realm of the devil gets more agitated…

Though the people saw the immense goodness and love being extended by Jesus, some of them purposely sought to find fault with the Lord.

Yet, Jesus remains…

… the reed unshaken.

… the power unconquered.

… the conviction unquaked.

> He was sure of His mission.

> He was convinced of His goals in life.

> He was certain of the purpose of His ministry.

Though His ministry and His works were badly attacked, Jesus does not get bogged down..

… Rather, He finds the way out through the maze of tricky situations, unappealing factors and even discouraging circumstances.

The Lord today teaches us a very powerful lesson for our Christian Life in this world and for all our works and ministries that we engage in…

There will be times when many people accuse and insult us…

>> Can I remain firm and strong in my convictions and principles?

There will be times when, though we do much good, people fail to understand us…

>> Can I still be strong enough to render the good in the places it is required?

There will be times when we are totally misunderstood and blamed, though we are innocent…

>> Can I find the strength and the courage to not get disappointed or crumbled in sadness?

There will be times when we feel like discontinuing everything due to pressures and loads…

>> Can I push myself above all these situations which paralyze and cripple us?

The Lord today teaches us by His life and example and words that…

…Life has much to offer when we are strong.

…Life has much to be strong about.

…Life has much to rejoice in.

The Lord declares, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me, scatters” (Lk 11:23)

As Christians, we have a duty and a responsibility to stand firm in our beliefs and faith in the Lord, despite any storms that crash against the boats of our life!

When we are truly filled with the power of the Spirit, like Jesus, we too are able to stand firm against the forces of discouragement and disappointments!

Let us grow deeper in the Lord… Let us be filled more with the Holy Spirit…

Life will throw bricks at us…but it depends on us…

… whether we choose to get bruised and wounded and crumble under it

… or whether we build a castle out of those same bricks!

Let us not be afraid… The King of kings is with us!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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