Dec 1 (Mt 7:21,24-27)

Two twins who looked very similar in appearance, lived in a village…

>> They grew up & took one’s choice of profession – One a preacher of the Word, the other a Medical practitioner.

Years later, they both came to their village on holidays.

On seeing one of them, a neighbour asked:

“Are you the one who preaches?”

>> Coolly, the person replied:

“Nope! I’m not the one who preaches!

I am the one who practices!!”

Life judges us, on the basis of how well does our preaching and practising co-ordinate & complement each other.

>> Life presents different moments when there seems to be a dichotomy between one’s words and deeds…

>> Life challenges us to bridge the gap between the two essentials of life – one’s talking and one’s walking the talk!

The Gospel of the Day is an invitation to reflect on the words of Jesus:

“Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of heaven, but he who does the Will of My Father, Who is in heaven” (Mt 7:21)

Our Christian Life is often an experience…

… where we find many professing the faith, but failing to practise!

How often does this situation arise in our own lives and situations too…

We pledge ourselves at trendy events, for the cause of the poor…but we fail to help…

>> Many other people remain quite unnoticed…but become forerunners for the cause of the poor!

We make a big show and be popular as a helpful person…but we fail in some genuine needs..

>> Many other people remain quite unnoticed…but are present with their full force to render help!

We make many resolutions on new year days or birthdays..but fail to materialize them…

>> Many other people remain quite unnoticed…but are able to make many amendments and changes!


We make many promises to the Lord during feast days or novena times…but fail to live up…

>> Many other people remain quite unnoticed..but render much love to the Lord through the year!

We all experience this “I will do”…but “I did not do” experiences in life.

>> Am I also part of this category of “Nominal” Christians?

On the personal Faith Level, this trend is seen more distinctly and vividly…

>> People claim themselves to be Catholics…but appear in church only on grand feast days!

>> People appreciate the Catholic teaching…but support moral laws which go directly against!

>> People assert having dedicated their lives to God…but fail to find time for God and prayer!

>> People declare loving God above all…but fail to reject pleasures which hurts and pains Him!

>> People profess and make vows to God…but neglect to even try to keep up those promises!

But the Lord clearly declares, on Who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven: “he does the will of my Father“

Therefore, the proposition is clear:

>> It is not pompous words that will grant life, but carrying out the Will of the Father!

>> It is not fancy talk that will confer true happiness, but practising the Will of the Father!

>> It is not flowery language that will accord blessings, but fulfilling the Will of the Father!

How are we to observe the Will of the Father?

St. Paul explains how we should set about trying to do the Father’s will:

“Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 2:5)

Like Christ…

…when we dare to be merciful and compassionate, we can do the Father’s Will

… when we prioritize other’s interests over selfish ones, we can do the Father’s Will

… when we empty ourselves and became obedient, we can do the Father’s Will

It is not only good news “proclaimed” but good news “practiced”…

… that will win others to the glorious freedom of forgiveness of sins!

Let us examine…and if needed, amend our lives….

>> Are we the one who only preach?…

… or are we be the one who practise?

As we thank the Lord for the gift of the month of November…

… and enter into the last month of the year, December…

>> Let us be grateful to the Lord, recounting His Mercy and Love, and seek to live holier lives, that are demanded by these blessings!

>> Let us take firm resolutions, for each day, especially as a countdown for the Great Feast of Christmas!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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