Jul 10 (Lk 10:25-37)

The Mirror is one of the most used objects in our day-to-day life. 
We use the mirror to adorn and beautify ourselves and to make ourselves presentable in the society. 

>> The Mirror reflects the features and descriptions of the person. 
We also make use of chances to look at a mirror occasionally to make sure that we look okay or our hairstyle is fine or our faces or dressing styles are all well. 

The Gospel of the day presents before us a person comes with a query on how to obtain eternal life…

… and to make sure that he is fine and ok in his life…

>> But ends up with an exhortation to look into himself and make alterations that will make his life look better! 
Jesus becomes the Mirror of his life…

…. by which he is made to look into himself and obtain a clearer and a cleaner image of his interior life!


The person who came to ask Jesus, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Lk 10:25), is not merely “a common man” or a “passerby on the street” or just “a curios seeker”. 
He is a Scholar of the Law…

… a learned person. 

… one who knows the books. 

>> But life and religion and spirituality for him, was perhaps reduced to mere papers and theories. 
He knew the Law to love God with one’s heart…

>> But he perhaps fell short in expressing tenderness and affections to God with his whole heart! 
He knew the law to love God with one’s being… 

>> But he perhaps fell short in committing his works and deeds to God with his whole being! 

He knew the law to love God with one’s strength… 

>> But he perhaps fell short in dedicating his talents and abilities to God with his whole strength!
He knew the law to love God with one’s mind… 

>> But he perhaps fell short in offering his knowledge and wisdom to God with his whole mind! 
He also knew the law to love his neighbour as himself… 

>> But he perhaps fell short in rendering service and giving help to the people who were in need! 
He failed to translate his knowledge and his awareness into actual practices of life! 
Does this not happen to us also…?

… we know many things “about” God, but often don’t “know” Him!

… we theoretically say that we have faith, but in actual life situations often fail to trust!

Jesus, the Mirror therefore prompts the Scholar of the Law (and us also) to introspect and examine life further, with a Parable: The Parable of the Good Samaritan. 

The Parable of the Good Samaritan describes the man who was travelling from Jordan to Jericho and attacked by a set of robbers and discarded on the wayside (Lk 10:30)
Possible helps came in the form of the Priest and the Levite…

… but none was actually obtained. 

>> They saw, but did not see!

>> They felt, but did not act!
“Seeing, feeling and acting” are the three essential and mandatory aspects of giving mercy.
And then, an unexpected help was offered in the person of the Good Samaritan. 
Jesus, the Mirror was slowly making that scholar of the Law to look and probe deeper into himself. 
As he heard this Parable of the Good Samaritan, and as he looked into himself through the Mirror in Jesus..

… .the scholar of the Law perhaps identified himself with the Man abandoned on the wayside. 

>> (Is my life also identifiable with the man who was abandoned on the wayside?) 
Just as the man was making a difficult journey, the scholar of the Law was also making a journey…

… Life was hard and arduous for them! 

>> (Am I also not making a difficult journey through the rocks and valleys of life…?) 

Just as the man was beaten up by some , the scholar of the Law had perhaps been affected by many situations and problems of life…

… Life was harsh and  unfair to them! 

>> (Am I also not beaten up and bruised by many unknown crisis and uncertainties of life?) 
Just as the man failed to receive any help from the religious leaders of his time, the scholar of the Law perhaps had failed to obtain consolation and strength by knowledge of the law and his erudition of religion….

… Life was intensifying and aggravating their pain! 

>> (Am I also not a victim of not receiving help and encouragements from the ones whom I expect and instead encounter more often scandals and pains and discouragements?) 
Just as the man finally received attention and care from an unexpected quarter, the scholar of the Law perhaps also was finding true salvation and the genuine source of life from an unexpected quarter in Jesus…

… Life finds hope and real freedom only in God 

>> (Am I also not experiencing true help and salvation very often from people unexpected, from people who we least expect and from people who perhaps never appear in our list of “helping-people”?) 

The Scholar of the Law was probably able to identify himself as the one who fell in the hands of oppression…

… and was able to recognize Jesus as the Good Samaritan. 
The Good Samaritan, Jesus…

… wants to help & save & give life…

…. to each one of us too, who are bruised & broken in the journey of life!
Like the Scholar of the Law who looked into Jesus, the Mirror and was able to see himself clearer…

… We too are invited today, to look into Jesus, the Mirror, and evaluate our interior lives. 
>> I may be making a hard journey. 

>> I may be beaten up on the way. 

>> I may be oppressed by the unknown. 

>> I may be denied justice from the authorities. 

>> I may be rejected help from the expected. 

… But the Good Samaritan, Jesus is there to strengthen and soothe us! 
This Jubilee Year of Mercy especially calls us to experience Jesus, the Good Samaritan, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

Let us examine…

… When was the last time I made my confession? 

>> The Good Samaritan is ready to help and heal us!
… Do I prepare well, make a sincere repentance and live the resolutions of my confession?

>> The Good Samaritan consoles us and helps us to complete our journey of life
… Do I make a daily examination of my conscience?

>> The Good Samaritan cares for us in the Inn – The Church – and the many  inspirations in His Holy Word
This Jubilee Year of Mercy is also a call to understand and live the virtue of Mercy 

>> The Good Samaritan challenges us to understand the true meaning of Mercy and practise all its three dimensions:

1. Seeing

2. Feeling

3. Doing
Yes, let us not be afraid to look into Jesus, the Mirror and obtain healing & consolation from Jesus, the Good Samaritan. 

>> And in turn, let us become a Good Samaritan to the other!

God Bless! Live Jesus!
– Fr Jijo Manjackal MSFS

  Bengaluru, India

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