22 Jul (Based on Feast of St Mary Magdalene)

Today, Holy Mother, the Church celebrates the beautiful life of a person – St Mary Magdalene.

• She had experienced the mighty overflowing of God’s Love
• She had encountered the gracious presence of the Risen Lord

And she, is a wonderful example of a Loving Missionary!


 Perhaps, over the last few years, St Mary Magdalene has become of the most known characters of the Church. 

 Perhaps, she is also one of the most misunderstood and the most maligned figure in Christianity.

Sadly, but evidently seen, she is sometimes portrayed in a very negative light – in literature, in art, in fictitious stories…

However, the Biblical presentation of St Mary of Magdalene is far different from what has been depicted in popular and sometimes even ‘cheap publicity’ art!

St Mary Magdalene…
… is a beautiful model of being a Disciple
… is a wonderful example of being a Divine-Seeker
… is a classic illustration of being a Dispenser of the Good News

The Gospel of the Day is the beautiful account of the encounter of Mary Magdalene with the Risen Lord (Jn 20: 1-2, 11-18)

A closer look at this passage would bring to light a number of characteristics of Mary Magdalene, the Saintly Disciple of our Blessed Lord…

1. She is a Disciple who constantly seeks the Lord

The Lord had been dead for two days.
It was the first day of the week (Jn 20:1)

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of the Lord, early, while it was still dark.

• The heart remains restless when the lover is away!
• The mind remains disturbed when the precious one is far from sight!

The disciple in Mary Magdalene, comes to the tomb, seeking for the Master.

Jesus died… but she too suffered a living death, by undergoing the pain of grief and mourning

Can I imitate St Mary Magdalene, in faithfully being a Disciple of the Lord…?
… especially in moments when everything seems absent
… especially even in times when the Lord’s presence ‘seems’ to have been taken away from us

2. She is a Divine-Seeker who was willing to make any efforts to find her God

When Mary Magdalene discovered that the body of Her Lord was missing from the tomb, she went into a state of immense perplexity.

Her encounter with the One whom she misunderstood as a gardener, reveals, that she was willing to take up any pains to get back the Lord. Therefore, she says, “Sir, if you have carried Him away, tell me where you have laid Him, and I will take Him away” (Jn 20: 15b)

• She is a Divine-seeker, being seriously disturbed when the Source of her spirituality was unfound!
• She had an ardent longing, that disturbed her inner-being so much, that she was willing to do anything to get back her joy!

Can I imitate St Mary Magdalene, in constantly seeking the Lord…?
… and make every effort to get back any lost ground in our spiritual life
… and be spirited in wanting to restore and be faithful to seeking the God of holiness

3. She is a courageous Dispenser of the Good News of the Lord and His Kingdom

When Mary Magdalene finally recognised, that Jesus, Her Lord was risen, her joy knew no bounds.

Being entrusted with the mission command, she translated her joy into courageous action by going and telling the good news to the other disciples – “I have seen Lord” (Jn 20: 18)

Can I imitate St Mary Magdalene, in being a bold dispenser of the Good News of God…?
… even when we are faced with disbelief or mockery by the people we minister to
… even when there is no other encouragement, except the Love for God and His Mission

History can distort the image and personality of people, down the ages…
 Perhaps, Mary Magdalene is one of them.

But in the eyes of the Lord, they remain precious, who have sought the Lord with purity and passion!
 St Mary Magdalene, is surely, one of them!

We have much to rejoice…. to learn…. and to imitate from this Beautiful Saint – St Mary Magdalene.
• Her Passionate Love for the Lord
• Her Constant Longing for the Divine Master

Do I really love the Lord?

May the life of St Mary Magdalene, be a challenge and an invitation for us, to grow in our love and longing for the Lord!

Happy Feast of St Mary Magdalene – the Disciple, the Divine-Seeker, the Dispenser of the Good News!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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