Jun 15 (Mt 5:33-37)

A Chinese proverb goes thus: “Do not have each foot on a different boat.”

“Standing on two boats” is a trend that we find in our modern world.

… people taking double standards in their life in the society outside and life at home inside

… friends changing their loyalties to one another depending on the circumstance and situation, for their own favour

… spouses cheating on one another, for their own selfish and sinful pleasures

… business partners entering into secretive contracts with other companies, for unaccounted gains

Many such examples of people not being “true to their words” makes today’s Gospel extremely relevant in our context.

In the Gospel, Jesus says: “Let what you say, simply be ‘Yes’ or “No’” (Mt 5:38)

Continuing the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives His instructions to His disciples, on how one should remain “focused in one’s faith”.

The Sermon on the Mount can be also termed as a “Teaching on Challenging Mediocre Lifestyles”.

Jesus, all through the Sermon on the Mount, picks up various topics…

… anger

… adultery

… divorce

… vows

… love for enemies


>> And raises the level of their understanding for a Christian.

Today’s Gospel presents Jesus speaking on the topic of “vows and promises”…

… emphasizing on the aspect of remaining focused and clear, in one’s words and deeds.

Jesus categorically declares that for a Christian, there ought to be no “double standards”

… a Yes, ought to be a Sincere Yes

… a No, ought to be a Firm No

>> A Sincere Yes to God… a Firm No to Satan

>> A Sincere Yes to Holiness… a Firm No to Sin

>> A Sincere Yes to the Kingdom of God… a Firm No to the ways of the world

The reason to have this conviction is our Faith and Confidence in the Lord.

>> He is the Lord Who remains the same always: “Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13:8)

We need to therefore ask ourselves:

>> Am I focusing on sincerity and honesty, in my daily actions and words…

… or do I sometimes take “double-standards”?

>> Am I having the proper balance in living the Christian life even though I face many pressures…

… or do I lose the balance and fall into the pits of lethargy, disappointments and laxity?

>> Am I having the confidence and the trust in the Lord and bank on Him at every turn of life…

… or do I experience perplexities of anxiety, despair and despondency?

The world today clearly promotes and propagates insincerity, unfaithfulness and duplicity.

>> Glamour and popularity are the motivations

>> Business-orientations and short-term gains are the catchwords in relationships

In such a “tricky and trying” situation, a Christian is called forth to avoid “standing on two boats”…

… and instead, “be firm and resolute” to standing on Christian Principles.

Our Master Jesus reminds us:

“I prepared for 30 years in silent contemplation of the Christian Virtues…

… 3 years in preaching them

… and 3 hours – on the Cross – in standing firmly in defense of them!

What about you?”

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Ask nothing, refuse nothing!”


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