REFLECTION CAPSULE – January 01, 2022: Saturday

“Holding the hands of our Blessed Mamma Mary, the Mother of God and marching forward joyfully and fervently on the path of Faith and Love in this New Year 2022”

(Based on the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God – New Year’s Day)

A medical thermometer, also known as the clinical thermometer, is used to measure the temperature of the body.

This device helps us to check the heat in the body

When the heat goes up, and the thermometer level indicates so, we say that we have fever.

When the heat goes low, and the thermometer level indicates so, we say we have gone cold.

When the heat remains average, and the thermometer level indicates so, we say that we are normal.
The thermometer helps us to examine and check our physical health and vigour.

Our spiritual life also needs such kind of a thermometer to check our spiritual health!

The heat levels, however, give a different indication, unlike the physical bodies.

When we are filled with God’s power and enthusiastic, the thermometer shows a high level.

When we are cast down with problems, the thermometer shows a low level.
When we are just pulling on with life, the thermometer shows a lukewarm level.

What is the level on our Spiritual Thermometer at this point of time?

We are on the first day of the New Year… and on the 8th day after Christmas – the Octave Day.

We notice that the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the celebrations and merriment of the
Festival are waning down…

The Crib and the Christmas Tree and the brightly shining stars have faded away
The large number of people in Church for Christmas have reduced to a slender one today
The joy and devout mood of the faithful which was on high, has slowly reduced

Is the message of Christmas slowly being left behind…?

But the Church still dynamically and emphatically keeps up the True Spirit of Christmas.

This Octave Day of Christmas fittingly celebrated as the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God is
a reminder to this fact
… that Christmas is not a one-day event; rather a celebration for life.
… that spiritual exercises and movements can’t be limited; rather need to overflow every day

The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God is a dogma of the Church and Devotion to Mary is one of the great treasures of the Church.

However, often, there are many doubts arising and controversies created over Mary, being considered and called as the Mother of God.

But the logic is pretty simple and easy to understand actually
Premise 1: Mary is the Mother of Jesus
Premise 2: Jesus is fully God and fully Man
Conclusion: Mary is the Mother of Jesus, fully God and fully Man.
And therefore, Mary is the Mother of God!

In honouring Mamma Mary with this title, we acknowledge, and give glory to Jesus, fully God and fully Man. In addressing Mamma Mary with this identity, we proclaim and declare the divinity and humanity of Jesus emphatically. Thus, the Title – Mary, Mother of God
– is an excellent proclamation of our basic aspect of faith – Jesus is both God and Man!

The Motherhood of Blessed Mamma has many implications for us…

  1. We are assured of Maternal protection and care in our journey towards the Lord when we face crises, problems and difficulties.
  2. We are challenged to respond to God’s inspirations, just as She said “Yes” to God’s call to be a partner in the salvation of the world.
  3. We are invited to be faithful and committed in being united with Jesus, in the face of any hardships and troubles that come our way.
  4. We are exhorted to be committed and focussed on Jesus and Him alone and to make His Life as the aim, the goal and the foundation of our life.

On this first day of the New Year 2022, the Lord invites us to check and examine our Spiritual Health on the Spiritual Thermometer.

Am I fervent and zealous in my commitment and consecration?

Am I passionate and ardent in my Love for Jesus, my Lord?
Am I charitable and caring in my dealings with my brothers and sisters?

Blessed Mamma, the Mother of God invites us to hold Her hands and march forward joyfully and fervently on the Path of Faith and Love.

Wish you a Very Happy Feast of Blessed Mamma!
Wish you a Blessed and Holy New Year 2022!

God Bless! Let us always… Live Jesus!

Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

The laity can also feel called, or be in fact called, to cooperate with their pastors in the service of the ecclesial community, for the sake of its growth and life.
This can be done through the exercise of different kinds of ministries according to the grace and Charisms which the Lord has been pleased to bestow on them.”
In the Church, “lay members of the Christian faithful can cooperate in the exercise of this power [of governance] in accord with the norm of law.”
And so the Church provides for their presence at particular councils, diocesan synods, pastoral councils; the exercise in solidum of the pastoral care of a parish, collaboration in finance committees, and participation in ecclesiastical tribunals, etc.

The faithful should “distinguish carefully between the rights and the duties which they have as belonging to the Church and those which fall to them as members of the human society. They will strive to unite the two harmoniously, remembering that in every temporal affair they are to be guided by a Christian conscience, since no human activity, even of the temporal order, can be withdrawn from God’s dominion. (CCC # 908-909)

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