REFLECTION CAPSULE – July 12, 2021: Monday

“Being committed to the Cross of Christ and celebrating Christianity with conviction!”

(Based on Exo 1:8-14, 22 and Mt 10:34-11:1 – Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time)

“My song is love unknown, my Saviour’s love to me;
Love to the loveless shown, that they might lovely be.
O who am I, that for my sake, my Lord should take, frail flesh and die?

Sometimes they strew His way, and His sweet praises sing;
Resounding all the day, Hosannas to their King.
Then ‘Crucify!’ is all their breath, and for His death, they thirst and cry.

They rise, and needs will have my dear Lord made away;
A murderer they save, the Prince of Life they slay.
Yet cheerful He to suffering goes, that He His foes from thence might free.”

  • This beautiful hymn on the “Beauty of the Cross and the Crucified One” is found in the Divine Office
    (A hymn by Samuel Crossman, written in 1664, is usually sung on Good Friday)

The Cross forms part of the Basic Rule and Lifestyle of Christianity.

The ‘modern’ Christian however, is often afraid and oppose this dimension of Christianity: The Cross!

Bishop Fulton Sheen presents before us this mentality which is fast catching up in our world…

It is termed as Staurophobia… The Fear of the Cross!

The Gospel of the Day is a presentation of the Message of the Cross…
… an invitation to follow the Crucified Christ
… a challenge to faithfully carry the crosses of our life.

Jesus says, “He who does not take his cross and follow me, is not worthy of Me” (Mt 10: 38)

Our Blessed Lord loves to jolt static minds and the inert understandings..

He doesn’t promise cushy comforts…
… He demands Commitment to the Cross!

Those who choose Christianity as a Life Style, ought to be…

Losers of oneself
Be carriers of the Cross
And then Follow Him!

Christianity, as a Life Style, has the Cross as its Basic Rule and it demands Commitment!

But the very mention of the word “Cross”, sometimes puts people off…

“Not again the Cross”
“Enough of pain and suffering”
“We go to Church to relax and be comforted; not simply to hear of the Passion &Anguish of the Suffering Jesus on the Cross; we only prefer the Glorious & Victorious Christ”
“Stop being pessimistic with Sin & Repentance…. Just be optimistic with Joy & Salvation!”

These are often, the “happening” buzz phrases and popular opinions…even in our religious environs.

Staurophobia – the Fear of the Cross …is creeping stealthily but mightily in our lives…

We like to be Saved…
… but we Fear the Cross of repentance of our Sins

We like to receive Blessings…
… but we Fear the Cross of living an honest life

We like to live a peaceful life…
… but we Fear the Cross of trusting in God’s Providence

We like to be prosperous…
… but we Fear the Cross of being generous and compassionate

We like to be called good..
… but we Fear the Cross of being Faithful to the teachings of Christ

We like to have joy…
… but we Fear the Cross of giving up attachments & belong totally to God

Yes, We often, Fear the Cross…

But Christ – Crucified on the Cross – promises His Choicest Rewards to the ones, who dare to take up the Cross…

They will find Life…
They will be rewarded…
They will find true joy and peace…
…says the Lord.

Have we really accepted Christianity as our Life Style?

Then Let us Embrace the Cross..
Let us drive away the Fear of the Cross

Let Staurophobia ( Fear of the Cross) be willfully banished

Let Staurophilia (Love of the Cross) be willingly accepted!

St Camillus says, “Commitment is doing what you said you would do, after the feeling you said it in, has passed”.

Fulton Sheen says, “Love begins, when duty finishes!”

Let us be committed to the Cross of Christ and celebrate Christianity with conviction…
… with our Crucified Lord Who ensured “Love to the loveless was shown, that we might lovely be!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism:

“When the days drew near for Him to be taken up [Jesus] set His Face to go to Jerusalem.”
By this decision, He indicated that He was going up to Jerusalem prepared to die there.
Jesus recalls the martyrdom of the prophets who had been put to death in Jerusalem.
When Jerusalem comes into view, He weeps over her and expresses once again His Heart’s desire: “Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hid from your eyes!” (Cf. CCC # 557-558)

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