REFLECTION CAPSULE FOR THE DAY – Feb 03, 2021: Wednesday

“Readying for a genuine and honest encounter with the Word of God, in order to allow it’s great impact on our lives!”

(Based on Heb 12:4-7, 11-15 and Mk 6:1-6 – Wednesday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1)

When the first missionaries went to Japan, a young Japanese boy wanted to learn English.

The missionaries handed him a copy of the Gospels and asked him to translate into his native language.
(The boy – an avid reader – had never heard about Jesus and considered the book as being just one of the “many books that he had read”)

After a few pages of translation, the boy became very agitated and restless.

Approaching the missionaries, he said to them: “Who is this Man about Whom I have been reading in this book? This Jesus!

You call Him a Man… but to me, he appears as a God!”

The boy was under the impression that he was reading a book about a famous Man…
… only to discover that he was actually encountering The Great God in the Book!

Yes, a genuine and honest encounter with the Word of God always causes a great impact on people…

Some either feel greatly drawn by the Divine…
Some however, also feel a great sense of denial and refusal of God’s Ways

The Gospel of the Day presents this dual-reaction to Jesus, the Word of God…
… an initial sense of rejoicing and enthrallment
… and later, a purposeful rejection of the Divine Ways and Will

The immensely charismatic personality of Jesus is revealed in the Gospel today.

Jesus came to His own country (Mk 6:1).
On the Sabbath Day, Jesus began to teach in the synagogue…
….and many who heard Him were astonished! (Mk 6:2a)

The popularity and the fame of Jesus was on the rise…

He had healed many who were with various sicknesses and diseases.
He had cast out demons from many who were possessed and under bondages.

Jesus became a sought-after person…
… an attraction for many people!

His tremendous passion for the missions was admiring…
His spectacular urge to preach the Kingdom of God was amazing…

This unfazed commitment to the mission, caused feelings of astonishment!

And so the people began to question…
“Where did this man get all this?
What kind of wisdom has been given Him?
What mighty deeds are wrought by His Hand?” (Mk 6:2b)

The mighty charismatic personality of Jesus caused a dual effect…
… one positive and one negative
… one supportive and one obstructive

We need to examine our life and check:
“What is the effect that Jesus has on our life?”

Are we persons who are supportive of the plans of God in our life…
… or do we obstruct the workings of the Lord, especially when we don’t understand His ways?

Are we persons who are grateful to the Lord for His mighty works in us…
… or are we able to see only at the negativities of life and end up criticizing God?

As Christians, we are people who have said “Yes” to follow ‘this’ Jesus…
… He who wants us to follow Him in healing the world
… He wishes us to become agents of casting out demons and unclean spirits
… He who waits on us to preach and teach the Kingdom of God to all people anywhere

To be like Jesus, we need to imitate Him, not just in works… but above all in His Being!
… Totally committed to a life of prayer and union with God (Mk 1:35)
… Passionately zealous for the salvation of people (Mk 1: 32-33)
… Absolutely focused on the needs of the Kingdom of God (Mk 1:38)

Do I have my prayer life and communion with the Lord as the greatest thrust and push in all my activities, undertakings and ministries?
Do I have a deep desire and commitment to bring God’s love to all people and be passionate to share Him to all others?
Do I remain undistracted in the midst of all worldly attractions and forego personal pleasures by remaining focused on His Kingdom alone?

Jesus, while in this world….
… was misunderstood
… was contradicted
… was criticized

While in the world, as Christians, we will also have to face a lot of oppositions, criticism and even persecutions…
…. Our own world may be filled with shattered hopes, unfulfilled dreams, meaningless miseries etc

But the Lord assures that I AM “the One who heals the broken-hearted”. (Ps 146:1)

Let us be filled with the power and spirit of Jesus, “the One whom we ought to preach by our lives” (1 Cor 9:16)

A genuine and honest encounter with the Word of God always causes a great impact on people…

Some either feel greatly drawn by the Divine…
Some however, also feel a great sense of denial and refusal of God’s Ways

What is our Reaction and Response to Jesus, the Word of God?

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism:
In keeping with the Lord’s command, the Gospel was handed on in two ways:

Orally “by the apostles who handed on…
… by the spoken word of their preaching
… by the example they gave
… by the institutions they established, what they themselves had received

Whether from the lips of Christ, from his way of life and his works,
Or whether they had learned it at the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

In writing “by those apostles and other men associated with the apostles who, under the inspiration of the same Holy Spirit…

… committed the message of salvation to writing” (CCC #76)

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