December 3, 2020 – 1st Week of Advent

“Glorifying God – with deep faith and trust – wherever we live, work and move about!”

(Based on Isa 25:6-10 and Mt 15:29-37 – Solemnity of St Francis Xavier: Patron of Missions)

A young man – new in town – was visiting a nearby church.

As he looked at the various art works, paintings and statues…
… his eyes chanced upon a stained-glass window.

The glass had a phrase written on it: “Glory to God in the Highest.”

However, the man also noticed…
… the part of the glass window that had the letter “E” in the word HIGHEST was broken and so missing.

Thus the phrase read instead: “Glory to God in the High st!”

When he saw that phrase, something greatly stuck him…
… High St was the name of the place where he was living – High Street!

And he nurtured this feeling within him:
“This is a clear message from the Lord to me, as I come to this new town

I need to Give Glory to God in the HIGH ST…
… the place where I am living – HIGH STREET – is where the Name of God needs to be glorified!”

The man realized that the way to Glorify God would be to Glorify Him in the place where he was…
… Glorify God – with Deep Faith and Trust – wherever we live, work and move about!

On this Solemnity of St Francis Xavier – the Patron Saint of Missions, the Gospel of the Day – the sending of the disciples on a missionary journey
… is an invitation by Jesus to Glorify His Name as a missionary of the Kingdom of God.

After having summoned and authorized the disciples, Jesus sends them ahead of Him, to the places of mission.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the same passage beings with the statement, “Preach, as you go…” (Mt 10:7)

Some other translations would read as “As you go, make a proclamation…”

This is such wonderfully practical, and yet at the same time, a phrase that is often overlooked: “Preach, as you go….” / “As you go… make a proclamation”

Preaching or Proclamation in our times, is often picturised with a limited understanding.

Preaching or proclamation is often understood as that which takes place…
… only from the pulpit or during a service in Church
… only in the form of speaking and explaining the Word of God

But the words of the Lord are worth noting:
“Preach, as you go….” / “As you go… make a proclamation”

Preach, as you go about doing your daily duties and activities

As you go about your responsibilities and works, make a proclamation

Preach as you go around meeting different people by sharing His love and joy to all

As you go about engaging in numerous actions, make a proclamation by sharing His presence

The act of preaching and proclamation of the Kingdom of God is to be reflected in our every action and movement…
… Whatever we do, may it become an act of proclaiming God’s abundant blessings!
… Whatever work we take up, may it become a moment of preaching God’s amazing providence!

The Saint of the Day – St Francis Xavier – displayed such an immensity of Faith and Zeal for the Lord and the Kingdom

His mission endeavour and evangelical efforts would make him to be known as the “Patron Saint of Missions!”

Let his life of Faith and Zeal be an inspiration for all of us “to set the world on fire”…
… the fire of Faith, the fire of Love and the Fire of Hope!

May we realize that that the way to Glorify God would be to Glorify Him in the place where we are and in the situation we are in…
… Glorify God – with Deep Faith and Trust – wherever we live, work and move about!

Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “No matter where we are, we must aspire to a perfect life!”

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