October 7, 2020 – 26th Week in Ordinary Time

“Seeking God’s Kingdom and doing His Will in life, so that we can ‘love more, hate less and forgive quick!’”

(Based on Gal 2:1-2, 7-14 and Lk 11:1-4 – Wednesday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time – Feast of the Most Holy Rosary)

A teacher in a school was being felicitated at her farewell program after serving for nearly 34 years.

She was a teacher who was much loved and much respected…
… all because of her gentle yet firm conduct with all
… all because of her kind-heartedness and amiable approach with all

As she was asked on what was the motto that helped her to be such a lovable and respected teacher, she replied:
“Well, I have just tried to follow my Master is an epitome of altruism on the Cross. I have also been greatly helped by the care of Mamma Mary as every day I make it a point to recite the Rosary.

And all, I tried to do was: ‘To love more, hate less and forgive quick!’”

That’s a nice dictum for life, isn’t it?

Love more!

Hate less!
Forgive quick!

The Gospel of the Day is a beautiful transcription by the author of the ‘Gospel of Prayer’ – St Luke – on a beautiful teaching on Prayer.

St Luke narrates this incident by stating that “Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He ceased, one of His disciples said to Him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.’” (Lk 11:1)

This query presents the beautiful inherent thirst and desire in every human person – to seek to connect with the Divine.

And Jesus, the Master lays before His Disciples, the blueprint for every prayer – the Our Father!

In just a few words, the Lord taught His disciples that the thrust of every prayer is “to seek God’s Kingdom and do His Will in life”…
… so that one can “love more, hate less and forgive quick!”

In the light of this teaching, let’s examine our prayer life…
… Does my prayer help me to orient myself more in doing the Will of the Father in my life?
… Does my prayer help me to love God more and to reach out His love to my fellow beings?
… Does my prayer help me to reduce hatred or other vices that have taken root in my heart?
… Does my prayer help me to reflect God’s Mercy to the people, especially those who hurt me?

Today – Oct 07 – we are also specially invited to reflect, meditate and thank the Lord for the Gift of a powerful weapon of prayer – the Holy Rosary.

The Rosary is like a Christian museum…
… which brings alive the past of the salvation history, to the present and becomes an inspiration for the future!
… which showcases the heritage and history of our faith and awakens many emotions and feelings!

This Feast of our Lady of the Rosary was instituted by Pope St. Pius V in the year 1570.

It was a sign of thanksgiving for a great naval victory over the Turks at the battle of Lepanto, obtained primarily by the recitation of the Rosary.

The Feast reminds us that that the Rosary is a Powerful Weapon.

The Rosary is a Powerful Weapon of victory and conquest.

In our struggle with the forces of sin and evil tendencies…
… the Rosary is the weapon of devotion.

In our battle with the forces of discouragements in life…
… the Rosary is the weapon of hope and courage.

In our war with the terrors of temptations to purity…
… the Rosary is the weapon of holiness and sanctity.

The Rosary is a beautiful presentation of the Life of Jesus, through the eyes of our Blessed Mother.

It is a wonderful way of learning the lessons of our faith and recollecting the beauty of our salvation.

The celebration of this Feast day and the whole month of October as the Rosary Month induces in us some aspects for our personal reflection and thought…

The mysteries contained and celebrated in the Rosary refer to the mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary.

Have I discovered the beauty and the joy of contemplating with Mother Mary on the life of Jesus through the Rosary?

The Rosary is a repetitive vocal prayer and involves one’s movements of the hands, lips and heart in its exercise.

What care and preparation do I take to allow the Rosary to be recited with a greater involvement and a deeper participation?

The Rosary is very often considered by many as a wonderful sleep-inducer or even a boring affair.

Do I deliberately make efforts to check what is the time and the state of mind when I am praying the Rosary?

There are times, perhaps, when we fail to be interested in praying the Rosary.

Am I knowingly and unknowingly falling into the trap of making the Rosary as a mere routine or a ritual?

The Feast today invites us to re-awaken or re-start or re-invigorate our interest and commitment to Praying the Holy Rosary, daily!

The word Rosary means a “Crown of Roses”.

Our Lady has revealed to several people that each time one says a Hail Mary, one is giving her a beautiful rose and that completion of each Rosary makes her a beautiful crown of roses.

The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions.

Like the exhibits in a museum, each mystery of the Rosary reveals much…

Each Mystery that we meditate upon, is a miniature theology of the mysteries of the life of Jesus and the life of Mary, offered with a view to feeding the minds and the heart.

The awesome story of our salvation is encapsulated in the Holy Rosary.

The Rosary is the nutshell of our salvation history.

Let us truly pray the Rosary and live the mysteries of the Rosary in our everyday life.

The saying goes true…”No one can live continually in sin and continue to say the Rosary: either they will give up sin or they will give up the Rosary”

May the teaching of Jesus on prayer, narrated by St Luke in His ‘Gospel of Prayer,’ and the Feast of the Holy Rosary help us “to seek God’s Kingdom and do His Will in life”…
… so that we can “love more, hate less and forgive quick!”

Happy Feast of the Holy Rosary!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “The Rosary is a useful devotion, when rightly used…”

One thought on “October 7, 2020 – 26th Week in Ordinary Time

  1. Dear Fr. Jijo Manjackal, MSFS,Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and the Healer.Happy Morning and Happy Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary.Thank you for your reflection on today’s Word of God and the Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary.May the Lord bless you with His Wisdom and understanding so that you may be able to spread His Word and sharing your experience of God’s Word with others.Your daily reflection is very thought-provoking, deep reflection, and personal. I appreciate and thank you Take care Prayers and PaxYour Brother in Christ,Fr. Lourduraj. O. Praem


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