September 19, 2020 – 24th Week in Ordinary Time

“Making sure that we are in the range and network of God and giving heed to His Word!”

(Based on 1 Cor 15:35-37, 42-49 and Lk 8:4-15 – Saturday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time)

“Hello… Hello? Are you there?”

Most of us use mobile phones…

One of the most common troubles that many of us face in the usage of mobiles is the problem of range (network).

There are many a times, especially, when one happens to frequent rural areas, that a message pops up on the mobile screen…
…”Network not found!”
…”Out of Range!”

We feel ourselves so much lost and becoming impatient when such situations arise.

This level of anxiety increases all the more when we have an urgent call to be made or in an emergency!

Sometimes, one person keeps muttering and talking…
… but the other one, having lost range, fails to hear anything!

All that remains perhaps is: “Hello… Hello? Are you there?”

Well… there is so much of tension and stress suffered when we miss our range or our network…

Isn’t it?

But have we ever given a thought to what will happen if God goes out of range, in dealing with us?

Perhaps many of us, might not even become aware that sometimes we are in a “no-network” zone with God!

Through the Gospel of the Day, the Lord invite us to examine the level of life that I am, in my spiritual life.

The Parable of the Sower broadcasting an uncounted number of seeds is very much familiar to us.

A great number of seeds are sown…and they fall on varieties of soil…and the reactions of each one is varied too.

A great number of words are spoken by God…and they fall on varieties of ears…and the response of each one is varied too..

  1. Seeds falling on the way – an Attitude of “Paying no mind” to God’s words.
    The seeds that fell on the way were trampled upon….and the birds of the sky ate it up.

God’s words are often not given due consideration…
…we remain unaffected and unmoved by it.

God’s words are often not given due importance…
… we take for granted as being too common and familiar.

God’s words are often not given due respect…
… we fail to esteem the seriousness and gravity of the Word of God!

  1. Seeds falling on the rocks – an Attitude of “Passing”
    The seed that fell on the rocks, when it grew, withered for lack of moisture.

The Word of God sometimes makes us very thrilled…
… but we soon become slack and sagging and lethargic.

The Word of God sometimes finds quick response…
… but we soon die out in the commitment and dedication.

The Word of God sometimes makes us take radical decisions…
… but we soon fade in our enthusiasm and passion!

  1. Seed falling among the thorns – an Attitude of “Preoccupation”
    The seeds that fell among the thorns got choked by the thorns.

God’s words often gets strangled…
… in the midst of immoral living and corrupt practices.
… in the presence of many diluting and misleading spiritualities.
… with too many materialistic and worldly concerns and affairs.

  1. Seed falling on the good soil – an Attitude of “Perception”
    The seed that fell on the good soil gave fruits of various measures.

The Word of God when received properly brings true joy and happiness to life.
The Word of God when received properly helps us to share the love and joy of the Lord.
The Word of God when received properly makes our life a source of blessings for others

God goes on speaking… He goes on sharing His Word…

Am I paying no attention to Him?
Am I taking His words just for passing?
Am I being too much preoccupied with many things and fail to listen to Him? Or…
Am I perceiving and understanding His word clearly and able to produce fruits for the Kingdom of God?

Let us be inspired by the valiant and heroic life of St Januarius – 4th century Martyr – whose feast we celebrate today
In defence of the Faith, Januarius and his companions were sentenced to be cast into the fiery furnace. >> The flames, however, caused him no harm and the following day, he was led into the Colosseum to be mauled by wild animals. The beasts, however, laid themselves down in tame submission at his feet.

Governor Timotheus, enraged and again pronouncing sentence of death, was struck with blindness at his sentencing, but Januarius healed him—a miracle which led to the miraculous conversion of nearly 5000 people.
The ungrateful judge, further inflamed with anger, ordered the saintly bishop beheaded, which occurred immediately.

His gallant life is a reminder for all of us to heroically Live the Word in our daily life!

We are reminded by St Paul to live a life modelled in line with the Lord – the New Adam: “As this earthly man was, so are we on earth; and as the Heavenly Man is, so are we in heaven. And we, who have been modelled on the earthly man, will be modelled on the Heavenly Man!” (1 Cor 15:49)
… This requires us to nurture and nourish the Word in our hearts!

Let us make sure that we are in the range and network of God…

He constantly keeps calling us and sends many SMSs.

Are we listening to Him?
“Hello… Hello? Are you there?”

God bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Accustom yourself to know how to pass…

… from prayer to all sorts of actions which your vocation justly and lawfully requires of you!”

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