In preparation for the Feast of the Mother of Compassion on September 15

The Church abounds in celebration of many feasts.

Today – September 08 – we have been celebrating the Birth of our Blessed Mother!

This is a day which we cherish much and rejoice much

Most of these Feasts focus our attention on the joyful and happy aspects of life.

But we also know, that…
… Life is not always a superhighway

Life is more a kuccha (temporary) road with many pits and rough areas!

Moments of joy are beautiful…
… but we also ought to have courage and strength to face the “not so easy” moments of life!

7 days from today – on September 15 – the Church celebrates a feast of our Blessed Mother, which is a celebration for sure…
… but focuses our attention more, on the rougher realities of life – pain, suffering, tears and struggles: The Feast of the Mother of Compassion.

This feast is characterized by the commemoration of the Seven Sorrows of our Blessed Mother…
… seven major events, evoking compassion, in the life of “Mater Dolorosa” (Mother of Sorrows)

We begin today a journey with our Blessed Mamma through the Seven Mysteries of the Sorrows

Each day, we will have…
… a short reflection
… a prayer
… and a virtue to be practised.
This will be followed by a Novena Prayer to the Mother of Compassion.

I invite all of you to this Precious Journey with our Mother of Compassion, as She teaches us to become a better disciple of the Lord…
… and thus find greater joy and peace in our journey of life!

St Francis de Sales beautifully writes about the Mother of Compassion, as She beheld Her Beloved Child on Mount Calvary:
“It is not joy I seek, it is Himself… and My Heart, full of love, makes Me seek always to be united to that Amiable Child, My Tenderly Beloved One.

In a word, the intention of the soul in this union is nothing, save to be with Her Lover!”

May this JOURNEY WITH OUR COMPASSIONATE MOTHER help us to face the rougher realities of life with greater courage…
… and thus enjoy joy and peace, to make our life a true feast!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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