July 26, 2020 – 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Seeking the Lord, more fervently and deeply by immersing ourselves into the waters of repentance and new life and coming out, with an excited shout of discovery: ‘Eureka, Eureka! I have found It!’”

(Based on 1 Kings 3:5-12, Rom 8:28-30 and Mt 13:44-52 – 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time)

One of the common yet interesting legendary stories goes thus…

Archimedes was a Greek scientist – a young man of 22 years old – renowned for his work in mathematics, mechanics and physics.

One day Archimedes was summoned by the king Hiero of Syracusans to investigate if he had been cheated by a goldsmith.

The king said he had given a goldsmith the exact amount of gold needed to make a crown.

However, when the crown was ready the king suspected that the goldsmith cheated some silver into the crown, keeping some of the gold for himself.

The king then asked Archimedes to solve the problem.

Struggling to find the answer to the problem, Archimedes decided to freshen himself with a bath.

With his clothes off, as Archimedes immersed himself into the bathtub.

And as he lowered himself, the water level in the bathtub rose and overflowed…

This phenomena, of the “water overflowing” caused Archimedes to realize: the amount of water displaced depended on how much of his body was immersed into the bathtub.

This simple observation helped him to get the solution to his problem.

This discovery excited him so much that he jumped out of the tub and ran through the streets naked…
… shouting ‘Eureka, Eureka!’

A word in Greek which means, ‘I have found it! I have found it!’.

What about us?

Have we had a “Eureka – I have found It” experience?

A discovery transforms Life!
Every age has its own discoveries and inventions which have transformed the lives of human beings.

These could be the discovery…
… of logical thought, of using stone tools, of fire…
… of domestication, of the wheel, of mathematics and other sciences…
… of metalworking, of language, of paper and the printing press…
… of many medicines…etc etc…

A discovery, indeed, transforms Life!

Discovering God, as the Supreme Treasure of One’s Life is the Greatest Transformation, one can ever have!

Have I discovered God as The Most Important and Matchless Treasure of my Life?

The Gospel of the day presents three parables (Mt 13: 44-52)…
… which speak on the Kingdom of God and an Invitation to each one of us to discover Its Pristine value!

  1. The Parable of the Hidden Treasure:
    The olden days had the practice of hiding one’s treasure like jewellery or money in the field…
    … especially in contexts of wars or natural calamities or foreign invasions.

Sometimes, this hidden treasure remained unclaimed or forgotten…
… and was discovered by some “lucky” persons!

The Parable describes one such person who discovered a treasure.

According to the Palestinian laws of that time, the mere finding of a buried treasure did not entitle the finder to possess it, unless he also owned the property in which it was found.

The Discoverer of our Parable does that…
… Gives up everything, for the Matchless Treasure!

King Solomon gave up all offers of wealth, long life or vengeance on enemies…
… for the Treasure of the Wisdom of God! ( I Kg 3:9)
The Samaritan Woman, was “lucky” to meet the Thirsty Man by the well…
… and she discovered Him to be the Treasure of her life! (Jn 4:29)

The parable dares to offer ourselves totally for the sake of the Discovery of the Kingdom!

  1. The Parable of the one in search of Pearls
    Pearls were the most costliest and the most sought-after.

The trader of our Parable is on a Mission…a clear-cut mission, to discover the Fine Pearls… He is single minded in His search… He is focused on what he wants, in his task.

He has an amazing passion and a dedication to discover the best!

Jacob of the Old Testament was resolute in receiving a Pearl of blessing from the Angel of God (Gen 32:27)
Mary Magdalene was persevering in her search for the Lord, the Pearl of her life ( Jn 20:11)

The Parable dares us to be totally dedicated and zealous in our Discovery of the Kingdom!

  1. The Parable of the Fishing Net
    This parable is an invitation to accept the hard and unpleasant realities in our life and to make the necessary changes and amendments.

Not everything is goody-goody when it comes to spiritual life…
Not all is well when we consider the life in the Church…
Not all is ok in our personal or family or societal life!

We need to strive to cast away the unwanted elements…
… and thus be willing to live a purified and sanctified life!

The People of Nineveh gave up their sinful life to embrace a life in God Yahweh (Jon 3:5)
Zacchaeus was boldly able to throw the unwanted aspects of his life after encountering Jesus (Lk 19:8)

The parable dares us to cast away the unbecoming aspects of our life, in our Discovery of the Kingdom!

These 3 parables when applied to our personal spiritual life, would also give us the 3 key Virtues, that forms the basis of a True Spirituality:

  1. Renunciation: “The parable of the Hidden Treasure” is a call to renounce our everything in order to possess the Kingdom. (Mt 19:21)
  2. Longing: “The Parable of the one in search of the pearls” is a call to have an intense thirst and longing for Jesus and His Kingdom!
  3. Humility: “The Parable of the fishing net” is a call to humble ourselves and acknowledge our limitations and weaknesses so as to grow in perfection of the Kingdom!

Let us discover…

A true Spirit of Renunciation…
A fervent heart of Longing…
A gentle mind of Humility…

Yes, a discovery can transform life!

King Solomon discovered the need to boldly choose the Wisdom of God over all other things (I Kg 3:9)
Paul discovered a great Trust in God’s Providence by saying, “all things in life happens for good! (Rom 8:28)

Have I discovered God as The Most Important and Matchless Treasure of my Life?

Let us seek the Lord, more fervently and deeply…
… immersing ourselves into the waters of repentance and new life

And thus coming out of it, with an excited shout of discovery:
“Eureka, Eureka! I have found It!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “”Riches can prick us…
… with a thousand troubles in getting them
… as many cares in preserving them
… more anxieties in spending them

… and with grief in losing them!”

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