POWER PULSE – Preparation for the Great Feast of the Pentecost DAY SEVEN: HOLY SPIRIT – THE GIVER OF GIFTS


The Holy Spirit is the giver of Gifts.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord

A spiritual gift is an ability granted by God, which helps the person to grow in holiness and effectively serve the people of God.

We need to pray constantly to receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit…
WISDOM: It is the perfection of faith. Through wisdom, one comes to value those things properly, which we believe through faith

Wisdom detaches us from the world and makes us relish and love the things of heaven!

UNDERSTANDING: Understanding is the ability to grasp and understand, in a limited way, the essence of Divine Truths.

While Wisdom is the ‘desire’ to contemplate heavenly things, Understanding helps us to penetrate to the core of revealed truths (of course, in a limited way!)

COUNSEL: Counsel is the gift of supernatural prudence.

Counsel allows us to understand the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to judge rightly, what we should do in a particular circumstance.

FORTITUDE: Fortitude gives us the strength and the courage to be strong in the face of difficulties

Fortitude is the virtue that makes us to overcome fear and to remain firm in our will, even in the midst of obstacles

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge enables us to ascertain God’s purpose in our lives and His reason for placing us in our particular circumstances.

Knowledge is the gift to discern effectively between the impulses of temptation and the inspirations of grace.

PIETY: It is the virtue by which a person is disposed to render worship and service to God, in the way He deserves.

Piety is an instinctive affection for God that makes us desire to honour and worship Him

FEAR OF THE LORD: This is virtue that desires not to offend God, even in the slightest of ways possible

Fear of the Lord comes, not because of the Lord’s punishment, but arises from an immense love for Him – wanting to respect the Lord and live a life pleasing to the Lord always

Can I pray to the Holy Spirit to bless me with His Gifts…?
… to help me to grow in holiness of life and live a Christ-like life
… to help me to use these gifts to lead others to sanctity in Christ

Holy Spirit, the Giver of Gifts, fill me with your seven-fold gifts.

May Your Gifts…

help me to understand the Divine mysteries and live them faithfully in my life
cause me to trust in Your Providence, and to bring many more to the Love of God

Fill me with your gifts… enable me to walk with You… inspire me to lead others to You, Amen!

Come Holy Spirit…Come into our hearts… and renew us, in your mighty love and fire!

May God Bless us!

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