Life is very often a roller-coaster – of emotions, of circumstances, in relationships

There are days when things seem to be so good and fine
But there are also many days when life seems so bitter, harsh and even unfair

Life is also a long journey…
… with many twists and turns
… many deserts and storms encountered.

There are many moments…
… when we feel fearful and afraid to move on ahead in life
… when we feel drained off all energy and collapsing with spiritual exhaustion

This is more so, when one tries to live an honest and a genuine Christian Life – following the teachings and commands of the Lord.

Therefore the Lord promised to send “Holy Spirit, the Comforter” (Jn 16:7) to strengthen us and keep us reassured and consoled.

We need a Booster… an Energizer…

It is the Holy Spirit Who is the Mighty Spirit “to empower us”!

The word “Comforter” would mean…
… the One Who runs to our side and picks us up
… in legal terms, the One Who would aid or counsel for the defense

The Holy Spirit is our sure assurance of Comfort…
… strengthening us in our moments of crisis, confusions, calamities and uncertainties
… lifting our dropping spirits, raising our falling hearts and energizing our tiring minds

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says, “You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes on you”

The Holy Spirit is POWER – DUNAMIS
… like the dynamite, can cause a a mighty upheaval to make one to listen and do God’s Will
… like the dynamite, can cause a blast of our sinful ways and make us walk in His paths

Can I truly invite The Holy Spirit to “be the Comforter of my life”…?
… banking on His power in my weaknesses, failures and helplessness
… drawing courage when everything seems lost and I experience a lot of pain in life

Can I draw power and strength from “The Holy Spirit – the One Who empowers us”…?
… allowing Him to work mightily in our weakness and areas of fear and anxiety
… trusting in Him to supply with energy and vigour to keep us vibrant followers of Christ

Holy Spirit, the Mighty Comforter and the One Who Empowers, help me to depend on You, in my moments of struggle and sadness. May your powerful anointing fill my life

Comfort me …

with new vigour and hope – when it gets difficult to continue with the tasks entrusted to me, with
with enthusiasm and energy – when I fail to be understood by people and when situations turn hostile to me

Empower me …

with courage, when things around me fall apart and infill me with the dynamism of Your vitality
with hope, when traces of meaninglessness and worthlessness creeps into my mind

Console me with Your gentleness… empower me with Your peace… cheer me up with Your love!

Endow me with Your strength… saturate me with Your holiness… imbue me with endurance, Amen!

Come Holy Spirit…Come into our hearts… and renew us, in your mighty love and fire!

May God Bless us!

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