The Gospel of St John 16: 13 says, “When the Spirit of God comes, He will GUIDE you into all truth”

It is our ordinary human need to have a friend or a guide or a person who can inspire us, challenge us, correct us and be with us.

This is much more in the spiritual realm

Jesus assures that the Holy Spirit is to be the “greatest Guide” for a Christian.

The Bible is a mighty testament to the many instances of the Spirit of God “guiding” people…

Moses and the people of Israelites were led through the wilderness (Is 63: 11-14)
The Spirit of God came upon David, when he was anointed (1 Sam 16:13)
Jesus, after His Baptism was led by the Holy Spirit ( Lk 4:1)
The Apostles were constantly led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:2)

It is the Holy Spirit who “guides us”…
… He helps to take decisions in moments of crisis, uncertainties, and doubts (Acts 15)
… He inspires in times of feeling low, feeling rejected and feeling lost (Acts 13: 52)
… He inspires in giving witness to the Lord and His Gospel (Acts 8:29)

Jesus, also prayed: “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, and revealed them to mere babes” (Mt 11: 25)

The mysteries of God are too lofty to be grasped and understood

But the Lord assures that the Holy Spirit, in the right moments, will reveal to us the mysteries of the Divine – as much needed for us to know.

There are innumerable occasions when we don’t understand the ways of God…
… times when the promises of God seem to be far from being fulfilled
… times when blessings of God seem to be evading us, even though we seem to be doing all right
… times when the Scripture goes beyond our grasp

But the Holy Spirit blesses us with understanding…
… revealing the meanings of the mysteries of life and of Divinity
… opening our eyes to understand God’s Word in the Holy Bible

Do I accept The Holy Spirit as “The Guide” of my life…?
… Accepting His guidance to be a witness to the Lord in my day-to-day activities
… Accepting His inspirations and listening to His voice to take decisions

Do I pray to The Holy Spirit to “understand Divine Mysteries ” …?
… to get greater insights of the Word of God and live It faithfully in my life
… to understand the Divine mysteries and to live my Christian life with greater conviction

Holy Spirit, the mighty Guide and the One Who blesses with the understanding into the Divine mysteries… I pray that you help me realise the need to depend on You, in this hard journey of life.

Guide and Help me …
… to constantly listen to Your voice speaking me, through the Word of God, the various situations of my life and through many people
… to have a greater desire to understand deeper, the mysteries of God and to live them with certainty in my life
… to grow in my love for the Word of God and to believe and practise it, with sincerity and passion

Constantly guide me… fill me with your understanding… help me to know You better… make me Love and Live in You more… Amen!

Come Holy Spirit…Come into our hearts… and renew us, in your mighty love and fire!

Fill us with your life… make us anew… permeate us with Your power, Amen!

May God Bless us!

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