March 5, 2020 – 1st Week of Lent

“Offering ourselves totally to the One Who cares, protects and provides for us!”

(Based on Esth 14:1, 3-5, 12-14 and Mt 7:7-12 )

A story is told of a group of tourists who were visiting a large sheep farm.

The guide of the tourists was explaining how the little lambs are taken care by the mother sheep.

In order to demonstrate this, he took one little lamb from the farm…
… and placed it in a large enclosure with thousands of sheep.

The noise of the bleating sheep was deafening.

The little lamb, who seemed lost in the midst of that crowd…
… after a moment of silence, began crying loudly.

As it bleated, the mother lamb, who was at the end of the enclosure, heard the cry…
… and rushed towards  her little lamb.

As the tourists were wonder-struck at this sight, the guide – who was a Christian – made a statement:
“This is how it is with God also!
We should never imagine that we are beyond the  reach of God!

He sees us as if we are the only child in the whole world!”

The Gospel of the day presents this assurance given by Jesus, of how every cry of prayer is heard and answered by the Lord, in His Holy Will…
… and His teaching on having a proper attitude and disposition in prayer.

The Lord gives the analogy of the human father to expound the right understanding we should have with respect to prayer:

“If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask Him” (Mt 7: 11)

The Lord is clear in proclaiming that the God our Father would very surely bestow “good” things on His children.

“Good” things….

“Good” not from our perspective…but from the way God looks at it.
“Good” not from the way we understand…but from the manner God sees it.

Very often when children ask for certain things…
… the parent does not give immediately.
… or sometimes, the parent even denies it.

It could be situations involving some danger or risk…
… and so, the parent, in the full interest and care of the child, would either delay or outrightly deny permission.

But would the child understand?
In some cases…they might.

But in many cases…perhaps, No!

The child would start weeping…crying…throwing tantrums!

They would even yell… even wail saying…

  “Why do you deny me?”…”You don’t give me what I want”.. “You don’t understand me”..etc..

Is the parent really bad in denying the child?
Is the parent wanting to make the child sad by giving what is asked?

Certainly No!

It is, in fact…
… out of deep love that the demands are not fulfilled as per the child’s desire.
…  out of much care that the query are not answered as per the child’s want

Just as the child who thinks is asking “good” things…we too ask many “good ” things..

But… sometimes we are denied
…sometimes we are given after a while
…sometimes we are given something else

The denial…or the delay…or the different…is not because God wants to make us sad…

It’s simply because God loves us much deeply and cares much abundantly!

Yes, it is God’s pure love and unfathomable wisdom which sometimes causes…
…denials in our prayers
…delays in what we ask for
…differences in our demands and wants     

What seems proper for us, in God’s amazing understanding, might not be proper!
What seems good for us, in God’s immeasurable wisdom, might not be good!
What seems just for us, in God’s glorious insight, might not be just!

Are we ready to grow…
….  in our trust in God, our Father, who knows and cares for us immensely?
… to build our faith in God, our Father, who will take us through any situation in life?

Let’s trust in God more and more
… because we can only see a little bit down the road, but God can see every curve!
… because we can only see the struggling caterpillar, but God can see the beautiful butterfly!
… because we can only see the dark dismal clouds, but God can see the bright sunrays waiting to shine forth!

We may have moments when we feel lost out.. and we keep crying to God in prayer.

But let us always know, that our Loving God, hearing our cry…
… will always rush towards us!

Esther, in the Old Testament, cried out to the Lord in humble prayer and submission: “O my Lord, thou only art our King; help me, who am alone and have no helper but thee…” (Esth 14:3)…
… And she would be delivered from the hands of the evil king, and the people of Israel would experience the great Intervention and Providence of the Lord.

Yes, let us grow in our trust and always keep in mind:
“We should never imagine that we are beyond the  reach of God!

He sees us as if we are the only child in the whole world!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “ Stretch out your hand to Him like a little child to his father…

… so that He may lead you on!”

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