Nov 5 (Lk 14:15-24)

“Excuses are the nails that are used to build the house of failure”

We often, run our lives, basing ourselves on many excuses and justifications…

>> Politicians sometimes make excuses for failure to undertake developmental works blaming their opposition parties.

>> Citizens sometimes make excuses for their inability towards nation-building by purely blaming the corruption among politicians.

>> Motorists or car-drivers sometimes make some excuses and jump signals and violate traffic rules.

>> Traffic inspectors sometimes make some excuses and escape from duties and dump it on someone else.

>> Students sometimes make excuses for their poor performance by blaming the education system.

>> Teachers sometimes make excuses for their loopholes in work by blaming the students and parents for non co-operating.

Are we becoming a Generation of Excuse-givers?

The Gospel of the Day brings our attention to this grave and urgent issue that we need to tackle: The Issue of making Excuses for Escapism.

We have the Parable of the Great Wedding Feast in today’s Gospel.

“A man once gave a great feast and invited many guests” (Lk 14:16)

Here was a big and great feast being organized and invitations were sent out to many guests.

>> This was no simple feast.

>> This was no ordinary event.

It’s similar to someone today, being invited to a lavish and a grand party by the President of the Nation or some highly dignified person.

It was kind of a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity.

>> The people waited with eagerness to get such a chance.

In those days, it was the custom to send two invitations.

The first invitation was to tell everyone that the event was being planned.

Those were the days when Time was a lavish commodity.

Clocks were scarce and time management techniques were still unheard of.

>> The actual day and the actual time of the event were left open.

It would depend a lot on the preparation time for the killing of animals, their cleaning and cooking…

… getting all the vegetables and everything needed to get the meal ready.

And so there was a need for a second invitation…

The second invitation was to tell everyone that everything was ready and about to begin.

>> This second reminder was for to those who had been given the first invitation and had indicated that they would attend.


But the Gospel says, that when the second invitation was sent to the pre-invited guests, they began to make excuses!

Making excuses is nothing new!

It has existed right from the first days…

>> Adam and Eve made excuses before God in trying to hide the sin of disobedience.

>> Cain made excuses before God in trying to hide the sin of killing his brother Abel.

>> Moses gave excuses before God in trying to escape from the task being entrusted to him.

>> Jeremiah gave excuses before God that he was only a small boy to take up the responsibility

Those who were able to overcome the excuses, found true meaning and joy.

>>> But those who got stuck with their excuses, lost out on discovering greatness!

The guests who had been invited for the grand feast, gave silly excuses….

One said, “I have purchased a field and must go and examine it”

>> Silly excuse, isn’t it?

Does anyone enter into land dealings without having seen it in prior?

>> And even if one has not, was it so urgent, so as to miss the grand feast?

Another said, “I have purchased five oxen and am on my way to evaluate them”

>> Silly excuse, isn’t it?

Does anyone purchase land animals, without having examined them?

>> And even if one has not, was it so immediate a need, so as to skip the great feast?

Another said, “I have just married a woman, and I cannot come”

>> Silly excuse, isn’t it?

Couldn’t the husband take along his wife to the feast, to have a joyful time together?

>> Or was this couple so much exclusive, that they failed to have any social contacts, so as to avoid the fine feast?

> Here was an invitation so grand.

>> Here was a generosity so lavish.

>>> Here was a preparation so extensive.

But unfortunately, it was responded with excuses which were baseless, childish, illogical and quite ridiculous!

We might sometimes laugh at those excuses made by the people.

But perhaps, we are also no different…

… or if not, worse.

We are in a trend of being a Generation of Excuse-givers….

>> We make excuses of physical tiredness, to avoid saying our personal prayers, our family prayers and being faithful to our spiritual activities.

>> We make excuses of saying that “it’s impossible to live an honest life” and give into many corrupt malpractices, which go against the Gospel values.

>> We make excuses of being too busy to find time to participate in the Holy Eucharist with greater devotion and preparedness.

>> We make excuses to reach out to the needy ones in their necessities by citing our own hardships to get out of our comfort areas.

We have a strong exhortation from the Lord today, to get rid of our “Excuse-giving Tendency”.

It’s easy to escape from responsibilities by giving excuses.

>> But by doing so, we end up missing out on many graces from God…

… causing much pain to God who expects much from us…

… and also disturb the plan and purpose of God for our lives.

We have a duty to overcome this tendency of making Excuses for Escapism.

The Lord gives us many opportunities to grow in holiness and grace.

>> Let us not make silly and baseless excuses and throw them away.

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “There are no galley-slaves in the royal vessel of Divine Love…

… every man works his oar voluntarily!”


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