Sep 6 (Lk 5:33-39)

One of the most popular words that is increasingly becoming trendy and fashionable and in vogue…is the word…


“Race for the Change”… “Be the Change”… “I am the Change”… “Change begins with oneself”…

>> These are some of the widespread slogans that are all over the place…

The Webster’s Dictionary defines “Change… as making something radically different or make a shift from one to another.”

Change involves becoming different…

>> Change involves a transformation!

>> Change involves making an alteration!

The Gospel of the Day too presents Jesus with this Crucial and Central theme: CHANGE!

The Lord is a constant challenge to His followers to adopt a changed lifestyle…

… a lifestyle which is more Divine, a way of life which is more human and a living which is more joyful.

But He is also very much aware of the basic human tendency…

… to neglect and avoid and overlook any change!

That is why He very clearly at the end of today’s Gospel says, “No one who has been drinking old wine desires new, for he says, ‘the old is good'” (Lk 5:39)

With age, wine increases its strength and flavour and the old is therefore preferable.

Take somebody who been drinking the same kind of wine for years and years and years and someone comes along and says, “Ah, I’ve got a brand new variety here for you.”

“Nah, no, I’ll stick with my old favourite.

>> It’s done me grand favours all through these years… I don’t want to…”

“Well the new one promises to be great…it’s got new aroma, a new flavour…a special zest”

“No, no, I’m happy with my old.”

We may either nod with this response…or look down with suspicion…or even just be least bothered…

But one thing is for sure…

>> Many of us, certainly do tend to answer in the same way, as this old-wine devotee was…

It’s really true, isn’t it?

We tend to mellow ourselves down to a comfortable and cozy way of life…

>> We cultivate a taste and a liking for our undisturbed mode of  timetable and schedules…

Like the old wine, many of our former ways and thoughts and style of living have become mellowed and settled by years of experience and have become so much a part of the fabric of our lives!

>> Don’t give me the new wine of change…

… I am happy with my old wine of comforts and calm

>> Don’t give me the new wine of spirituality…

… I am happy with my old wine of worldly existence

>> Don’t give me the new wine of holy things…

… I am happy with my old wine of living life in the way it pleases me

>> Don’t give me the new wine of the Church teachings…

… I am happy with my experimental philosophy and thoughts

But the Lord, the Best Wine Giver (Jn 2:10), is intent and keen and even is insistent that we abandon Our Old Wines and drink of Him, the New Wine!

You want the new wine of joy and happiness in your soul and consolation of mind and heart?

>> Then, you will have to abandon the Old Wine of Sin and impure life!

You want the new wine of Justice and Equality and Honesty and Truthfulness in society?

>> Then, you will have to abandon the Old Wine of corruption and discrimination and cheating!

You want the new wine of True Companionship and Faithful relationships and Genuine friendships?

>> Then, you will have to abandon the Old wine of company with Satan and give up envy and resentment and hatred!

Are we ready to abandon the Old Wine?

>> The best wine is being offered…

(P.S. – For all who are eager to be drunk more of this Best Wine… kindly prepare yourselves well and run to the nearest Church or Chapel… and participate in the Holy Mass.

>> The Master has prepared the best and most satisfying and sumptuous meal: His Body and Blood in the Most Holy Eucharist!)

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Faith is like a bright ray of sun light.

>> It enables us to see God in all things..

…as well as all things in God!”


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