Aug 21 (Mt 20:1-16)


Does that expression sound familiar?!!

>> Children create facial expressions and imitate some wild animals…

… and make that noise….grrrrr…!

>> Our tummies growl when we are starving and when we are hungry…

… and makes that noise…grrrrr…!

But in our day to day experience, has Grrrrr…. also become part of our frequent vocabulary?

>> Do we grrrrr…

… when we get irritated seeing our plans not fulfilled the way we expect?

>> Do we grrrrr…

… when we get upset observing other people thriving in life at our own expense?

>> Do we grrrrr…

… when we get mad in not receiving and acquiring benefits as per the big efforts we put into?

>> Do we grrrr…

… when we get disturbed in being unable to accept some surprising aspects of life, which hurt us?

Grrrr…refers to the aspect of Grumbling…

… of being Irritated…of being Complaining!

Am I a person tending towards Frequent Grumbling?

>> Am I person leaning towards Easy Irritation?

>> Am I person who easily gets grumpy with events in life and fail to view life from a Higher Perspective?

The Gospel of the Day presents to us the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Mt 20:1-16)

And we come across a group of people…

… who are in a grumbling mode!

The word “grumble” can be described as…

… “to make complaining remarks or noises under one’s breath”

… or “to murmur or mutter in discontent”

… or “to show one’s unhappiness or critical attitude”.

The Bible is very familiar with persons who have been logged into a grumbling mode…

>> Adam…

… when he blamed Eve for disobedience, in eating the forbidden fruit! (Gen 3:12)

>> Israelites…

… when they accused Moses, in making them to starve in the desert (Num 14:2)

>> Job’s wife…

… when she enticed Job, to curse God for his misfortunes and calamities (Job 2:9)

>> Elijah…

… when he felt hurt in being persecuted despite his deep zeal for the Lord (1Kg 19:10)

>> Disciples…

… when Jesus invited them to provide food for the massive hungry crowd (Mk 6:37)

In the Parable of the Workers…the workers who came first, got into being grrrr…the ‘grumbling mode’…

… in dissatisfaction! (Mt 20: 11)

The Parable proceeds progressively…

… with a landowner who seeks to hire labourers… (Mt 20: 1) and finds different groups of working people at different hours of the day… (Mt 20: 2-7)

To the first group, he struck a deal…

… they agreed for a denarius – the daily wage – which is fair enough! (Mt 20: 2)

>> Their dealings with the Master was on a Contract-level!

To the Second, Third and Fourth Group…

… he promised to pay what was just – they agreed for a reasonable wage – which is fair enough! (Mt 20: 3-5)

>> Their dealings with the Master was on a Justice-level!

To the fifth group, he spoke of no payment…

… they probably agreed for a fair-wage – which is fair enough! (Mt 20: 6)

>> Their dealings with the Master was on a Faith-level!

But when it is payment time, there are surprises galore…

The ones who came last, got paid a denarius – the whole day’s wage!

>> Amazing pay for just an hour’s work!

He perhaps, pays the last group first, in order to reveal the hidden motives of those hired earlier in the day!

Those who came in the 1st hour, probably, got their calculators to work…

>> 1 hr work = 1 denarius; 12 hrs work = 12 denarii!!

But then comes the “GRRRR moment”…

… a moment of grumbling & complaint

>> And they felt rightly so to do it!

The ones who worked the most also are paid the same – just 1 denarius!

The crux of the matter was simple: “You have made them equal to us!” (Mt 20:12)

But the Lord raises our heart to see the root cause behind this grumbling and complaint:

>> We often overestimate our own importance…

… and we often underestimate the Grace of God!

>> We seek for the best in our lives…

… but fail to digest the Providence of God’s Goodness in other’s lives!

>> We expect great things for ourselves…

… but fail to understand the Benevolence of God’s Mercy for others!

We want the choicest things for us…

… but fail to accept the Intervention of God’s Power in the life of the other!

How do we go beyond this Grumbling Mode?

Let us take to heart three aspects which can help us to overcome the Grumbling Mode:

1. Thanking God for His Immense Blessings:

>> Let’s open our eyes to see them…and thank the Lord in Gratitude!

2. Avoid judging God’s working in others:

>> Let’s open our minds to accept..and praise God in Goodness!

3. Seeking for faithfulness than success:

>> Let’s open our hearts to be faithful….and love God in Graciousness!

God’s ways of looking at us is different…

>> He looks at us being faithful and committed….not productive!

Yes….God is so just…that no one will be underpaid!

>> God is so generous…that everyone will be surprised!

Let us switch our mode: From a “Grrrr” mode to a “Hmmm” mode…

>> From a Grumbling Mode to an Appreciative mode!

>> From a Irritable Attitude to a Grateful Attitude!

>> From a Prickly Approach to an Admiring Approach!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “It is not those who commit the least faults who are the most holy, but those who have…

… the greatest courage, the greatest generosity, the greatest love…

… who make the boldest efforts to overcome themselves, and are not immediately apprehensive about tripping.


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