Aug 9 (Mt 16:24-28)

Some of us have been to amusement parks…

… filled with many jolly and amazing rides.

One of the common yet interesting rides in these parks are the Roller Coaster rides….

>>The ones, which are constructed at dizzying heights

>> The ones possessing several dangerous and heart-wrenching ups and dips

>> The sight of which fills many a weak-at-heart persons, to have giddy feelings!

To those, however, who take up this challenge…

… it’s a sheer ecstatic and thrilling experience!

Welcome to Christianity….a Real-Time Roller Coaster Ride!

The ride is not easy…

>> But the Thrill of the Ride…

… is truly a genuine experience of Remarkable Joy and Peace and Happiness!

Chapter 16 of St Matthew’s Gospel continues the Theme of True Discipleship.

After having revealed Himself as being the Heroic, Awesome and Suffering God-Man, Jesus spells out clearly the demands of being His True Disciple:

>> To deny oneself…to take up one’s follow Him! (Mt 16: 24)

To follow Christ, we need to follow His terms!

We need to…

>> Lay down something…

>>  Lift up something…

>> And then Follow the Lord

We need to…

>> Lay down our personal pleasures and comforts…

>> Lift up our daily duties…

>> And then Follow the Lord

The Lord demands.

>> The Lord expects.

Am I ready?

Am I a Christian who is zealous and devout and religious on a Sunday…

… but tepid and listless and impractical through the weekdays?

Am I a Christian who loves to wear religious articles around my body…

… but fail to adorn my actions and deeds with charitable and sanctifying works?

Am I a Christian who enjoys rattling off prayers and reciting many devout ejaculations…

… but fall short of translating those good words into a life of honesty and gentleness and humility?

Am I a Christian who takes the pleasure and benefit of being a member of the Church…

… but come to a sticky end in standing by the Church in Her moments of crisis and scandals?

Am I a Christian who relishes listening to Gospel Music, decorating houses with devout pictures and even spreading devotions to many saints…

… but not make the grade when it comes to living the Gospel values and morals?

Very often, our activities and works are centered only on acquiring the things of this world.

>> Surely, we have our own daily needs and wants

But beyond all these, a Christian ought to realize, that we are “pilgrims on this earth”

>> As St Paul says, “Our citizenship is in heaven” (Phil 3: 20)

>> As St Peter says, “… As aliens and sojourners… keep away from worldly desires” (1 Pet 2: 11)

Jesus says, “What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” (Mt 16: 26)

>> Sometimes we hoard up only material wealth and riches…

… failing to seek for the God who blesses us with the needs of our life!

>> Sometimes our prayers become only petitions for transient things…

… failing to raise a word of thanks to the Lord Who always sustains us!

The Lord invites us to take up the challenges of being a Christian.

As Christian, our lives have to be qualitatively different from others!

>> Let those who see us – be it in our workplaces or in our friend’s circle or any other place – make remarks such as…

… “Ah! Here is a person who displays a lot of trust and hope in a living God!”

… “Here is somebody who remains firm even in difficulties, because he/she knows there is a Loving Father caring and protecting always”

Yes, Christianity is indeed a Real-Time Roller Coaster Ride

>> To those who take up this challenge…

… it’s a sheer ecstatic and thrilling experience!

At Baptism, we have signed a document…

… which entitles us to the Great Privilege of being the Child of God

But by Baptism, we also have agreed to many terms….

… which obliges us the Great Duties of being a Soldier of God!

Being a disciple and soldier of Christ is a demanding affair.

>> Let us brace ourselves up for this challenging, yet exciting ride with the Lord.

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Let us walk joyously, dear souls, among the difficulties of this passing life…

>> These pains will have an end when our life ends, after which there will be only joy…

… only contentment, only eternal consolation!”


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