Jul 26 (Mt 13:18-23 and Feast of St Ann and Joachim)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….

>> The construction of a magnificent building is initiated by the laying of a single brick or a stone…

>> The art of composing a lovely song starts with gathering of the first strains of melody & lyrics…

>> The discipline of writing a spectacular novel commences with penning down the first few words…

There is power in the first step.

>> There is magic in the first act.


… there is much potential in the Sowing of a Little Seed!

We are once again encountering the familiar Parable of the Sower…

.. today with its explanation in the Gospel Reading.

The Master Sower is in the Field, broadcasting the Seeds

>> The Seed is the Word of God.

The Seed is little.

>> It is tiny.

>> It is small.

But it can become big.

>> It can become powerful.

>> It can become very influential.

The Word of God is powerful…

… but it is in the form of a Seed.

>> It however, contains within it, all the potentials of a new life and fruitfulness!

The Seed has a tremendous potential….

… the potential to be the Living Bread (Jn 6:51) – to sustain life, and to strengthen the weak and fragile.

… the potential to be a Bubbling Fountain (Prov 13:14) –  issuing forth pure water that refreshes, cleanses and purifies the dirt of sinfulness.

… the potential to be a Powerful Hammer (Jer 23:29) – building and reconstructing broken and shattered lives.

… the potential to be a Thick Golden Honey (Ps 19:11) –  sweet to the taste and satisfying the spirit in moments of distress and pain.

… the potential to be a Bright, Shining Lamp (Ps 119:105) –  exposing the darkness and releasing the light of His purity, holiness and righteousness upon humanity.

… the potential to be a Sharp Two-edged Sword (Heb 4:12) – helping to discern between the good & bad, the holy & the profane and the pure & polluted!

… the potential to be a Mirror ( Jam 1:23)  – challenging us to look into our interior and also reflecting the attributes of the Most High God in whose image we are created!

Yes, the Seed has a tremendous potential!

The Divine Sower, today, invites us to share in His Divine Work of broadcasting the Seed…

… and helping it realize its full potentials.

Today we gaze at the Family Photo of our Beloved Saviour…

… and specially recall and cherish the Blessings of God, bestowed on the privileged Grandparents of Jesus & the Parents of Blessed Mother Mary – St Anne and St Joachim…

… on their Feast Day.

Hardly anything is known about Saint Ann and Saint Joachim.

>> But one thing, we know with certainty:  The legacy of their daughter, Mary – the Woman entrusted by God the Father to become the Mother of God.

It was their teaching, upbringing and example that helped Mamma Mary…

… to say Her Fiat – Yes, to God.

… to stand firm in the midst of unforeseen events.

… to be strong in the face of immense pain and sufferings!

Yes, God chose two simple individuals – Anne & Joachim –  to help in His Plan for the Salvation of the world.

>> The little, the tiny and the small become mighty in the Hands of God!

A harvest of manifold blessings, begins with the little, the tiny and the small…

… even as simple as a single Seed!

Let us not be afraid to Sow the Seed in our own situations &  circumstances.

Happy Feast of Mamma’s parents to all.

>> May their Li’l Divine Prince bless us! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Bloom where you are planted!”


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