Jul 24 (Mt 13:1-9)

If variety is the spice of life…

… simplicity is the essence of life.

If humour is the flavour of life…

… simplicity is the base of life.

If cheerfulness is the seasoning in life…

… simplicity is the spirit of life!

Simple things, always go a long way in life…

… isn’t it?

Our God is the God of Simplicity.

>> He is the God of small things!

The Lord of Simplicity and Smallness loves to expound His beautiful and profound teaching of the Kingdom of God through the simple and small objects of life…..

In today’s Gospel, a Mighty Teaching is delivered through the medium of…

… the Tiny seed

… the insignificant soil

… and the unnoticed Sower!

Certain simple things of life remain in the background, until a strong gaze is fixed on them…

….to realize its worth and importance.

Is this not true even in our day to day lives?

>> The simple acts of sacrifice and love done by the members of the family

>> The unseen efforts of a number of workers ensuring cleanliness and safety in society

>> The quiet acts of service rendered by those working in our institutions and places of work

… all these simple aspects of life often remain forgotten and unrecognized, unless we consciously make an effort to remember and thank them!

And so today’s Gospel begins with the verse…” A Sower went out to sow and as he sowed….”

Full Stop!

We don’t hear of this Sower anymore in the Parable.

>> There is much written on the type of soil…

>> There in enough written on seeds that are broadcasted…

>> There is a fair mention also of the produce…

… But what about the Sower?

So, today, let’s focus the camera of our reflection today….on the generally unnoticed Sower…

This Sower has a stand out quality:

He is…

… lavish in His generosity

… extravagant in His big-heartedness

… and sumptuous in His Kindness!

Though seasoned in His profession of sowing the Seeds, the Sower, bountifully, broadcasts the Seeds on all sorts of soil…

Look closer….

>> He doesn’t make an account of the number of seeds lost…

>> He doesn’t tally the wastage that will be incurred…

>> He doesn’t bill the produce that will result…

He just does one thing… HE SOWS!

Is HE mad??

Seems so!

A Mad Sower….!

… A Sower Who is mad in being extremely generous, lavish and extravagant!

Who is this Sower?

>> God

The Sower is God, Who is Mad …

… Mad for His children, by sowing the seeds of Mercy and Love, generously!

… Mad for His people, by sowing the seeds of Forgiveness and Acceptance, lavishly!

… Mad for His loved ones, by sowing the seeds of His Grace and His Spirit, extravagantly!

Now, how many of us can be like that?

>> Do we sow…

… when a loss is bound to happen as per human calculations?

>> Do we sow honesty and truthfulness…

… even if birds of injustice devour all our good intentions?

>> Do we sow good initiatives…

… even if there is no reward and all our endeavours are being choked?

>> Do we sow a kind word…

… even if we know that bad words will scorch our pure purpose?

>> Do we sow a loving action…

… even though the reaction is always tepid and cold and even adverse?

>> Do we sow help and co-operation…

… in spite of the fact that no one will appreciate our good works?

>> Do we sow a forgiving smile & a reconciling gesture…

… though we are deeply hurt & even wounded?

>> Do we sow an attitude of deep trust & confidence…

… although things are totally topsy-turvy in life?

The Sower, in the Parable, however, continued to Sow…..

>> He knows… “As the rains and the snow come down from the heavens and do not return, till they have watered the earth………the Seed will not return idle, but will accomplish the purpose for which it has been sown!” (Cf. Is 55:10-11)


… Sowing is not a very easy task

…Sowing is not a rewarding enterprise!

But today, the Divine Sower, who is madly generous, dares us to join Him in Sowing!

Yes, it’s a Simple Spirituality: “Simply Sow, so as to serve the society, with satisfaction and serenity!”

Are we willing to Simply Sow, with the Divine Sower, in his Mad Generosity?

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “By making use of the little opportunities with pure and tender love, you will win the Lord’s Heart entirely and will make it your own.

>> These little daily acts of charity…

… this headache, this toothache, this swelling

… this whim of the husband or wife, this breaking of a glass, this contempt or this sulking;

… this loss of gloves, of a ring, of a handkerchief;

… this little inconvenience in going to bed early and in getting up early in the morning to pray, to receive communion;

… this little shame in performing acts of devotion publicly

>> In short, all these little sufferings accepted and embraced with love are extremely pleasing to the Divine Goodness


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