Jul 7 (Lk 10:1-12)

Arabian horses are made to go through painstaking and meticulous training in the dry deserts of the Middle East.

One of the most important aspects that the trainers expect from the horses is of “absolute obedience”.

>> This final test to assess their level of obedience is quite extreme…

The trainers compel the horses to be without water for many days.

A few days later, they turn the horses loose towards a pool of water…

>> The highly thirsty, parched and dehydrated horses, of course start running towards it.

But just as they get to the edge, ready to plunge in and drink, the trainer blows his whistle.

>> Screech….!

The horses are to stop mid-way…

The horses who have been completely trained and who have learned perfect obedience, stop!

>> They turn around and come pacing back to the trainer.

>> They stand there trembling, wanting water… but they wait in perfect obedience.

When the trainer is sure that he has their obedience, he gives them a signal to go back to drink.

>> Complete obedience  from the horses is a sign of their being completely trained.

Well.. this sure sounds hard and severe…

>> But perhaps, we need to learn an important aspect: the need for trustful obedience to our Master!.

·       When we are in the dry deserts of life, we got to be totally obedient to God.

·       When we are in the parched phases of life, we ought to fully heed the voice of the Lord.

The Gospel of the Day is an exhortation by the Lord to listen to Him, to give heed to His Word and to be obedient to Him.

“Jesus appointed seventy (two), whom He sent ahead of Him, in pairs to every town and place He intended to visit” (Lk 10:1)

They were “chosen and appointed”.

>> Why were these chosen?

…and not others?

Well… we can only make some guess-works… because the bottom-line is:

“They were ‘chosen'”

Choice is always a gift, and not a merit!

>> This gift cannot be demanded…. it is given by the Lord, out of His Will

Therefore, it demands a sense of “gratitude” and a spirit of “responsibility”!

The choosing of the seventy (two) also reflects Jesus as the New Moses!

Moses had chosen seventy elders.

>> We read this in the Book of Numbers:

“The LORD said to Moses: “Bring me seventy of Israel’s elders who are known to you as leaders and officials among the people.” (Num 11:16)

The “seventy” were chosen from the elders of the tribes of Israel to assist Moses.

>> They were to become an extension of the work that was entrusted to Moses, by Lord Yahweh

In the Gospels, the seventy (two) disciples are also called, by Jesus, for the similar task:

>> They were to become an extension of the work that was entrusted to Jesus by the Heavenly Father.

In this task of “becoming an extension”, one of the most important essentials was that of “listening to the words of the Master”

>> Obedience to the Word is a necessary criteria to become a true extension of the Lord!

Jesus very specifically lays downs rules and regulations to be followed in their mission journey and task:

“Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and salute no one on the road….” (Lk 10:4)

These exhortations by the Master would cause…

… a sense of insecurity for the disciples

… a feeling a being stranded in the problems that they could encounter.

Yet, the disciples were strongly urged to…

… Listen to His Exhortation

… to Trust in His Providence

… and to be obedient to His Word

·       The disciples were to listen to Jesus, the Beloved Son and grasp His teachings for life

·       The disciples were to listen to Jesus, Beloved Son’s commitment in the path of suffering

·       The disciples were to listen to the Beloved Son’s trust in God’s Will at every moment

Each one of us is called and chosen, as Christians, to be a disciple of Christ – “an extension of the Lord’s tasks in this world” …

… “You did not choose me, but I chose you; and appointed you to go and bear fruit; fruit that will last” (Jn 15:16)

·       Life will take us through many deserts and desolations of difficulties.

·       Life will put us through various storms and hurricanes of hardships.

But in all such moments, are we ready and open to listen to the Voice of the Lord?

Yes, when we are in the dry deserts of life, we better be totally obedient to God.

>> When we are in the parched phases of life, we ought to fully heed the voice of the Lord.

The Lord will take us through…

… every crisis

… every desert

… every darkness

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8: 31)

Let us grow in our efforts to be completely obedient to our Master!

>> Let us pray for His grace to be truly listening and following the voice of our Master!

Are we ready to listen and obey the voice of the Lord?

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “The devil doesn’t fear austerity…

… but holy obedience!”


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