Jun 29 (Feast of Sts Peter and Paul and Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary)

It is said that World History is a victorious story written by the winners, through the lives of proud emperors, famous rulers, triumphant troops…

… but Salvation History is written by God, through the lives of humble saints, repentant sinners and passionate lovers of the Lord!

God is an amazing script writer!

>> His Divine Wisdom, beautifully pens lives.

But often, we fail to understand this script >> Failures, disappointments, tragedies…

… are mostly, considered by us, as the end of our lives….

Today, Holy Mother, the Church invites our attention to Two Persons – St Peter and St Paul…

… who faced failures, disappointments and tragedies

>> But remarkably, through the Divine Plan, their lives were scripted to a classic story….

St Peter was overwhelmed by the Great Fishermen of Hearts

>> All through the life of Jesus, we see St Peter, varying between many emotions: over-zealous, impatient, bold, courageous, simple, daring

St Paul was overpowered by the tremendous power of the Risen Lord

>> All through his life, we see St Paul zealous and passionate, fervent and ardent, bold and courageous.

God, the Great Script writer, knew exactly well, these two personalities…

… Their life is a paradox.

Both had their moments of rejecting, persecuting, betraying and doubting the Lord…

Both had their moments of a “turning point” –  St Peter’s call to be a Fisher of People & the Lord  once again accepting him, in love, after Resurrection… St Paul on his way to Damascus, being prevailed over by the Majestic Power of the Risen Lord!

Both had their moments of being misunderstood and facing tough moments from the people, especially, the close people, with whom, they lived with, and to whom they ministered.

Both had their moments of sharing in the Cross of Christ, in His Chalice of Suffering and in the Baptism of a Holy Death!

Today, both are honoured & venerated as Stalwarts of our Faith & the Pillars of the Church.

Peter who had been Simon; Paul who had been Saul.

Peter the fisherman, the small-town Galilean Jew; Paul the Pharisee, the scholar of the Law.

Peter always conscious of the Faith’s Old Testament roots; Paul who found in Christ, “all things new.”

Peter who had lived and walked with Jesus; Paul who encountered the Risen Jesus.

Peter crucified on an inverted Cross; Paul martyred by the Sword.

>> Two very different persons.

>> Two different temperaments.

But ONE in their Zeal, Passion, Love, Mission, Enthusiasm, Fervour…All for the Lord!

These saints have much to teach us…and much to be imitated…

Is the story of our life, suffering from a bad-script, at the moment?

>> There is Hope….in the Lord!

Are there areas in our life, where there is persecution?

>> There is Salvation…in the Lord!

Are there moments in our life when we feel betrayed or cheated?

>> There is Love…in the Lord!

Are there situations of rejection and loneliness in our life?

>> There is Acceptance…in the Lord!

Are there times of doubt or tears or pain in the depth of our heart?

>>There is Healing…in the Lord!

The Lord, the Mighty Rock..promised and declared St Peter to be the Rock!

>> The Lord, the Good News…promised and declared St Paul to be the Evangelizer!

Today He invites us to imitate & follow the example of these Humble yet Great Saints of the Church.

Let us grow in Obedience, in Love and in Dependence….like St Peter

>> Let us grow in Passion, in Courage and in Openness….like St Paul!

Today we also thank the Lord for the Heart of our Blessed Mother… the Immaculate Heart of Mary

… the Mother of the Most Perfect Child in the world

… the Mother, Who herself was Immaculate and Stainless!

The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, follows immediately after the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Love seeks unity…

… and Jesus and Mary – Son and Mother – were deeply united in love!

>> The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…

… in their lives, they were One

… in their sorrow, they were One

… and in their love, they were One!

In celebrating the Immaculate (a word which means “unstained) Heart of Mother Mary, we focus our meditation on Her Single-heartedness.

In Mt 6:24, we read: “No one can serve two masters!”.

Sin divides our heart…we no longer remain immaculate….

>> But Mamma Mary, remained focused all through Her life, in doing God’s Will…and remained Immaculate!

The Immaculate Heart of Mary today invites us to have our minds and hearts, focused on God… “The One who has called you, is faithful”! (1 Thess 5:24)

Like our Immaculate Mother, let us also seek to proclaim:

“Fiat Lord- Let Thy will be done, Lord”…

…. in all moments and situations of our lives!

The last recorded words of Mamma Mary in the Bible are…”Do whatever He tells You!” (Jn 2: 5)

>> Our loving Mother, steaches us the Gospel in these 5 words

Let us give heed to Her… just as she pondered His Word and lived a Perfect Christian Life

>> Let us also strive to be Immaculate and Holy.

Happy Feast of St Peter and St Paul, the Pillars of the Church to all of us, the Seekers of their Intercession and Zeal!

>> Feastday wishes of the Beautifully Immaculate Heart of our Precious Mamma, united to the Sacred Heart of Her Divine Child….

… and to all of us, Her Little Children and Followers of Her Son!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Most Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, I (full name), most unworthy though I am to be thy servant, yet touched by Thy motherly care for me and longing to serve thee, do, in the presence of my Guardian Angel and all the court of Heaven, choose thee this day to be my queen, my advocate, and my mother, and I firmly purpose to serve Thee evermore myself and to do what I can that all may render faithful service to Thee.

Therefore, most devoted Mother, through the Precious Blood thy Son poured out for me, I beg thee and beseech Thee, deign to take me among thy clients and receive me as Thy servant forever.

Aid me in my every action, and beg for me the grace never, by word or deed or thought, to be displeasing in thy sight and that of thy most holy Son!”


One thought on “Jun 29 (Feast of Sts Peter and Paul and Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary)

  1. Dear Rev.Fr,thank you very much for your inspiring thought provoking words which keep our faith deep rooted and unchallenged in the present world enchantment and chaos.We earnestly eagerly look forward to your message in the Goodness TV, God bless you.


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