Mar 02 (Mk 10:13-16)

Home Sweet Home.. is a phrase that is often used in our parlance.

Home evokes a feeling of comfort, relaxation, wellbeing, ease and contentment.
>> “Feel at home” is an constant invitation that we extend to our guests and visitors and make them feel secure.

>> Some places are naturally able to give us this “homely-feeling”…
>> Some persons are also naturally able to render us this “homely-feeling”…
Jesus, is the one person, who is certainly & surely able to give the “best homely feeling!”

The Gospels are a testimony to this fact…
>> Sinners found a home…
… a solace in the Sanctifying Presence of the Lord!

>> Sick people found a home…
… a remedying cure in the Healing Presence of the Lord!

>> Broken souls found a home…
… a regrouping catalyst in the Restoring Presence of the Lord!

>> Outcast groups found a home…
… an accepting embrace in the Welcoming Presence of the Lord!

>> Hopeless persons found a home…
… an encouraging impetus in the Energetic Presence of the Lord!

In the Gospel of the Day, we encounter another set of Persons who sought to find a Home in the Lord and wanted to experience His comforting love – Little Children

Little children are brought to Jesus to be prayed over and to be blessed… (Mk 10:13)

These Little Children are brought to Jesus so that find a Home in Him- a Home of Blessing & Sanctity!
>> But unfortunately… the Disciples prevented the Little Ones from being brought to Jesus!

How often this happens in our world too: Little things in life often not being given the due importance and are discarded or pushed away..

The Disciples of Jesus fell prey to this sad and pitiable trend of the ‘frantic and frenzied’ world…
>> Perhaps they felt…these little children are a nuisance in the hectic & occupied schedule of Jesus…
>> Perhaps they considered…these little children are an unnecessary burden to an already overburdened Jesus…
>> Perhaps they thought.. these little children are a hindrance in the teaching, healing and preaching ministry of Jesus…

But Jesus, the Home-giver, the Care-provider…. reprimands & reproofs this attitude & approach.
>> He is a Home to the Homeless… He is a Shelter to the Shelterless.. He is a Hope to the Hopeless…

He invites the Little Children to be brought to Him & help them feel His Homely Presence!
>> He bids the Little Ones to be brought to Him & let them be touched by His Healing Presence!

In our lives, we at times photocopy this attitude of the Disciples and fall short to approach the Lord: Avoiding the little things of life that give spiritual console and spiritual strength
>> In my work-dominated life…
… Do I fail to spend, a little time in the Homely Presence of the Lord?

>> In my high-styled life…
… Do I miss to realize & enjoy, the little joys in the Providence of the Lord?

>> In my passive life…
Do I take for granted, the favours that I obtain in the Mercy of the Lord?

>> In my tension-filled life…
Do I neglect the blessings, that I receive through the Bounty of the Lord?

People might prevent us…Situations might discourage us…Circumstances might dampen our spirit
>> But, the Lord has a Home for each one of us!

The Lord never gets tired of us… let us go to Him, to seek comfort and solace!
>> The Lord eagerly waits for us… let us run to Him and be blessed and graced in His embrace!
>>>> The Lord has enough time for us … let us approach Him & experience the true happiness of life!

Jesus, is the one person, who is certainly & surely able to give the “best homely feeling!”
>> Let us be AT HOME WITH JESUS!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “It is wonderful how attractive a gentle, pleasant manner is…
… and how much it wins hearts.”

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