Jan 20 (Jn 2:1-12)

There is a story of a poor farmer.

>> The only possession he had was a plantain grove.

Once, his only son fell seriously sick.

>> He did not have the required money to treat his son.

Desperation grew stronger, and hopes were getting diminished!

His wife advised him:

“Why don’t we try to approach our King and seek for his financial assistance?

Hopefully, he will help!”

“Hmm.. that is a good suggestion” said the farmer, “but what shall we present him, when we go to meet him? We surely can’t go empty-handed!”

They both went to their plantain grove.

>> Unfortunately, there were only three plantains!

“How can we give this cheap present to the King” sadly exclaimed the wife.

“He may even get angry with us”, commented the farmer.

Finally, faced with no choice, they thought about another idea – “they would meet the Queen-Mother of the King”

So they went, in fear, yet with hope, approaching the mother of the King.

>> They presented her the three plantains as a gift to the King and informed of their serious problem.

That night, the mother, placed the three plantains, in a golden plate, full of precious stones.

When the King saw the three plantains, that were placed in the midst of the fine jewels, he was impressed.

>> He enquired who gave it…

… and the one who informed, also told about the farmer and his sick child to the King.

The King called the farmer, and being pleased with him, gave him much wealth and land!

Similar is the work of our Blessed Mother, the Queen-Mother of our Blessed Lord.

>> She presents our problems and difficulties to the Lord, and provides consolation and strength in our moments of troubles.

The Gospel of the Day presents this powerful intercessory role of our Blessed Mother, in the Wedding at Cana.

The Wedding at Cana is the first of the “signs” that is reported in the Gospel of St John.

Weddings were probably the high point of the Jewish Social life.

>> It was a time when there would be an abundance of celebration, extravagance of merriment and lavishness of fun.

Weddings were some of the very few occasions, when the common, working class people could take time off to celebrate and enjoy themselves.

>> As a result, most weddings would include five to seven days of festivities.

Wine was an integral part of this important social custom.

Therefore when the Gospel says, “they ran short of wine”…

… it was a moment of immense embarrassment for the family.

… it was a time of utter shame and humiliation for the hosts

But in this time of crisis and trouble, Mother Mary realized the potential disaster.

>> She took the initiative to do something about it – to help avoid the great embarrassment that would have crashed upon the family.

How often do we face such situations of “the wine running short” in our life!

The “wine”….

… of unity and fellowship, often, “runs short” in our family life….

… of unity and fellowship, often, “runs short” in our family life….

… of holiness and sanctity, often, “runs short” in our spiritual life….

… of faith and perseverance, often, “runs short” in our prayer life….

… of sensitiveness and responsiveness, often, “runs short” in our social life….

… of joy and commitment, often, “runs short” in our religious and priestly life….

In all such occasions of “the wine running short”, Blessed Mother Mary is our intercessor to help us receive the “abundance of the best wine” from Jesus.


>> Have we invited Mother Mary in our life?

>> Have we given Her a place in our life?

She will take us to the Lord and help receive His blessings and graces!

Therefore, we also ought to follow Her words, “Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2: 5)

>> Mother Mary not only helps us receive blessings from the Lord…

… She also directs us towards Him and exhorts us to follow Him closer!

>> Mother Mary not only takes our petitions, by Her intercessions to the Lord…

… She also shows us the way to Him and urges us to live a life of obedience to Him!

On tasting the water that was changed to wine, the headwaiter said:

“Everyone serves good wine first and then when people have drunk freely, an inferior one.

But you have kept the good wine, until now” (Jn 2: 10)

Yes, there are often situations, when “we run short of wine” in our lives.

But, in all such moments of worry, despair and trouble, Mother Mary takes us closer to Jesus…

… Who longs to provide us with the “best wine” – the wine of true joy and eternal salvation!

Are we ready to feast, by seeking the intercession of our Queen-Mother Mary and being obedient to the commandments of the Lord?

The best wine is waiting…!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “When human spirit fails, then the Holy Spirit Fills!”


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