Jan 18 (Mk 2:1-12)

A wealthy man was once seen driving his Lamborghini car through the streets of a busy city.

As he stopped in a particular place for parking, a curious passer-by, remarked at the driver:

“Hey, it’s surprising! You’re driving such an expensive car… but didn’t you notice that your rear window glasses are broken!”

“There’s a reason for pursuing with the broken glasses…”, the man in the car replied, “the broken windows remind me of God’s Providential Love!”

“Huh?”, enquired the passer-by with greater curiosity, “How do ‘broken windows’ remind you of God’s Providential Love?”

“Well.. then, listen to my story,” said the man as he continued, ” I was once passing through the streets, zipping across in my luxurious car…

… when suddenly, a crashing sound was heard from the back!

>> I saw that a stone had been thrown at my car!

In great anger, I noticed that it was  a rag-picker boy, who had thrown the stone!

My blood boiled, in rage, as I stopped my vehicle and moved closer to him.

But then I saw him, joining his hands, as he pleaded to me in tears: “Sir, look at my younger brother…

>> I noticed to see, that a young boy who legs were paralyzed was lying down, with a heavy scars and bruises on his legs.

The boy continued: ‘I was crossing the road, helping my lame brother, when a fast-moving bike ran over him, to leave with a bleeding leg.

I called out to many people for help…but none cared!

Finally, out of my helplessness, I decided to throw a stone at the vehicle which would come next, in order to seek help!

The boy continued: ‘Sir, I am extremely sorry that your expensive car is damaged. But, trust me, this was the only way I could seek help for my injured brother!”

Tears filled my eyes, as I told the boy: “My car windows are surely broken! But they are also a reminder, that sometimes, we have to allow God to break certain things, to remind…

… that we need to stop and help!

… that we need to depend on God in all aspects of life!

>> Surely, these broken windows are a sign of God’s Providential Love!”

Are there “broken windows” in our life?

>> Broken windows…

… when tragedies and calamities have hit our life?

… when untimely incidents and unexpected twists have taken place in life?

>> Though difficult to comprehend, perhaps, a deeper reflection, will help us to realize that such “Broken Windows are a sign of God’s Providential Love!”

The Gospel of the Day is a story of how a “broken roof becomes a sign of God’s Providential Love!”

We are travelling very quickly with St Mark’s journey of the ministry of Jesus.

>> We were with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee, where He called the first disciples (Mk 1: 16-20)


… we came to the synagogue, where Jesus cures a man with an unclean spirit (Mk: 1: 21-28)

… we reached Simon’s house, where Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law (Mk 1:29-31)

… we went to the mountains to pray with Jesus, who always remained focused (Mk 1: 35)

… we met a leper, unacceptable in the society, who was made clean by Jesus (Mk 1: 40-45)

The journey moves fast and immediately…

At Capernaum, a great crowd has gathered in a house, where Jesus is preaching (Mk 2:1-2)

>> The house is fully packed with people cramming to hear the Lord and seek His Healing..

Then comes a group of thick friends who have brought their paralytic friend to Jesus.

>> They came with much expectation to get their friend whole and well again.

But as they approached the house…

… their hopes went down!

The massive gathering at the door thinned their anticipations!

But when the chips are down…

… one is given a chance to find strength one never knew one had & put it toward the greater good.

They came seeking for blessings…

… but it seemed, that the firmament was closed to shower down blessings!

But then they had a hope: They realized that “Even a broken roof can be a sign of God’s Providential Love!”

>> And so they decided to plead God to shower His blessings: “by tear opening the roof!”

“Unable to get near Jesus, because of the crowd, they opened up the roof above Him” (Mk 1:4)

“Opened up the roof” has other translations:

>> “Dug a hole through the roof”

>> “Removed part of the roof”

>> “Uncovered the roof”

We would perhaps think the roof was some primitive, thatched roof.

>> But most likely, that was not the case…

As per the architecture then, this roof was more than likely a mud clay roof with tiles

>> To lower their paralyzed friend through the roof, they literally had to do a major demolition of the roof.

Well… picture this:

You’re in this packed house…trying to listen to Jesus.

>> All of a sudden you start to hear some banging on the roof.

These friends would have literally tore the tiles off the roof, made a hole & lowered the paralyzed man by a rope into the house.

>> Then the roof materials begins to fall in on you!

Well… picture the people’s responses:

>> They would have been astonished, amazed and some even angered!

They were there to listen to Jesus….they had come early…they had won their spot…

>> They were perhaps hearing their life-transforming sermon!

It’s at this point, that the “roof starts tearing down!”

>> But Jesus, the God of blessings, is immensely pleased and edified by their faith and trust!

Their “tearing of the roof”…

… is blessed by “pouring down of blessings” and a “cleansing of sins”.

Many of the times, we too face similar barriers and blockages in our experience for the Lord.

>> We need to plead to God to shower His blessings: “by tear opening the roof!”

>> When we have…

… ‘end-of-the-road’ feelings and hopeless situations

… problems which seem impossible and unsolvable

>> Are we willing to have our “roofs broken”…

… and thus realize God’s Providential Love?!

Difficulties and barriers will always be many in life…

Hardships and challenges will often stare on our face…

>> But let us have the grit and the guts to be ready to “have our roof broken” of all such adversities!

Yes, let us understand that even a “broken roof is a sign of God’s Providential Love!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “ It is no great merit to serve one’s king during times of peace amid the delights of the court life.

>> To serve him during the hardships of war and amid troubles and persecutions…

… is a true mark of constancy and fidelity!”


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