Dec 7 (Mt 9:27-31)

Every person in the world faces a moment of darkness.

>> Some of us get encompassed by it.

>> Some of us get dejected by it.

The Gospel of Day presents the healing of two blind men.

Two blind men, who faced immense darkness, but did not allow to get encompassed or dejected by it.

Let us travel with them through this exciting journey of moving from “Tamas” to “Jyothi”…

These two blind men take us through four stages of a spiritual life:

1. A State of Blindness

The two men are struck with blindness.

There is no idea as to when or how or why they became blind.

>> Maybe they were blind from their birth.

>> Maybe they became blind due to some sickness as they grew up

>> Maybe they became blind as a result of some accident or calamity

The reasons for their blindness is unknown

Maybe many of us are in a state of blindness….

>> Blindness of inferiority complexes…

>> Blindness of inner brokenness…

>> Blindness of family crisis…

>> Blindness of being rejected and not accepted…

Some of us maybe experiencing this darkness from the time of our birth.

>> Some of us maybe experiencing this darkness due to calamities striking our lives as we grew

2. A State of Seeking

A life of blindness meant a life of total dependence on others…

…at times facing the ire of the people…at times facing the rejection of the people.

They could have become dejected and totally depressed.

>> They could have given up in life and cursed their destiny.

The two blind men, did not allow their darkness to cloud their lives.

>> They probably would have heard about Jesus and the wonders He had done.

They sought…

… with hope, the One who could banish their darkness.

… with faith, the One who could heal their gloominess.

Our state of blindness should not become a hindrance to seek the Lord.

>> We need to seek the Lord with our entire being…

>> We need to seek the plan of God and His providential care in our shadows..

>> We need to seek the road ahead with Hope and Faith in His Divine plans…

3. The State of Faith

The two blind, after making a deliberate choice to seek the Lord, express their deep faith in the healing power of the Lord.

The Lord makes a test of their trust and hope in Him.

“Do you believe that I am able to do what you want”. They answered, ” Yes, Sir!” (Mt 9:28)

Our seeking for the Lord, needs to be supplemented greatly with the vitamin of Faith!

>> Delays in our prayer requests, should become an incentive to grow deeper in faith.

>> Addition of more struggles in life, ought to be moments to have more faith in Him

4. The Stage of Proclamation

The Two blind, who were healed by Jesus, now, are filled with tremendous joy and enthusiasm.

Their happiness is so much overflowing, that they go beyond the words of Jesus, and proclaim His wonderful miracle to the peoples.

“But they went out and spread word of Him through all that land” (Mt 9:31)

Once we are touched by the Lord, our happiness would know no bounds.

>> Once we are healed by the Lord, our enthusiasm would get highly contagious.

The two blind men in the Gospel take us through these four stages…

The Stage of Blindness…

The Stage of Seeking…

The Stage of Faith…

The Stage of Proclamation.

Let us be inspired and challenged by them

Let us seek…

… the Lord of Light in our darkness.

… the Lord of healing in our sicknesses.

… the Lord of holiness in our blindness.

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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