Oct 2 (Feast of the Guardian Angels)

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

All of us love to have friends who make life more interesting and joyful by their presence.

>> The journey of life gets more easy and exciting with the presence of friends.

Our spiritual journey too follows this concept…

God, the author of life, in His all-powerful Wisdom, has blessed each of us with a friend.

A friend who accompanies us.

>> A friend who strengthens us.

>> A friend who helps us….

This friend is known as “The Guardian Angel“

Today, Holy Mother the Church celebrates the Feast of “The Guardian Angel”

The Church in her teachings affirms and assures that “from its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by watchful care and intercession of the angels. Beside each believer, stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church # 336)

From the first moments of our existence, the Guardian Angel has been with us…

At our birth, the Guardian Angel was elated at the dawn of a new life…

>> At our Baptism, the Guardian Angel was pleased to have us join God’s Family…

>> At our Confession, the Guardian Angel was delighted to have us back to God’s holiness…

>> At our Holy Communion, the Guardian Angel rejoiced in us, receiving the Loving Lord…

>> At our Confirmation, the Guardian Angel was joyful in us, being strengthened in the Spirit…

>> At our Marriage, Profession/Ordination, the Guardian Angel was happy with our way of life..

>> At every stage of our life, the Guardian Angel guides us with God’s Holy Inspirations…

>> In our final moments, the Guardian Angel will be with us to strengthen and console us…

At every step of our life, God has blessed us with this beautiful companion to “to guide and protect us through life and to lead us safely to our Eternal Home.”

The Lord wants each one of us to be walking in His presence and be safe from the snares of the Evil.

>> And for this purpose, He has blessed us with a the beautiful image of the Guardian Angel…

An Angel is a being, a person – one who has an intelligence and a free will.

>> An Angel thinks…but clearer than we do

>> An Angel loves… but dearly than we do

How does a Guardian Angel guard us?

>> Through gentle inspirations…

In the hard moments of doubts and confusion…

The Guardian Angel gently inspires us with words of clarity and understanding.

In the dark situations of hopelessness and resignations…

The Guardian Angel gently inspires us with the light of God’s hope and strength.

In the narrow tunnels of losing faith and giving up…

The Guardian Angel gently inspires us with comforting words and counsels.

In the unfaithful times of going away from doing God’s will through sin…

The Guardian Angel gently inspires us with strong urges to come back to God’s ways.

In the daily moments of facing a choice of doing good or bad…

The Guardian Angel gently inspires us with showing what is more beneficial and valuable.

The Guardian Angels do not force us. The Guardian Angels do respect our free wills.

But the Guardian Angels do long for us to always walk in God’s power and presence.

The Feast of the Guardian Angels is an opportunity for us to increase in our devotion and fondness for this “friend” whom God has blessed each one of us with.

The Feast of the Guardian Angels is also an opportunity for us to increase in our duty and responsibility of becoming a guardian, a friend and a guide to one another.

>> There are many whom we know who struggle with difficulties

… problems…faith-issues…financial difficulties

… mental problems… emotional breakdowns

The Feast is a reminder to each one of us, to become a Guardian to all…

Jesus, through the Gospel of the day on this Feast day says… “See that YOU DO NOT DESPISE one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father” (Mt 18:10).

“Not despising” someone not only includes avoiding putting down or humiliating or causing scandal to others etc…

… but on a positive sense, means to encourage, promote and strengthen one another.

A true friend is the one who really cares…

… when the whole world despises.

We have a responsibility to be a True Guardian to each other in our life on the earth.

God has also blessed each one of us, with a True Friend, in our Guardian Angel.

>> Let us grow in reverence and love for our Dear Spiritual Friend.

Let us invoke the assistance of this friend in our works, on meeting people, while going to different places etc.

Let us grow in our awareness, as St John Vianney would say:

” When we are walking in the streets, let us fix our eyes on Our Lord bearing his Cross before us; on the Blessed Virgin who is looking at us; on our Guardian Angel who is by our side.“

Happy Feast to our Dear Friend, the Guardian Angel …and to each one of us!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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