Sep 8 (Nativity of Mother Mary – Mt 1:1-23)

A legendary story is said of how God sent an angel down from heaven to find the most beautiful thing on earth and bring it back to heaven.

When the angel observed the lovely flowers, he said, “These must be the most beautiful things on earth”

>> And gathered them up to take with him back to heaven.

A little further, when he saw a child of wondrous beauty and golden hair and lovely smile, he said, “This must be the most wonderful thing on earth. Nothing could be sweeter than the smile of that innocent child.”

>> And he held the child with the smile, in the arms

But as he moved ahead, he reached a simple cottage…

… where a mother sat in the doorway with her little baby on her lap.

As he watched her tender and beautiful care for the little babe, he said, “This must be the fairest thing on earth. I will take that mother’s love back with me to heaven.”

When he reached the portals of heaven…

… the flowers had faded and were dead

… the smile on the child’s face had changed into an angry frown

>> But the mother’s love remained unchanged!

Yes, a Mother’s Love is special!

>> The Mother is precious!

>> The Mother is truly worth much much love and affection!

Today, we celebrate the Best, the Most Beloved and the most Lovable Mother of all – Blessed Mamma Mary!

September 8th.

>> The Nativity of the Blessed Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Saviour of the World!

But why should we really be celebrating HER?

“We like the list of qualities and roles of mothers…and truly, we agree that the role of a mothers is very special.

But why should all that be applied to Mary?”

>> “Are we not taking away the glory and the honour which is due only to God?”

>> “Are we not attaching undue festivities and illogical devotions to…well…after all ‘a creature of God'”?

>> “Are we not over-emphasizing and getting over-emotional and going overboard in magnifying Mary?”

How do we understand Mary and Her importance in our lives and the need to give Her a special honour?

As in the words of Fulton J Sheen,

“We begin with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God!

>> The less we think of Him, the less we think of Her.

>> The more we adore His divinity, the more we venerate Her motherhood.

The less we acknowledge His divinity, the less we have respect for Her.”

Mary receives and deserves and acquires honour and special respect, solely due to Her Divine Son, Jesus!

We may feel that our mothers and Mary as a mother are not too different…

But the difference is their children!!

>> We are just ordinary….but Jesus is not!

Mother Mary is different and unique and exclusive and singled-out, because Her Child is Supremely Special!

And this is what the Church teaches through the Readings of today’s Mass, especially the Genealogy that is presented in Mt 1:1-16.

Today’s Gospel has a dual outlook:

1. The Narration of the Birth of Jesus (Mt 1: 18-23)

2. The Genealogy (Mt 1:1-16)

The Genealogy with its too complex length and its tongue-twisting names is most of the time, “avoided” and “skipped”.

>> But those sixteen verses of the Genealogy in the Gospel of Mathew contains a treasure and mystery of the legacy of our faith!

The Genealogy is like Archaeology.

>> We look for buried cities…

… and we find crumbled walls

>> We look for ancient treasures…

… and we find dust

>> We look for timeless art…

… and instead find broken pottery!

>> We look for holy people but we find cracked sinners

>> We look for valiant persons but we find ordinary folk

>> We look for the precious plan of God and instead find often the non co-operation of people!

And our lives are similar too…

>> We look for peaceful lives…

… but we encounter constant troubles

>> We seek for happiness and success…

… but we meet failures

>> We expect the miraculous interventions of God…

… but often find life hitting hard at us!

But in the history of salvation…and in our own history….

>> The Lord of History guides with His Mighty Hand!

In all the ordinariness that is seen…

…. the Mighty God steers and pilots our lives through the thickets & valleys & plains & deserts!

And it is here, that the role of Mother Mary is brought out in full force and in true vigour: She Said YES!

She said YES to the amazing plan of the God of History…

… and consented for God’s Unique style of saving the world!

>> And with this YES…began Her journey of greatness!

The “Yes” to allow Her body to become the sanctuary of Sanctuaries…

… was repeated at every moment of Her life!

And it is this Her continual state of saying YES to God’s Will that makes Mamma Mary great and worthy of all respect and honour.

The moon does not take the brilliance away from the Sun!

>> All its light is reflected from the Sun!

Blessed Mamma Mary reflects Her Divine Child!

>> With Him, She is the Mother of All!

The Mother is special!

>> And Mother Mary is the most special among them all!

Let’s rejoice with Her today.

>> Let’s thank God for Her today.

>> Let’s become more close to Her from today!

With Her…

… we will always have our lives secure in God!

… we are sure to be safe in God’s embrace!

Happy Birthday Dearest Mamma!

We Love You!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

One thought on “Sep 8 (Nativity of Mother Mary – Mt 1:1-23)

  1. FrJijo, your words deeply penetrate my understanding,and the feelings of my heart as a mother.Your indeed gifted,with Gods word,thats worth more than silver or Gold.I thank a wonderful mamma who gave birth to a sweet Marian baby like you.


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