Aug 4 (Mk 14:1-12, Feast of St John Maria Vianney)

The Mammoth Cave National Park, in central Kentucky, is a U.S. National Park.

>> It encompasses portions of the Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world.

In these caves, one can see enormous pillars which have been formed by the steady dropping of water from the roof of the cavern.

This masonry – formed of solid rock – made by the slow and silent process of nature, is a true marvel…

• A single drop of water, finds its way from the surface down through the roof of the cave, and deposits its sediment

• Another follows it and still another… each adding its imperceptible contribution, until the icicle of stone begins to grow, ultimately reaching the pillar which likewise has been forming on the bottom of the cave.

These become a massive pillar – brilliant and classic.

This process is so similar that which occurs in our hearts…

>> Each thought, that awakens for a moment, sinks into the soul – just as each little drop of water, with its limestone deposit, makes its contribution to the pillar in the cave.

>> Other thoughts follow and yet others…erecting within our hearts, pillars of purpose that form our character.

Think nobler, and our character will mould into being noble…

>> Think wicked, and our character will decay into being evil…

What is the thought-pattern that we nurture in our lives?

The Gospel of the Day makes a dramatic presentation of two opposing characters – one of them holy and the other evil – John the Baptist and Herod the Tetrarch…

… which were formed as a result of the accumulation of contrasting deposits of thoughts and feelings.

The Gospel passage is a sort of a “flashback” passage which recounts the visually-disturbing incident of the ‘beheading of John the Baptist’.

The increasing popularity of Jesus caused Herod the Tetrarch, the ruler of the land, to come face-to-face with his guilty conscience.

Truth is always very powerful!

It can, silently, yet very authoritatively …

… challenge faulty lives

… prick guilty consciences

… confront culpable actions

Herod bore the guilt of having killed John the Baptist, who was the voice of the Truth.

>> He knew that he had done something extremely wicked and merciless

>> He knew that he had acted in opposition to truth, to honesty and to sincerity.

Therefore, the rising fame of the Lord – whom he misunderstood as John the Baptist – drove him to despair over that brutal act of the killing of the Baptist.

• The constant exposition to wicked thoughts and evil inclinations had caused his life to become a pillar of guilt-filled feelings!

>> Think wicked, and our character will decay into being evil…

On the other hand, was the righteous life of John the Baptist.

He was born with a sense of purpose – of being a voice to the Truth.

He maintained this goal by always living in sincerity – fearless and courageous.

>> To this end, he even valiantly shed his blood!

• The constant nurturing of holy purposes and sacred acts had caused his life to become a pillar of a purpose-filled existence!

>> Think nobler, and our character will mould into being noble…

What is the thought-pattern that we nurture in our lives?

• Is my life a Pillar…

… of guilt-filled feelings – formed by deposits of wickedness, evil and sin?


• Is my life a Pillar…

… of a purpose-filled existence – formed by deposits of holy determination and sanctified lives?

Today we celebrate the Feast of St John Maria Vianney, the patron saint of all the priests!

>> As a young son, he had to face resistence from his father, who was opposed to his being a priest, due to financial difficulties as well as the strained political climate of his time

>> As a young seminarian, he had to face hardships in the seminary, due to his difficulties in studies

>> As a young priest, he had to face isolation from the parish at Ars, where he was first appointed, due to the indifference and the secular lifestyle of the people in the village.

He experienced the great reality: “When one’s heart is rooted in unbelief and is closed to the truth…

… things of the Divine appear to be hostile!”

But despite this harsh experience of “indifference and hostility to the Truth”…

… he held on to “Doing the Will of God, and be His Faithful Follower!”

>> St John Maria Vianney placed His entire trust in the Power of God

Today let us seek the Intercession of St John Maria Vianney…

… to remain “faithful and firm”

>> And thus, seek to imitate St John the Baptist, in following our Blessed Lord

May his words inspire us:

>> “You cannot please both God and the world at the same time, They are utterly opposed to each other in their thoughts, their desires, and their actions.”

>> “I tell you that you have less to suffer in following the cross than in serving the world and its pleasures.”

Let us also pray specially for Priests all over the world, that their Patron Saint – St John Maria Vianney – may intercede, to help all priests…

… to be more holy and faithful to their Noble Vocation

… to be more zealous in administering the Sacraments and giving His Word

… to be more passionate in Loving the Lord and bringing many more to His Love

Happy Feast to all the Priests!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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