Jul 30 (Mt 13:31-35)

Jesus in the Gospels loves to use simple, tiny and insignificant objects, to project His message of the Kingdom!

Today He uses the example of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven in describing the Might of the Kingdom!

>> Little Is Much When God is in It!

The mustard seed & leaven would’ve hardly received any attention in the normal sense…

>> But Jesus, the Master Artist paints these li’l objects into the Mighty Canvas of the Kingdom & delivers a powerful message…

>> The Kingdom of God has its humble beginnings…

… but it develops into a Powerful Force!

>> The Kingdom of God often starts very insignificantly…

… but it expands into a Huge Reality!

>> The Kingdom of God initiates in an unnoticed manner…

… but it enlarges into an Influential Entity!

Little Is Much when God is in It!

The mustard seed develops into a Tree, which renders shelter to the birds of the air (Mt 13: 31-32)…..

• The sinners find a solace in this Tree….

• The sick encounter support in this Tree..

• The rejected have a remedy in this Tree…

• The cast-outs meet consolation in this Tree….

• The prostitutes experience peace in this Tree…

The leaven which is little, makes the whole mass of dough to rise (Mt 13:33)…

• The rod in Moses’ hand – a shepherd’s ordinary crook – became a mighty symbol of God’s Power

• The jawbone with Samson – a decaying useless bone – became an instrument of killings thousands of enemies!

• The stone in David’s hand – an unnoticed stone – became the means of conquering the gigantic Goliath!

Little Is Much When God is in It!

>> We live in times when many things are explained or rejected in terms of science, psychology, post-modern modern philosophies and assorted spiritualities

>> We live in times when Material values and worldly attitudes are corroding our lives.

>> We live in times when ethical Principles and traditional virtues often get kicked into the backyard!

Times are bad.

>> Times are worsening.

>> Times are sickening…

Times, are even, sometimes seen hopeless and scary and terrifying!

>> But we also ought to realize that…many things, that cannot be discovered and understood through the microscope of science and modern theories can be discovered by looking through the eye of faith!

Massive things can be seen and achieved by looking through the miniscule eye of Faith!

>> Little Is Much When God is in It!!

Maybe, many of us are also going through a “bored and unexcited” phase of our life…

… feeling uncertain about the future

… experiencing worry about the past

… troubled by the anxieties of the present.

Yet, the Lord is with us…

… to transform us and to renew us!

What is needed is our self-giving…

… little and small as we are: let us offer our lives to the Lord

… broken and disturbed as we are: let us give ourselves to the Lord

>> Little is much, when God, is in it!

Yes, our efforts and attempts to spread God’s Kingdom may be just minor…

… like the Mustard Seed and the Leaven.

But let us always realize and trust:

>> Little Is Much When God is in It!!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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