Jul 4 (Mt 8:28-34)

There are many dramatic incidents mentioned in the Bible, and especially in the Gospels.

Today’s reading in one such highly dramatic and gripping episode.

>> Jesus, liberates two persons from the power of the demons and banishes the band of demons into a herd of pigs!

The demoniacs in today’s Gospel, lived among the tombs, and were extremely fierce and ruthless! The demons had taken great possession of them, and were totally bound to these satanic forces!

There are several aspects we could consider in this gripping scene:

a. Denial of the Presence of the Evil:

One of the simple strategies that Satan is succeeding today, is in the aspect, that many seek to underplay his power or even deny his existence.

Psychological Advancements and Reasonable Thinking would probably dilute the fact of the existence of Satan or Demoniac Powers or Evil forces!

To negate the very existence of evil itself, is an acknowledgement of the presence of Satan!

>> But the Gospels are clear in telling the fact that evil forces, Satan and the Devil do tamper with human lives &situations, and are on the spree to capture human beings into sinful ways of living!

We pray in the Our Father.. ” but deliver us from evil…”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is clear, (#2851) “In this petition (of the Our Father), evil is not an abstraction, but refers to a person, Satan, the Evil One, the angel who opposes God. The devil (dia-bolos) is the one who “throws himself across” God’s plan and his work of salvation accomplished in Christ.”

b. Jesus is shown to be in total control over Demoniac and Satanic powers!

The Gospel of Matthew clearly demonstrates, the various ways in which Jesus is powerful.

He liberates people from leprosy, he heals sicknesses, he calms the storms…

… and now, He casts out demons and frees the captives from their chains!

c. Sin has a power to keep people clinging to it

The people of the town, though having, witnessed the mighty deliverance by Jesus, now request and plead Him to leave their area.

Usually, those who encounter the Might of Jesus, seek for more of His presence. But these people, happy with their life, now find a disturbance in Jesus!

>> They probably realize that they’d have to make amendments in their life, to accommodate the Liberating Presence of Jesus in their lives!

Now let’s come to us…

1. Do I downplay the power & techniques & tactics of Satan and evil forces, and rather seek to offer human and natural solutions for supernatural problems?

Pope Francis would say, “Maybe Satan’s greatest achievement in these times, has been to make us believe that he does not exist, and that all can be fixed on a purely human level.”

Yes, “The presence of the devil is on the first page of the Bible & the Bible ends as well with the presence of the devil, with the victory of God over the devil.”

2. Am I able to trust in the Mighty Liberating Force of the Lord, who has complete control over all satanic and demoniac forces?

3. Do I seek to run away from the Lord & His teachings, especially, since it forces me to change my old pattern of lifestyle?

>> Do I seek comfort & pleasure, in living a sinful life & even make justifications & adjustments, in spiritual life, so that the Lord only remains a passive force in me?!

The World is a witness to many satanic and evil forces…

>> Sinful ways of living, Loose immoral lives, Injustice, Corruption, Hypocritical practices, Inhuman abuses etc….

It’s time to renew the Spiritual Combat

…in our personal lives, our family lives, in our communities, our societies and in the whole world!

Let the Lord of all Liberation and Power, be our strength and courage!

Amos 5:14 says, “Seek good…and shun evil…that you may live!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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