1. Holy Thursday

“A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who piously recite the verses of the Tantum ergo (Let us bow in Adoration) after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday during the solemn reposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament.”

2. Good Friday

“A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who

1. Devoutly assist at the adoration of the Cross in the solemn liturgical action of Good Friday; or

2. Personally make the pious Way of the Cross, or devoutly unite themselves to the Way of the Cross while it is being led by the Supreme Pontiff and broadcast live on television or radio.”

3. Easter Vigil

“A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who, at the celebration of the Easter Vigil (or on the anniversary of their own Baptism), renew their baptismal vows in any legitimately approved formula.”

What is Plenary Indulgence?

The COMPLETE remission before God, of the temporal punishment due for sins already forgiven.

>> It can be either for one’s own self, or to a Faithful Departed.

Basic Requirements for Plenary Indulgence

 Be in a state of grace (Make a confession)

 Receive Holy Communion

 Have an intention to receive the Indulgence

 Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father

 Resolve to never sin again (including venial sins)

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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