Sep 15 (Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows)

A prayer meeting was on.
The participants were reciting the Rosary of the Seven Dolours (the seven sorrows of our Blessed Mother Mary).

It came to the fifth sorrow, which is “Jesus dies on the Cross”.

However, the one who was leading the prayer, by mistake said, “Mary dies on the Cross”.

A few participants, who heard this mistake, burst out into laughter.

But in hindsight, if we consider that statement, there is so much of truth and meaning in it – “Mary dies on the Cross!”

While on earth, there was no one who was closer to our Blessed Lord than His Own Beloved Mother.

> He received His body from Her.

> He received His training from Her
With Him, she rejoiced… With Him, she suffered.
And finally, in those deepest agonizing moments on the Cross, there was none who suffered more than Her!

Every pain of Her Little Child, was experienced by the Blessed Mother
> Mary was the Woman Who was most happy at the birth of the Lord

> Mary was also the Woman Who was most sorrowful at the death of the Lord! 

Today, Holy Mother the Church keeps the memorial of Mary, the Sorrowful Mother of Jesus. 

This feast is dedicated to the spiritual martyrdom of our Blessed Mother.
The title “Our Lady of Sorrows” focuses on Mother Mary’s intense suffering during the Passion and Death of Jesus.

The Gospel of day also presents the intense pain and heart-brokenness of a mother…. a widow….for her only son ( Lk 7: 11-17)
Jesus encounters the Widow of Nain who had lost her only son to harsh reality of death.

The Gospel says, “When the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, ‘Do not weep” (Lk 7: 13)

The woman was a widow… 

She had lost her only son.
Being a widow meant being subjected to a life of extreme insult, torture and hardships.

>> Now the loss of her only son, meant being subjected to further disgrace, humiliations and rejections!

When our Blessed Lord saw this painful scene, probably, His thoughts would have fast-forwarded to a similar scene that would occur in a short time… On Mount Calvary
The only Son of a Widow would be dead

….and the Widow would be rendered helpless!

> The widow of Nain would have her son restored back to life, by the power of Jesus.
> The widow of Nazareth also will have Her Son back to life…by the power of the Heavenly Father…

… and it would be a inauguration of a promise of a glorious life to all who place their trust in Him!


Suffering is an immense and an intense reality of our lives.
 Many times, sufferings hit our lives when…

… we least expect it

… we are least prepared for it 

Such moments of pain and agony…when encountered without any faith….

… can cause us to lose any meaning in life and renders our life to be shorn of hope

… can cause us to question God and His goodness and strips our faith of its strength

… can cause us to have recourse to “unbecoming” means to relieve ourselves from pain


However, such moments of suffering and difficulties…. when faced with deep faith and trust…

… will become occasions of God’s overflowing grace filling our lives and making us stronger 

… will become occasions for us to depend deeper on our Creator and to feel His power more strongly

… will become occasions for us to realise the value of life and become more compassionate towards others

This is what we learn from the life of our Blessed Mother Mary – the Mother of Sorrows and the Mother of Compassion.

She had every reason to complain and fight against God…

She had every reason to protest and abandon God and His Will…

She had every reason to murmur and let go of the plan of God for Her…
But, the “Yes” that she pronounced at the Annunciation was echoed all through her life.. at every step

.. be it in times of joy and calmness

.. be it in times of sadness and calamity
The “Yes” she said was the Final Profession she made…

… just as the Religious make on the Day of their Profession 

… just as the Priests make on the Day of their Ordination

… just as the Married make to each other, on their Day of Wedding
It was binding for life.. It was committed to, with conviction… It was lived in sincerity, with dedication.

The Feast of the Mother of Sorrows is a beautiful reminder and reflection on “Two Hearts that were united to each other, burning with love” – the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Blessed Mother Mary!


These two hearts have undergone immense pain and suffering… and still rejoiced in Love!
We are invited to live a life…

> free from sin

> filled with love

> firm in conviction

> fashioned in grace

… like our Beloved and Blessed Mother Mary!

May we be filled with a courage and grace to truly make it our prayer:

“Holy Mother, pierce me through

In my heart, each wound renew

Of my Saviour Crucified!”

Wish you a Happy Feast of our Compassionate Mother, who is ever with us in our every sorrow…

…. and helps us, to follow Her Crucified Son and Our Strengthening Saviour, Jesus!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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