May 25 (Jn 16:16-20)

 “Just a minute, honey, and I will be ready…”

… thus goes the words of the wife who is busy with her make-up, while her husband keeps waiting, impatiently looking at his watch.

>> He knows it’s getting late to go for the scheduled program.

>>He also knows that the phrase “just a minute” would last a much longer time!



“Oh, Yes, I will get the work done in the next ten minutes…”

… thus goes the words of the official when asked to speed up the pending paper work of the renewal of a contract by a perplexed client

>> But the client knows the work will take much longer to be completed

>> He knows that the phrase “in the next ten minutes” would last a much longer time!



“Yes, Mummy, I will clean up the room right now…”

… thus goes the words of kids, when asked to clean up their room, which is in a state of mess

>> But the Mother knows that this cleaning up would be further delayed and would need more reminders

>> She knows that the phrase, “right now” would last a much longer time!



These are some of our day-to-day experiences of not being able to come to terms with “delays and uncertainties” with respect to time.

> Such delays and uncertainties, often put us through tensions or anxiety or an “uncomfortable” state of mind!


In the Gospel of the day, the disciples also undergo this experience… of “delays and uncertainties” with respect to time.



Jesus tells His disciples, “A little while and you will see me no more; again a little while and you will see me” (Jn 16:16)


But these words of Jesus put the disciples into a state of dilemma

>> They failed to grasp the meaning of the words of Jesus and were confused!


They began to have a discussion on the phrase of Jesus – “a little while”

>> “What does he mean by ‘a little while'”? (Jn 16: 18)


>> How long was this “little while” going to be?

>> How does He define the phrase “a little while”?


If they knew exactly how long this “little while” would last…

…. then they would have been more courageous and patient


But now the disciples find themselves to be confused and in dilemma.



However, Jesus the Good Shepherd, knew the confusion of His little sheep

>> Jesus, the Master, knew the perplexity of His simple followers


But He doesn’t define the phrase “a little while”

>> He doesn’t say that it is a particular moment of time, that can be considered as a countdown!

>> He doesn’t refer to it as being an exact measure of time, to which one can count and gauge!


Instead, Jesus defines “a little while” in terms of an experience…

…an experience of weeping and lamenting turning into rejoicing

… an experience of sorrow turning into joy (Jn 16:20)



Is our life today in a state of crisis and confusion?

> Is our life today passing through waves of troubles and the deserts of anxiety?

>> Is our life today moving along the rough terrains of calamities and the valleys of brokenness?


Then the Lord assures us…

… “In a little while” and things will be fine!

… “In a little while” and the sunshine will appear again!


We might complain… How long is this “little while”!

We might argue…. this “little while” is being too agonising!



But the Lord invites and challenges us to look to Him, telling us…

“I too have had my painful and agonising moments… in My life and especially on the Cross

I too had My experience of feeling ‘how long is this little while going to last’…


But I stood firm and patient in trusting the Will of My Father…

… I held on the mighty Providence of my Father and knew that a bright morn awaited Me”



Yes, Jesus, through the Gospel wishes to encourage us and strengthen us…

… in sufferings, to love Him strongly!

… in hardships, to trust in Him deeper!

… in uncertainties, to depend on Him greater!



Surely, life will take us through many experiences… of “delays and uncertainties” with respect to time.

… We may tend to lose our patience!

… We may feel like giving up!

… We may want to quit!


But let us turn to the Lord for strength, grace and courage…

… and listen to Him whispering to us…

“Hold on my Child! I am with you….embracing you in my arms!

In Me, your weeping will be changed to rejoicing

In Me, your sorrow will be turned to joy!”


Let us seek earnestly for this gift of deeper trust and complete surrender to the Mighty Providence and Holy Will of the Lord!


God Bless! Live Jesus!

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