Feb 28 (Mk 10:28-31)

In India, booking tickets and getting a confirmed seat to travel by the Railways (trains) is sometimes a stressful affair.

 >> The massive number in the people travelling makes this process a very competitive one, with all jostling to get confirmed seats.


To those who manage to get confirmed seats, there is a sense of relief.


But those who fail to get confirmation, and obtain a waiting-list ticket instead, are made to face a lot of tension and worry.

>> There is tension as to whether the tickets would get confirmed in time, so as to be able to travel hassle-free…

>> There is anxiety as to what is to be done and what are the other alternatives, if the possibility of confirmation is very less…


An assurance of confirmation makes the journey pleasant and tension-free.

>> An anxiety over the confirmation adds immense apprehension to the possibility of journey.


Our lives in the Lord, is a spiritual journey…

>> The greater assurance we have in the promises of the Lord, the more pleasant will be our journey

>> The stronger our assurances in the Word of the Lord, the swifter will be our progress in this journey towards the Lord

The Gospel of the Day presents Jesus declaring His assured promises to those who follow Him, sincerely and wholeheartedly.



Jesus tells to Peter and the other disciples:

” Amen, I say to you, there is no one who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands for my sake and the sake of the Gospel, who will not receive a hundred times more now in this present age….and eternal life in the age to come” (Mk 10: 29)


This incident takes place right after the encounter of the rich young man with Jesus (Mk 10: 17-22)


This man was proposed by Jesus to sell all his possessions and then follow Him.

> The man, however, found it hard, to let go off his attachments, and instead let go of the Lord.

>> He went away sad! (Mk 10:22)


Peter, as the leader of the disciples, however, contrasts this “possessive and worldly” tendency of the rich young man by telling Jesus, ” We have given up everything and followed you” (Mk 10: 28)

>> Perhaps, there was a growing concern among the disciples…

… as to whether their radical decision to commit themselves to the Master would go in vain!
>> Perhaps, there was an apparent fear within the disciples…

… as to whether their decisions to leave their professions, their families and their aspirations to follow the Lord would go fruitless!

And so the Lord, with a candid straight-forwardness replies that their sacrifices would surely assure them of rewards of a much higher quality and eminence.

How often do our lives also sometimes sink in hopelessness, thinking whether our expressions of faith would end up in meaninglessness!


Sometimes even fearful thoughts and anxious emotions may cross our mind…

… will the various sacrifices and pains that I take up for the Lord, go in vain?

… will my unshed tears, my unspoken prayers and painful sighs, end up in futility?

… will the efforts I make to grow in love and nourish others in faith, lead to fruitlessness?


But the Lord assures us, that none of these efforts – small or great, noticed or unnoticed, seen or unseen – will escape the penetrating eyes of the Lord and go unrewarded.

>> All our actions, done in love has an assured reward!


What is however, most essential, is our total focus on the Lord and unflinched commitment to Him.


The Lord most certainly assures us of rewards and gifts.

>> But, in this pursuit, may we not stray or lose focus of Him!


>> Our lives ought to be impelled by the love for the “God of rewards”, than merely the rewards of God!

>> Our lives must be lived in faithfulness to the “God of gifts”, than being fascinated only to the gifts of God!


May the Lord Himself be our greatest reward… our finest gift!


The journey of our spiritual life comes with a “confirmed ticket” from the part of the Lord.

>> There need be no anxiety… no undue worry!



God Bless! Live Jesus!

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